Please take a few moments to study the emergency exit map. (A high resolution version of this map can be obtained by clicking here). Two exits that appear in earlier Directory exit maps have been removed because they are currently unsafe for cars. It is important for everyone to know the best and fastest way to safety.

There are basically three ways out: Linden Drive, Sunshine Canyon (via Bristlecone or WildHorse) and Lee Hill (via Bow Mountain and Wagon Wheel Gap). Make an X on the map to designate your house and, as you do in airplanes, look for the nearest exit. Take a drive around the district and locate the trickier ones (the exits off Bristlecone, Wildhorse and South Cedar Brook). The exits off Bristlecone and Wildhorse are via driveways and across private property. They must not be used except in emergencies. The Fire District plans to post signs that will help.

In an emergency, each endangered area of Pine Brook Hills will be identified and notified as to the best way to leave by “Reverse 911” calls from the Sheriff’s office. Only the fire professionals will know how the fire is moving and which exit is safest. The gates indicated on the map are kept locked except for emergency evacuation.

It’s important that we do leave when advised to do so. A person who delays departing when asked to evacuate might cause traffic problems for the emergency responders who are trying to reach the fire.


  1. Plan for emergencies before there is an emergency! Assign jobs. Who’s going to catch the cat? Where shall the family rendezvous?
  2. Mitigate! Call the Fire Department (303.440.0235) for a free consultation.
  3. Have a getaway bag ready with a list of what to grab: important papers, medicines, hearing aids and glasses, beloved photos. Make it a SMALL list.
  4. Before you leave, close all the windows and turn on the lights. It’s up to you, but you’ll save firefighters time if you leave your door unlocked.
  5. Connect all your outdoor hoses.
  6. If you have time, put a tall ladder outside your house in an obvious place.
  7. Disconnect your automatic garage door openers.
  8. Keep an emergency exit map in each car. Extra maps can be downloaded and printed. They will also be available at the Community Center.
  9. If anyone in your household might need special help at the time of an emergency evacuation, PLEASE notify the fire department now. They’ve got a little list.
  10. Most important: when you are told to leave immediately, do it. Most stuff can be replaced. You can’t.