Summer 2015 Roads Survey Results

From June 14 through August 27, the Pine Brook Hills HOA conducted a survey of residents regarding road repair financing. Our goal is to better understand how residents feel about the different issues at play, and inform any position or action that the HOA may take.

75 households responded to the survey, for a response rate of 18% of Pine Brook residences. 29 of those 75 submitted written comments. Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey! The results are below, with all comments printed at the bottom of this page.

First, let's just see what you think of the condition of our roads

1. I would rate the present condition of our roads in PBH as:

We want your opinion on each of the following statements.

2. The condition of roads in PBH is such that our roads need serious and immediate attention through maintenance, repair and rehabilitation.

3. I agree with the recent court determination that the County is responsible for maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of roads in unincorporated subdivisions.

The issues still in play seem to be the proper level of "maintenance" of subdivision roads and the source of funding for maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of subdivision roads.

4. It’s a complicated issue and I am willing to wait a year or two (without any major improvement in our roads) for legal and political action to run its course.

5. I understand that, at present, the County Commissioners have not allocated enough funds in the current budget to keep roads in the unincorporated subdivision areas properly maintained and repaired for sustainable use. The County presently funds long-term maintenance and repair of only heavily-trafficked "community-use" roads (including Linden). I believe the best and fairest way to fund proper road maintenance and repair of other subdivision roads is:

5A. Reallocation of funds in the existing county budget away from other programs to fix subdivision roads

5B. Increasing county-wide taxes to obtain enough additional funds to fix subdivision roads

5C. Use a PID or other arrangement to collect the required additional funding from residents of unincorporated subdivisions who have primary benefit of these roads

6. I further understand that County Commissioners represent voters from Boulder County as a whole and that residents in unincorporated subdivisions constitute only 15% of Boulder County voters, therefore decisions to allocate funds away from current programs to fix roads in unincorporated subdivision may not happen. In that event:

6A. No immediate work on our roads (other than Linden) seems irresponsible and I’m willing to pay as much as $10,000 (apportioned over a 15 year period – about $700 per year) to start fixing them now.

6B. No immediate work on our roads (other than Linden) seems irresponsible and I’m willing to pay as much as $5,000 (apportioned over a 15 year period – about $350 per year) to start fixing them now.

6C. No immediate work on our roads (other than Linden) seems irresponsible and I’m willing to pay as much as $1,000 (apportioned over a 15 year period – about $100 per year) to start fixing them now.

Last question:

7. Based on the results of this survey and other information gathering, the Pine Brook Hills HOA should publish a position statement on this issue.

Additional comments

We asked, "If you have any additional comments regarding this issue for the HOA board, please add them here." All comments are printed below, with names removed.

I do not believe that PBH residents should be financially responsible for poor budget decisions the county commissioners have made in the past. While only part of the county uses the PBH roads, I am sure that the funds allocated to other county purposes in the past, that should have been used for PBH road maintenance funds, benefited those non PBH county residents. They can now repay PBH for the funds not used properly in the past. I know this is simplistic, but, I'm a simple person.

Item 6 is too vague to be meaningful. We guess that with this item you intend to gauge the willingness of PBH owners to put up additional funds to fund road rehabilitation. Item 6 is insufficient in defining the schedule for fixing our roads, defining the means to collect funds, defining the management of the funds collected and defining the management and implementation of proper road rehabilitation and continuing maintenance. And, how to achieve the goal "... to start fixing them now."While our response to Item 6 indicates we may be willing to help fund a means to get the work done NOW, our willingness is only true if a meaningful and credible plan is put forth.

I don't know any other of the 3900+ counties in the USA that charge for streets that the county owns. All roads are public just like schools are public. We pay taxes for schools and we don't have children in these schools at present. While the roads are poor they are becoming dangerous and bikers are frequent users although they don't necessarily live in PBH. One day a school kid or biker may be hurt or worse. Boulder county funds open space and bike paths and many other "important" things but infrastructure including roads are no luxuries they are necessities. It is time to do what is usually done…pull back other pet projects and fix the roads and fix them well!

While having the County pay one way or the other is fair, it is Not happening. Meanwhile we are paying in lost property values sums far in excess of a few hundred dollars a year. And it is getting worse. I bought into PBH in 2014 knowing that I'd have to pay the LID, but was agreeable because we'd have good roads. I'm very dissappointed at the present, irrational and interminable stalemate. I'd MUCH rather pay a $1000 a year than lose many tens of thousands on lost property value, damage to vehicles, etc. FIX THE ROADS NOW, ourselves, and continue to sue the County. Thank you for your work on the issue.

Position statement would be most effective if there is something resembling cohesion.We voted for the PID. The tax advantages, proration and maintenance of the neighborhood were attractive, and I intimately understand budget pressures on publicly funded organizations - at least at the federal level. The City of Boulder taxes are the ones that I object to - sales tax on groceries is a horribly regressive tax, and there are no grocery stores in unincorporated county so county residents pay the city tax. Boulder City has gerrymandered all of Gunbarrel to include businesses and exclude services to all who live in high density housing yet buy their groceries within the city limits. This is taxation without representation. The same case could be made for thousands of students who are registered to vote at their permanent home addresses but shop in Boulder.Boulder City sales taxes on groceries should be eliminated and appropriate increases to county taxes could then

Thank you for trying to work on this issue, however the results are only as meaningful as the questions allow. According to BoCo Firm, the funding has been greatly reduced. "the percentage of property tax for roads was decreased from 8.6% to 0.8% by 2012."That does not seem to be your position in the fact sheet. It is an important point.

Given that the County allowed the roads to deteriorate despite an ostensible legal obligation to maintain them, negotiating some leverage (and service levels) by which we can hold the County accountable in the future seems like a minimal quid pro quo for putting this issue to rest with a LID/PID.

From what I have heard, waiting is to increase the cost of repair rather dramatically. Some of our roads are OK, such as Balsam, while some have deteriorated beyond the "chip seal" stage. Why not stabilize those not too far gone? Question: Do the county numbers add up? In the get up to speed discussion, it is stated that the county claims it needs $10M/Y from county funds to "redo" subdivision roads (or did I read that incorrectly?). We are asked to pay something like $280,000 to fund 80% of the cost of redoing the roads. How then does that cost the county $10M/Y? In terms of the overall county budget, it looks as though the subdivision road maintenance is a rounding error amount of money.

Extremely tired of having my taxes shifted from our roads to pet projects deemed worthy by 3 dishonest individuals..unfortunately, since they all have "D" affixed to their names on re-election ballots, the average, uninformed Boulder County voter will keep these dishonest individuals in power (same as Boulder City Council, another group of dishonest individuals) indefinitely.Having said that, I think we need to take matters in our own hands, and fix our roads, as unfair as that is; I cycle up and down to Wild Horse regularly, and in a short time, someone will be seriously injured or killed.Thank you for taking the time to obtain input from our community.

Frankly, as long as there will be NO speed control devices(e.g. speed bumps, speed dips, etc. ) in any eventual Road Rehab project, I am NOT interested in paying to improve the roads, especially the " Linden Speedway ", so people can go 50 MPH instead of 40 MPH! I would rather see Linden be in such a condition so as to deter such unsafe driving due to the fear of damaging their vehicles. Nothing else has, so far.Sorry, but I have seem multiple accidents, rollovers, and car/bicycle accidents that inform my opinion!Sincerely, Steve Smith

I understand that it cost money to maintain the roads and that those that benefit the most should pay a bit more. Having already taken one assessment to get NCB paved on the promise that the county would maintain the road it is a bit disappointing that they would be asking us to pay again so soon, but I would rather have good roads since that directly impacts property values, emergency services access and, and "liveability" of our neighborhood.

The commissioners have abdicated their responsibility to all county residents including the cities that are also getting short changed. We can not give in to their arrogance. Guess we'll have to drive slow and use 4wd!

We are appalled at the condition of our roads and sick and tired of County (and Boulder) politics. Our roads are dangerous, the wear and tear on our cars is awful and our property values will be affected--and our taxes keep going up. I wouldn't buy in the county today, as much as we love Pine Brook. We are not willing to spend one more dime unless the county refunds the 6% of our taxes for the last 15 or so years that they direct from the road maintenance. I am much more willing to support a lawsuit.

The runoff of the dirt portion of Alpine way is horrific and dangerous since cars drive all over the road to avoid the pits and ruts

The state of the roads here are at best an embarrassment and at worst dangerous. They are certainly not appropriate for the value of most of the homes here. Waiting a year or two is, in my opinion, not an option.

Certain areas of our roads need attention but I don't necessarily see that a complete overhaul is required at this point. Further, I worry that if the roads are in better condition, people will drive even faster than the unsafe speeds that many already drive. When roads are redone, I'd strongly support speed control measures and a bike lane on Linden. I think even the narrow uphill bike lane below the firehouse makes a big difference.

I'm sad the County is doing this. I very confused why they County is turning a blind eye on this. I'm concerned about the safety of our roads. I'm concerned if the County is turning a blind eye on this, what else are they doing? Is it just poor management on their part?

I think this should have been available to all voting age residents in the subdivision, because its important for the voices in the subdivision to be heard. The roads issue has been delayed long enough, the roads need to be RESURFACED not chip-sealed, NOW.

Since the HOA board represents all the PBH owners, I think the board should only publish a position statement if it is the position of 2/3 of the PBH owners.

Governments tend to grow, limited only by the taxes they can collect. They deliberately starve one item (roads in this case) in order to coerce more revenue from the taxpayers so they can do other things. We in CO benefit from TABOR laws that force government to limit their wild dreams. The commissioners must be forced to use funds to perform basic services before they fund their pet projects.It isn't fair that, for example, CU students can vote for (commissioners that favor) bike paths while we taxpayers suffer these roads.

Thank you!

Why don't they take money away from 'right-sizing' and put it to use on all of the county's roads?

We've been dutifully paying the taxes for our roads. We completed our part of the bargain and that's enough. The county mismanaged the funds (some have made a case for incompetently, criminally or deceitfully so), so sell some open space, cut back on hiking trail and bike path development,whatever (except fire mitigation and fire fighting), just rethink and reprioritize county tax revenue and fix the damn roads.

We are willing to contribute to any fund pursuing legal action against the county.

I look out my window every day at dangerous flood damage that has still not been fixed. The road just south of my house (inside curve at 745 NCB) was undercut by the flood. Water poured under the blacktop, leaving a hole 7'high, 7'wide, and 150'long. We residents tried to fill the cavern under the blacktop with the road rubble, but all we had were hands and shovels. Now the blacktop is cracking along the line where the under-road stops and the rubble begins. I have called the roads office. I have stopped and spoken to every road worker I have seen in our neighborhood. The first worker said that "Oh, I would have peeled up that blacktop and packed down the soil underneath it, then re-laid the blacktop". That is what should have been done, but nobody will come and do it. Recently, when the workers were out shoring up the ditches for the spring run-off, they had a grader drive over and over this fragile spot, laying a crushed gravel trench beside the road. I stopped th

Are you aware if they are going to upgrade Linden since it's a feeder road?

It is time to stand up for PBH instead of always trying to be PC

It seems ridiculous to me that the county is raising my taxes $800/year based on home value and the price I can allegedly get for my home,yet the roads - ESPECIALLY LINDEN - are full of unavoidable potholes.

I believe the HOA should consider contributing to the legal battle under way with the County Commissioners. There are a number of non subdivision byciclists that use these roads and someone is going to get seriously hurt with all the pot holes and loose pavement.