Pine Brook Press

Staff and Production Notes

The Pine Brook Press is a quarterly journal designed to foster a sense of community and provide information, education, and entertainment to PBH residents. It is produced and delivered to residents about two weeks prior to each HOA membership meeting in January, April, July, and October.

  1. The PBP Editor (currently Catherine Von Hatten) sends notices by email to the people who may contribute articles for an upcoming issue. Notices are sent in the the month two months prior to publication/mailing (usually November, February, May, and August.)
  2. Articles from contributors are due by email to the Editor in the month preceding publication/mailing (usually December, March, June, and September.)
  3. The publication is usually 16 – 20 pages long. About 75% of an issue is devoted to content and 25% to ads (i. e., maximum of 4 to 5 pages of ads depending on overall length of an issue). Priority in any issue is to provide information in a readable and accessible way, including use of white space, graphics, and photos to enhance the text and attract readership.
  4. The Advertising Coordinator (currently Param Singh) keeps track of ads, prepares and sends invoices, remits payments to the HOA Treasurer, and submits all ad copy to the PB Press Layout Designer (currently Emelie Soderstrom Griffith) by the deadline for articles for each issue. The Advertising Coordinator tries to fill four to five pages an issue with ads. The ads pay for approximately one-half to two-thirds of the publication cost. The Advertising Coordinator and Layout Designer are responsible for choosing among ads competing for space and setting the standards for ad copy. The team structures the cost of the ads, reevaluating in December for the following year.
  5. The Editor collects articles from contributors and photos from photographers, writes articles, and edits all articles contributed by others. The 12 – 15 pages of copy and photos for each issue are then submitted to the Layout Designer along with suggestions for layout of articles and photos.
  6. The Layout Designer puts together the publication determining where text, photos, and ads will be placed. Draft copies are emailed to the Editor and Advertising Coordinator for editing. Prior to final editing and submission to the printer, the issue is reviewed by the Proofreader who monitors grammar, punctuation, and other surface features of the issue.
  7. The Layout Designer prepares the final edited copy in digital format and submits electronically to the Printer (currently Centennial Printing in Louisville; 303-665-0388). Each issue is usually 16-20 pages in total. It is wise to remind the Printer that we use glossy cover stock in bright white and 100 # extra bright white paper for the inside pages. Each sheet is 11 x 17 folded once and stapled on the center fold.
  8. One staff member (currently Param Singh) obtains a list of newcomers from the Water Department and enters those names in the mailing list database. This updated information is submitted to the Layout Designer who provides it to the printer along with each issue. The Printer also prepares the mailing and delivers it to the Post Office. Copies are sent bulk mail and delivered to residents 2-10 days after the Printer delivers the hard copies to the US Post Office.
  9. Bills for printing and mailing are submitted to the HOA Treasurer (currently Bob Loveman) for reimbursement or payment directly to the vendor.
  10. As each issue is complete, the Layout Designer sends the final version to the PBH Webmaster (currently Brian Wahlert) who adds the digital version to the PBH website. The Webmaster uses the Community Calendar in each issue to update the banner headline on the website home page and to post upcoming meetings.

Updated January 2018