PBP Jobs/Responsibilities

Editor (CV)

Layout Designer (ESG)

Advertising Coordinator (PS)

Other Positions

Develops annual schedule for the issues to correspond with HOA meetings

Notifies potential contributors of due date for each issue, including requests for new resident and new baby columns

Collects contributions for each issue

Writes articles as needed

Edits all contributions for content, wording, consistency to editorial guidelines, length

Makes suggestions about layout when appropriate

Check with people who are featured about whether they would like extra copies

Designs each publication, determining where text, photos, and ads will be placed

Collects photos and graphics for each publication

Submits drafts to editor and advertising director for review & approval

Submits close to final draft to proofreader for review

Updates the mailing list for each issue and submits to printer/mailer (PS)

Submits final draft to the printer digitally, directing what paper and format to use

Submits final digital copy to PBH webmaster for posting on PBH website

Obtains extra copies from printer and distributes to those who requested extras

Invoice advertisers

Track and record ad payments; keep PBP staff informed about who has paid (HOA Treasurer)

Finds advertisers to fill 4 of the 16 pages for each issue

Sends ad copy to advertisers for review for each issue

Submits all updated ads to the layout designer by the due date for each issue

Sends letter/email to advertisers letting them know when revisions are due for each issue

Structures the cost of the ads

Sets standards for ad copy & graphics (EG)

Monitors each issue’s draft to ensure the ads match what advertisers have paid for

Proofreader (NT)

Review each issue for grammar, punctuation, and other surface features

Reporter (PS)

Attend fire, water, and HOA meetings


Attend neighborhood activities and watch for opportunities to take photos of wildlife

Printer/Mailer (Centennial)

Prepare the paper copy of final edition, prepare mailing, submit invoice to HOA Treasurer for direct payment to vendor

August 2017