Drop Boxes and Mail Boxes

Your monthly water bills and your annual Homeowners Association dues can be paid by depositing a check in the appropriate box under the marquee in the parking lot of the Community Center at 1905 Linden Drive. Other water department drop boxes are located at North and South Cedar Brook and at the Linden Drive split above the Community Center. Mail, on the other hand, can be sent to our Pine Brook Hills organizations at the following addresses:

Fire District
1905 Linden Drive
Boulder, CO 80304

Homeowners Association
1907 Linden Drive
Boulder, CO 80304

Water District
1903 Linden Drive
Boulder, CO 80304

Electric Fences

Some homeowners have installed electric fences to protect their property from deer or other intrusions. It should be noted that these fences will ignite grass and other shrubbery if they come in contact with each other. Please prevent accidental fires!

Neighborhood Watch

Since Pine Brook Hills is off the beaten path for regular Sheriff’s patrol, the community has learned to be alert and vigilant about unexplained activities, suspicious cars or people, and neighbors who are on vacation. The Sheriff’s department does patrol our area and appreciates the help.

Our greatest community danger is from fire. Please report any suspected fire immediately, and do not hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Department (911) if you hear or see any fireworks being set off in Pine Brook Hills or the immediate surrounding area.

Septic Systems

Septic tanks should be pumped out every 2-4 years depending on the size of the system, the number of people in the house, and water usage. If tanks are not pumped out on a regular basis, solids will build up and will eventually flow out of the tank and plug up your septic lines. Replacement of a septic field is costly. There are several septic cleaners listed in your regular Boulder phone book. Boulder County Health Department has a record of where your septic tank should be located and has much information about keeping your septic system in good repair. Give them a call!