Pine Brook Hills Home Owners Association (HOA)

The Pine Brook Hills Home Owners Association is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. The overarching purpose of the HOA is to cultivate a strong, sustainable, vibrant, and attractive community and to enhance the quality of life and well-being of the residents of Pine Brook Hills. Working together to accomplish this purpose also helps maintain property values in our community.

Direction for HOA activities and programs is provided by the residents and a Board of Directors who are elected annually. Suggested voluntary dues of $75 a year support the following activities:

Maintaining a Community Identity – Keeping Neighbors in Touch and Informed

  • Pine Brook Hills Directory and Guide to Mountain Living
  • Pine Brook Press (newsletter published quarterly)
  • Community Social Events
  • PBH HOA Quarterly Meetings
  • Newcomer Welcome
  • PBH Forum on Yahoo Groups
  • PBH Website

Increasing Safety and Security

  • Fire Mitigation Projects
  • PBH Safety and Security
  • Forest Health Activities (Beetlebusters, etc.)
  • Emergency Communication Processes
  • Tree Spraying Program

Maintaining Property Values

  • Improvements to Community Center
  • Community Enhancement Projects
  • Architectural Review Committee – for building projects
  • Maintaining and Enforcing our PBH Covenants

HOA general membership meetings are held quarterly (or as needed) at the Pine Brook Hills Community Center, located at 1905 Linden Drive. Usually the meetings fall on the last Tuesday evening in January, April, July, and October and cover topics of interest to homeowners. All HOA meetings are announced on the PBH website and on signs at the Linden Drive entrance of the neighborhood. Any changes in the dates would be announced in these same locations. Ideas, issues, and suggestions are freely discussed by all those attending.

Opportunities are provided for residents to meet and socialize. The Pine Brook Socials are informal and friendly. There is usually one social event in the summer and one in the winter. Additionally, pot-luck gatherings are often held before the HOA membership meetings.

The Pine Brook Press is a wonderful quarterly publication that provides information about HOA and neighborhood activities, programs, events, and issues. The “Press” also contains community news and articles of interest to residents of the Pine Brook Hills neighborhood.

With the participation and support from all of us, life in Pine Brook Hills can be made even more enjoyable.

View from Alpine Way looking towards downtown Denver on the far left horizon