OCTOBER 26, 2005

The Wednesday, October 26, 2005, general meeting of the Pine Brook Home Owners Association was held at 12 Boulder View Lane. This location was chosen because of dam construction around the meeting hall. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Tim Triggs at 7:05

Minutes: Minutes of the July 31 meeting were moved, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer's Report: Since Treasurer Alex Baris was unable to attend, no report was given. Tim Triggs assumed no major changes would be evident until the next meeting.

Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District: Suzanne Adams reported that 124 of the fire scouts have been installed in the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District.  Of those, 40 are inside Pine Brook Hills, and 4 more, paid for by the PBH HOA, have been installed in Sunshine Canyon. It is hoped to have some future installations in Left Hand Canyon as well. Yearly maintenance of these will be provided. The district has received grants totaling $150,000 so far this year for its own prevention/education/mitigation programs.

 Timber Lane Shaded Fuel Break: Eighty four property owners along the Timber Lane corridor have been contacted to give permission to mark and remove trees for this project. Projected completion is sometime next year. The project involves a total of  $44,000 on 44 acres. The project will be paid for by a Colorado State Forest Service grant PLUS funds from the Pine Brook Hills HOA voluntary dues (50% each). Property owners are encouraged to send in permission so this work can proceed.

Reservoir Report: Tim Triggs spoke for Bob De Haas who was not present. The foundation has been readied with a bottom slot to avoid slippage. This will be completed next week. The next step is grinding of rock to be added to sand for concrete. This should take two weeks. This will then be graded and rolled. Poured concrete against the inside walls will follow. So far the project is on budget with the finish date of late December 2005 still on target. Negotiations are underway between the proposed one year back fill delay so the dam water will sit for a year versus building the filtration plant where the back fill is currently stored.

Beetle Busters: Suzanne reported a very successful training session was held last Saturday. There is a warning that this is the worst Colorado beetle infestation in years so residents are asked to be alert and ask Suzanne for assessment if there are problem suspicions. Colorado has lost 600,000 acres of trees to beetles in the last 6 years. It is probably possible to save a tree that has 3 or less beetles hits present.

HOA Liability Insurance: Insurance has been purchased to cover HOA and officer assets. Pam will investigate concerns about personal coverage for officers.

Election of 2006 Officers: The slate of proposed officers was presented, opened to floor nominations, and a vote taken. The slate was approved.

President Tim Triggs
Vice Pres. Mark Menagh
Secretary. Margit Mestagh
Treasurer. Alex Baris
Member at Large. Pam Creswell
Committee chairs and members are still being sought. Pam agreed to coordinate the social committee and newcomers committee. Eleanor Patten has agreed to help but more committee members are needed.

A request was made for names of snowplowing companies.

We were reminded that change forms for the directory need to be received by November 3, 2005.

A suggestion was received for an automatic sign for HOA announcements. This will be investigated. The deer warning sign at the bottom of Linden has disappeared. Could a more attention creating sign be erected, i.e. Fox Crossing, to remind drivers of wildlife presence.

Deborah Menagh agreed to assume Pine Brook Press advertising duties.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Eleanor J. Patten, Secretary