OCTOBER 25, 2011

 The Wednesday, October 25, 2011 general membership meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association was held at the Community Center, Station One.  The business meeting was preceded by a potluck dinner at 6:00 pm.

 At approximately 7:00 pm, a brief presentation was provided by volunteer naturalists from the Boulder County Parks and Open Space and the Boulder County Audubon Society.  The topic was  “Birds of Prey-Raptors”.  A short question and answer period followed the formal presentation wherein those in attendance learned more about the birds of prey indigenous to Boulder County.

 At 7:30 pm, HOA President Bill Alexander invited new neighbors and first time attendees to the membership meetings to introduce themselves.  Four new families did so.

 Art Markey, representing the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District, reported on the recent sale of fire extinguishers and sign kits.  Residents interested in the purchase of either item were invited to contact Art.

 At approximately 7:40 pm,, the President called the business meeting to order.  Officers in attendance included Vice President Dave Davies, Treasurer Terry O’Brien and Secretary Tom Mann.  Approximately sixty residents attended as well.

 Approval of Minutes of July 26th General Membership Meeting

A motion was made to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous general membership meeting and to accept the minutes as prepared and reflected on the HOA website.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

 Election of 2012-2013 HOA Officers

Bill Alexander introduced the slate of candidates for the 2012-2013 term.  They included:

 President:                     Dave Davies

Vice President:            Neil Patel

Treasurer:                    Terry O’Brien

Secretary:                    Tom Mann

Member-at-Large:      Bill Alexander

 Bill asked whether there were any additional candidates for the positions.  Inasmuch as there were not, a motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously by those present to accept the candidates as presented.

 Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Terry O’Brien reported that for the period January 1-October 24, 2011, there is a positive variance in the 201l budget between the expenses budgeted and incurred.   Dues and contributions from subdivision residents have been lagging behind however.  There will be approximately $50,000 in cash and reserve accounts by end-of-year.  Overall income and expenses are expected to be in line with the budget in December.

 Terry also reported that the largest account categories in this year’s budget are fire mitigation, Pine Brook Press, and Beetle Busters.

 Beetle Busters Report

Peter Smith-King, representing this committee, indicated that annually, 150-200  properties in the subdivision are inspected.  Approximately 100 trees have been found to be infected with various species of beetles.  Without the inspections and removal of the infected trees, over a six-year period over 100,000 trees would have ultimately been infected. 

 Peter ended by mentioning that a property inspection request form has been added to the PBH website for those requesting inspections in the future.

 Roads Committee Report

Cindy Lindsay, co-chair of the Roads Committee, reported on the results of the recent survey distributed to PBH residents on possible options for the repair and maintenance of subdivision roads.  The results included:

      (1)           defer any decision for the time being on the method and funding of road repair

(2)           at the appropriate time, collect funds for the maintenance project and move ahead promptly

(3)           preference to not expend funds for the construction of speed bumps or bike lanes

 Cindy and Bill indicated that if the community votes to approve measure 5A on the Boulder County ballot in November, County Commissioners will assume that the subdivision desires to create a local improvement district (LID) and to finance same via a bond issue.  Consequently the strong recommendation is to vote no on the measure.

 There was an extended question and answer period at the end of Cindy’s presentation during which a variety of scenarios were discussed.  Bill added his intent to attend a meeting of the County Commissioners later this week to present the position of the subdivision as found on the PBH website.  He invited participation by any residents wishing to attend.

 Creation of the Boulder County Mountains Forest Improvement District (Measure 5c)

Bill Alexander reported that the above measure is currently on the ballot on November’s county elections and inasmuch as the county made no effort to seek input from any subdivisions or their fire departments, that this measure should be voted down.  Fire Chief John Benson echoed Bill’s comments concerning the lack of communication.

 Motion to Adjourn

At approximately 9:00 pm a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to adjourn.

 Respectfully submitted,


 Tom Mann