The Wednesday, April 28, 2010 general membership meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association was held at the Community Center, Station One.  The meeting was called to order by Bill Alexander, President, at approximately 7:00 pm following a potluck dinner and presentation by Ms. Meghan Bowes, Education and Outreach Chairperson of the Colorado Native Plant Society, Boulder Chapter.  Meghan discussed which native plants would be the right choice for Pine Brook residents considering establishing a garden in the foothills.  A brief question and answer period followed her presentation.

 The board members present, in addition to Mr. Alexander, were Vice President Dave Davies, Treasurer Pam Creswell, Secretary Tom Mann and Member-at Large Suzanne Adams. There were approximately fifty members of the Association in attendance.

 Minutes from the January 27, 2010 General Membership Meeting:

A motion to accept the minutes as presented was made, seconded and approved.

 Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Pam Creswell distributed to those present a financial report detailing revenue and expenditures through April 27, 2010.  Revenue totaled $23,831 (2010 budget $33,150.). Expenditures showed $10,651 (2010 budget $42,130). Income net of expenses to date reflects $13,180.  Following a short discussion, the President acknowledged the report as accepted.

 Introduction of New Neighbors:

Five new residents introduced themselves to those present.

 Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District Report:

Robert de Haas reported that there had been an average number of calls received during the first quarter of the year.  He also stated that the fire mitigation crew had been busy creating fire breaks.  A brief question and answer period followed de Haas’ report.

 Water District Report:

Water Manager de Haas indicated that the consumer confidence report prepared by the Water Board would be mailed to PBH residents shortly.  The report will reflect that the water has been judged to be clean, safe and chemical content within acceptable limits.  De Haas also reviewed the rules and regulations for use at the reservoir.  There followed a series of questions and answers, including discussion involving the merits of hard versus soft water.

 Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District Report:

Art Markey reported on the upcoming annual garage sale as sponsored by the fire district.  Dates of the sale are May 21-23 at the PBH Community Center.  Art indicated that

volunteers are always welcome and all proceeds would go to the firefighters for the purchase of equipment.

 Roads Committee Report:

Co-Chairs Cindy Lindsay and Steve Sheafor reported that Boulder County has a small amount of funds available for repairs to roads in the PBH subdivision, however  no monies for more significant repairs to asphalt roads.  The subcommittee established to provide recommendations to the Boulder County Commissioners is considering recommending an assessment of $200. per household for road repair in all subdivisions.  A survey will be sent to all residents by the Commissioners in which Boulder County residents will be asked for their input.  Following analysis of the survey, the subcommittee will provide a report with its recommendations to the Commissioners as to how to fund necessary repairs in all subdivisions.  Additional information may be obtained by reading the article of this subject found in the spring, 2010 edition of the Pine Brook Press.  General discussion on this subject followed the presentation.

 Beetlebusters Report:

Chair Suzanne Adams stated that last year approximately 412 trees in the subdivision were infested by beetles, treated and removed.  We are now approaching the season when the beetles will again begin to fly.  The weekend of May 1st, a seminar will be presented for interested Pine Brook residents who wish to learn more about beetles and methods of stopping their infestation.  Suzanne invited those interested to contact her.  Discussion followed involving alternate methods of treating select trees.  She stressed the need to spray at this time using preferred contractors.

 Pine Brook Directory Report:

Suzanne Adams distributed directories to residents present who did not receive them and collected $8.00 per copy from those who wanted additional copies.

 Architectural Review Committee Report:

Dave Davies indicated that there are just a few outstanding issues to date.  Discussion occurred concerning the placement of temporary signage which has been placed off property privately owned.  Dave submitted the following in the form of a resolution:

 “Resolved that the previous policy of allowing NO realtor signage outside of the property being represented will be enforced.  Exceptions are for signs directing potential clients to an open house on the day of the event.  These must be removed at the end of the day of the open house.  All other signs will be considered a nuisance and may be removed at any time by PBH residents.  These signs will be left on the corner of the porch of the Community Center for realtors to collect.”

 The resolution was seconded and approved by voice vote of those present.

Covenants Advisory Committee:

Chair Bill Alexander advised that the committee now has sufficient votes in all units to pass the amended covenants except for units 4 and 6.  Progress will continue to be made to capture as many votes as possible in the coming months.


A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 8:50 pm.

 Respectfully submitted:

 Tom Mann