Pine Brook Hills Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2005

1. President Pam Creswell opened the quarterly meeting at 7 pm.

2. Minutes of the last Board meeting were approved.

3. No formal treasurer’s report was submitted. A yearly budget needs to be prepared each year for the first Board meeting. Letters requesting yearly dues will be sent out immediately via regular mail.

4. A report on the “Pest Patrol” was given by Suzanne Adams and Tim Triggs. She expressed pleasure about the number of interested volunteers who wish to be trained (17). A meeting was held to review and revise the proposed power point presentation.  A handbook/training manual will be the printed version of the presentation (11 pages). To summarize:
a. The power point document.
b. The flow-chart now in the revision process.
c. A one-page chart of colored pictures for disease identification purposes.
d. After inspections, a form letter will be sent to homeowners apprising then of inspection results with recommendations for treatment.
A question of insurance needs for volunteers will be investigated. A decision was made to partner with BMFA on the project.  BMFA will help provide tools etc. costing approximately $800.  The question of equipment storage and accessibility will be determined.

5. The April general Association meeting will feature Malcolm Watson, a very versatile and entertaining musical performer, at no cost to the HOA. Member notification is important.

6. The July 30th event will be a square dance to be held in the meeting hall unless dam construction interferes, in which case it will be held at Pam Creswell’s home.  Pam will chair this event.

7. Eleanor Patten has agreed to investigate and produce a new meeting announcement billboard after consultation with Pam Creswell.  It will be located near the Pine Brook entry sign.

8. An important alert to mail theft was announced and will be reported to all residents in the Pine Brook Press.

9. A request for a Linden Drive walking path was discussed. At this time the costs and complications involved make this a prohibitive project.

10. Concerns about the equitable use and charges for the PBHA meeting hall were again discussed. A formal policy will be developed.

11. A Pine Brook Press concern over an advertising item was discussed. This will remain as is for the present.

12. Concerns about equitable use of grant and other funds for fire mitigation between Pine Brook Hills and Boulder Heights were again discussed.

13. The Newcomers’ meetings will resume with a packet of community for distribution to be created.

14. Board members were reminded to immediately turn in job descriptions to Pam Creswell.

15. Secretary Eleanor Patten will not be available to take minutes at the April general meeting. Suzanne Adams has agreed to step in.

Respectfully submitted,
Eleanor Patten

In attendance: Pam C. Tim T. Eleanor P. Alex B. Suzanne A. Al G.