MARCH 7, 2006


The quarterly meeting of the PBH Homeowners' Association Board was called to order by Tim Triggs, President, at 7:05pm. on March 7, 2006, in the Community Center.            


Board Members Present: Alex Baris, Tim Triggs, Mark Menaugh, Margit Mestdagh. Suzanne Adams and Pam Creswell were also in attendance.

Minutes: The minutes of the December 6, 2005 Board Meeting were moved, seconded, and approved.


Naming the dam

The Bob deHaase Dam naming suggestion will make it into the next Pine Brook Press. The recommendation to name the dam “Bob deHaase Dam” will be confirmed at the next General HOA meeting. The reservoir will be called Pine Brook Hills Reservoir. A naming ceremony for the dam and the reservoir will follow at a later point. We will budget for a plaque for the dam. Moved, second, and approved.


Insurance policy review

The PBH Board Member insurance will be reviewed with attorney before next meeting.


Job description updates

Pam Creswell is in process of reworking the PBH Board member job descriptions. Pam Creswell will e-mail new job description one month before next board meeting.  Pam Creswell and Mark Menaugh will work on a Mission Statement for PBH.

Recommendation: PBH Budget should be prepared by prior administration and will be approved by new board.


Beetle Busters

Susan Adams: Gail Loveman and Joe Davis are new Beetle Buster co-chairs. Fire district is funding next training. Beetle Buster training sessions will be held at Boulder Heights.



Susan Adams: Encountering many problems with recording DVD. Had to start over again with recording process.


Phone Book  status

PBH Phone Book is currently at the printer. It will be back from the printer within two weeks.


Timber Lane fuel break

Fuel Break for first 12 properties: 3 contractors plus BMFPD were contacted to submit bids. Bids came back not to be over 26K, more like around 20K with Native Ecology, Inc. BMFPD did not bid on project. BMFPD did not have the resources to meet the suggested time line. First part is only about 20% of overall planned project. About 44K is available for overall project.

Overall, the Timber Lane Fuel Break project is progressing as planned,


Alternate meeting location for the April 26 HOA meeting

Tim Triggs will have a location for April 26th finalized by end of March. Tim Triggs reserved a meeting room at Holiday Express on North Broadway for a backup plan. The program has not been determined yet. Suggestion: Report from fire department about last fire. Emergency contact information and emergency procedures. Evacuation procedure of disabled people and pets.


Chautauqua meeting location for the July HOA meeting

Jack Walker set up Colorado Symphony up last year. Tim Triggs will contact Jack Walker to find out if a similar arrangement can be made for this year. 


2006 HOA budget

(see attachment)

Beetle Buster expense of $3K are estimated too high. $1K should be sufficient.

Combine HOA Meeting & Expenses and PHB Newcomers/ Social Comm. Combine it to $1300.

Ask big donator if we could publish their thank you letter in Pine Brook Press even if it is unanimous.

Increase dues are up for discussion. Pam Creswell will form committee to prepare suggestions for increased fee approach. Prior year surpluses will cover going over budget in 2006. We need to get exact numbers of extra monetary reserves. Grant writing for Fuel Break will also help out with budget shortfall.


Purchase of Printer

High speed laser printer purchase: Cost-Benefit analysis required. Boulder Votech also offers inexpensive printing as an alternative solution.


Recreational use of reservoir

Tabled. Tracy Highman request for picnic/playground area?


Evacuation  pets



Crime Rate in PBH

Margit Mestdagh will investigate crime rate in PBH.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Margit Mestdagh, Secretary