June 5, 2007


The quarterly meeting of the PBH Homeowners Association Board was called to order by Tim Triggs, president, at 7:10 pm on June 5, 2007, at the Community Center. 

Board members present: Tim Triggs,  Mia Mestdagh, Dave Davies, Mark Menagh and Pam Creswell. Suzanne Adams was absent.

Approval of 3/6/06 Board meeting minutes (Mia)

Minutes: The minutes of March 6, 2006 Board Meeting were moved, seconded, and approved. 

2007 dues collection update and 2007 budget (Dave)

280 household have paid up to date. On average $90/household. 102 have not paid yet. Total due collection to date: $25,150. Target is $29K. Treasurer report moved, seconded, and approved 

Job description updates (Mia)

Currently President and Treasurer job descriptions are done. Pam Creswell and Mia Mestdagh will combine other drafts. 

Timber Lane fuel break and 2007-2008 grant (Tim)

South end of Timber Lane fuel break is being tied in with Sunshine Cannon fuel break. Boulder Open Space will be funding part of it. The state granted an additional $8000 matching grant for fire mitigation work which will be used for the PBH part of the Timber Lane/ Sunshine Canyon fuel break. 

Newcomers Report (Pam)

Newcomer committee is trying to do home visits. The biggest issue is trying to get a hold of people. The new newcomer package is now very comprehensive. Renters are included in the newcomer welcome effort. How best can renters be reached?  

Tree spraying program (Tim filling in for Suzanne)

First spraying went will. Second spraying is scheduled for July. 

Beetle Busters (Pam)

We're getting major IPS invasions now. Pam is looking for more volunteers. Beetle Buster inspection forms are being simplified. Current forms are too long and too scientific.  

Greenback Cutthroat stocking of rez (Tim)

More evaluations by Division of Wildlife have to happen and are scheduled. 

Other uses of the reservoir, noting water board survey (All)

The Reservoir Recreational Use Committee has met. The PBH Board has not seen the recommendations that came out to that meeting.  Mark M. will draft a letter to the Water Board clarifying the responsibilities of the PBH HOA, the Reservoir Recreational Use Committee and the Water Board in deciding on the recreational use of the rez. He will circulate it among the PBH board members before sending it to the Water Board.  

Refurbishing street direction signs in PBH (Tim)

South Cedar Brook sign got refurbished. 

Re-carpeting the meeting room (Dave)

Still in progress.  

Mountain lion issue, July 25 HOA business only meeting, DOW input

Debra Menagh is now the Wildlife Contact for the HOA as well as a Division of Wildlife volunteer. Division of Wildlife is scheduled to inform residents about mountain lion behavior, DOW policy, and the new Boulder County study. This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday July 25th at 7:00 in the Community Room.  The HOA business meeting will be moved to July 26 (see below).  

July 26 Chitauqua potluck/meeting structure

5:30 potluck, 6:30 short business meeting, 7:30 Colorado Music Festival concert.



Architectural Review Committee Issue

At the bottom of North Cedar Brook the owner is planning on building a large second of two detached garages. They went to the Architectural Review committee claiming that his property is not part of PBH. However the ARC has found that they are, in fact, governed by the PBH HOA Covenants.  The covenants state that only two separate structures are allowed per property. This item will be discussed at the ARC meeting that is scheduled for next Tuesday.  

Board Nominations

New PBH Board Member nomination process needs to start for Vice President and Secretary.  Actual nominations are to be made at the July 26 meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned at  9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Margit “Mia” Mestdagh, Secretary