JANUARY 26, 2005

1.      Pam Creswell opened the meeting at 7pm.

2.      The minutes of the last quarterly meeting were approved.

3.      New members to the community and the meetings were introduced.

4.      The county has agreed to post animal warning signs on Linden.

5.      The treasurer’s report was presented. Copies are available.

6.      Allen Saville announced 14 neighborhood meetings are scheduled to discuss the results of the wildfire risk assessment. Post cards have been sent to residents announcing times and places. The specifics can be found on the PBHO web site. All residents are urged to attend these meetings.

7.      The accuracy of resident addresses needs to be checked so all are notified of important information.

8.      It was reported that a new engineer and contractor has been found for the community reservoir project. The final design has been sent to the appropriate state officials. It is anticipated the project will begin this summer.

9.      A joint committee with BMFPD has been created, consisting of volunteers from Pine Brook Hills and Boulder Heights, for pest control. Initially, the emphasis will be on identification of problems. The formal training session consisting of morning classroom instruction followed by afternoon field training will be held in either late March or early April and will include training of both the community volunteers and the BMFPD mitigation crew. An informal session will be held on Saturday, January 29, for those who can attend. It is in the community interest for pest problems be identified and corrected.

 10.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:40. A presentation by Ron Liggett from the Red Cross on home disaster preparedness followed.

 Respectively submitted,

Eleanor J. Patten