JANUARY 25, 2006

The Wednesday, January 25, 2006, general meeting of the Pine Brook Home Owners Association was held at the PBH Community Center. The meeting was called to order by President Tim Triggs at 7:20 pm.

Old business:

Pine Brooks Directory Update: Out of 400 PBH address updates, at least 50 entries are missing. Cut-off date for address submission: end of January

Phone number updates are especially important for emergencies.  Spread the word to update information.

Announcement: Mardi Gras Party on February 25 at 12 Boulder View Lane.

Meeting Minutes from October 26 were moved, seconded, and approved.

 Introduction of new HOA Board officers:

 President: Tim Triggs e-mail address:

Vice President: Mark Menagh

Secretary: Margit Mestdagh

Member at Large: Pam Creswell


 Treasury – Treasurer Alex Baris  (see attachment for full report)

Dues of $16,465 were received in 2005. This number is about 75% of what was budgeted. Treasurer will soon send out note to PBH regarding dues for 2006. 

 BMFA – Chief John Benson

Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District (BMFPD) instead of BMFA.

Very high fire danger like usually observed in mid July exists throughout Front Range.  BMFPD is working hard on fire mitigation and evacuation routes. Extreme caution is advised. Report any smoke and/or fire immediately.  Call 911 not BMFPD. Inform BMFPD of disabled people so rescue can be arranged in emergencies.

Evacuation Routes:  In case of emergency, all exit routes will be opened by BMFPD members. BMFPD staff members will guide traffic.  Also expect reverse 911 calls. All evacuation routes will be included in new directory.

New fire code is being developed.

 BMFPD – Board President  presented by  Susan Adams

PBH Beetle Busters effort will be published in Forest Magazine. This effort is getting wide recognition. Gail Loveman took on the new Beetle Buster lead position. Because of potential adverse insurance rate impacts, the Fire Risk Analysis was not put on PBH website. A DVD will be distributed to every household and shown at future PBH meetings to publish Fire Risk Analysis findings.

Fire Training Center: Feb. 21, 6pm - SW corner Canyon & Broadway. City Council will decide on firefighter training center. Current building is completely insufficient. New local training center is crucial. Please support this effort.

 Reservoir – District Manager – Bob de Haas

To stay within budget limits, the accelerated pace implemented after a cold spell in December, has been reduced. Less visible work is continuing at this point. The goal is to start collecting water by mid to end of April. The overall goal is to have the reservoir and treatment facility fully functional by June 1, 2006. The goal is to fill the reservoir by end of summer. This largely depends on weather conditions and run off. The State requires that, before backfilling the dam, the dam needs to be proven that it doesn't leak. The parking lot will be used to hold the dirt until the dam is proven to be leak free.

Public Access, safety, liability, and recreation issues of reservoir still need to be worked out.

 Pine Brook Press – Editor – Susan Adams

Please submit any stories and tid bits.

Bridge Group – looking for volunteers to teach Bridge

Mardi Gras Party: February 25, 7pm

Timber Lane Fuel Break – Project Manager

Tim Triggs is heading up effort with the fire department

The project started with  the Anchor Point report. This fuel break project covers a total of 84 properties. The first unit being worked on covers 10 properties. Bids to contractors were submitted last week. February 15th  is the anticipated starting point.  Project will continue at least until this fall. Funded 50% by state grant and the remaining monies by HOA dues.

More grant writing is proceeding for additional fire mitigation projects. Grants are also available for homeowners. These are matching funds grant. For additional information contact the  fire department.

      New Business:

 Proposal for naming the dam

Pine Brook Hill Reservoir  is the name for the reservoir under court decree.

Recommendation: The HOA Board recommends to the Water Board that the dam will be names deHaas Dam. The HOA Board will inform the PBH's community through a separate mailing of the great contributions of Bob deHaas to the PBH community, the recommendation that the dam will be named deHaase Dam and it will ask for any objections to this name.

 Approved motion moved by Gail J. Loveman, 250 Bristlecone Way, Boulder CO 80304

In recognition of the selfless dedication of the deHaas Family to providing safe, clean, and adequate water to the Pine Brook community for over 40 years, the community residents attending the 1/25/06 Homeowners Meeting recommend to the HOA Board that, subject to input (but not approval) from residents who did not attend the meeting, the Board recommend to the Water District that the new dam be named "The DeHaas Dam."

 Upcoming Events:

Friday Social Night: Feb. 17, 5 pm at the Community Center

Newcomers Orientation:  Feb. 25, 6 pm before Mardi Gras Party

April HOA meeting location to be determined.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Margit Mestdagh, Secretary