PBH HOA General Meeting

September 7, 2017

PBH Community Center

  1. Pot Luck Dinner, 6pm
  2. General Meeting, 7pm
  3. Crime Report (Brian Wahlert)
    1. Break-in on Wild Horse Circle on August 30
    2. Report strange vehicles or other suspicious activities
  4. Introductions
    1. 3 new residents introduced
  5. BMFPD (Chief John Benson)
    1. Mitigation services available; call for free evaluation of site
    2. High fire risk probable by end of week
    3. Vehicle retired from mitigation due to age; Incident Command vehicle from BMFPD transferred to mitigation crew and new incident command vehicle purchased.
    4. Mitigation crew contracts with Wildfire Partners; Wildfire Partners assist with cost of mitigation of properties.
    5. Smoke from wildfires in west can cause health issues; stay indoors if at risk.
    6. BMFPD has been on assignment with vehicles on western wildfires; assignments produce income, training for staff and reciprocity with other districts.
    7. Four Mile fire was Labor Day, 2010.
    8. BMFPD has never lost a structure to wildfire.
  6. Roads (Peter King Smith)
    1. Peter has met with Boulder County Commissioner’s regarding roads.
    2. Ballot issue for roads may be advanced at the end of next year.
    3. Recent 12 to 15% increase in assessed property value should provide funding for roads.
    4. There is an opportunity to participate in the Boulder County budgeting process.
    5. Brian and Peter have prepared a request for pavement patching; patching could proceed at later date.
    6. New paving at a short section of lower Linden between Boulder city and County is planned
    7. Center line striping is wearing; restriping has not been on any request, but can be.
    8. Comcast/Verizon provides good cell phone coverage in PBH; good deals on data, voice, etc.
  7. Forest Health (Jim Adams)
    1. Myrtle spurge and Hemlock have been identified in various areas of PBH
    2. Contact Forest Health to identify plants; ForestHealth@pinebrookhills.org
    3. Strict protocol is required for safe removal and disposal.
    4. Images of plants will be posted on the PBH website.
  8. Enhancement (Mike Von Hatten)
    1. Flood Memorial project at Linden and South Cedar Brook to begin soon. Boulder County to replace culvert under South Cedar Brook in next several weeks.
    2. Other projects include window film for windows in BMFPD office, refurbishing street directional signs and refurbishing the street sign at the Community Center.
  9. Election Committee Chair (Brian Wahlert)
    1. Cindy Wiedemann was nominated and approved as Election Committee Chair
    2. Candidate is needed for HOA Vice-President position. Current Vice-President, Rob Quinn, will fill the President position in 2018.
  10. Presentation: Kristin Cannon, Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Living with Your Wild(er) Neighbors
    1. Call Sheriff if in danger at 911
    2. Call Kristin Cannon for wildlife assistance at 303-877-6094 or email: kristin.cannon@state.co.us
  11. Treasurer’s Report (Brian Wahlert)
    1. HOA dues received for 2017=$26,235; $28,000 budgeted
    2. 56% of residents have paid; 62% of those paid more than the $75 minimum.
  12. PBH HOA Survey (Brian Wahlert)
    1. Survey results in Pine Brook Press
    2. Response from 111 individuals from 100 homes
    3. High satisfaction with PBH HOA and living in PBH
  13. PBH Community Fund (Brian Wahlert)
    1. PBH Community Fund has been established as a 501c3
    2. Fund posted on PBH website
    3. Tax deductible donations to fund projects for public good
  14. Recruiting (Brian Wahlert)
    1. Enhancement volunteers
    2. PBH Directory layout
    3. Pine Brook Press advertising manager, authors, photographers
  15. Adjourn meeting: 8:40pm