PBH HOA Membership Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2017

6pm – Pot Luck Dinner

7pm – Membership Meeting

New Residents

-Two new residents introduced themselves and their families

Pine Brook Water District

-PBWD does not treat water for hardness due to high cost

-Hardness should range from 200ppm max. to 120ppm optimum. Manganese is often an issue.

-Fluoride is not added.

PBH HOA Community Survey

-Online survey is available on PBH website.  Residents are encouraged to participate.

PBH Social Committee

-PBH Gala will be held July 15 at 417 Wild Horse Circle starting at 6:30pm. Shuttle service will be provided due to limited parking at the site.

-PBH Ice Cream Social will be held August 13 at the Community Center.

-Block parties are being encouraged in PBH to promote “connectivity.” Block Party Kits are available from the PBH Social Committee.

PBH Roads Committee

-Paving of Linden Drive has been completed.

-Funding for road maintenance is not currently available.

-Short term approach will be to identify maintenance priorities in PBH…primarily repair of potholes.

-Long term approach will be to promote funding for road maintenance. Ballot issues for funding will be promoted on an ongoing basis…best option is probably a county wide subdivision tax for roads.


-Payment of HOA dues in 2016 were made by 65% of residents. Residents are encouraged to pay 2017 dues.

-The majority of the funds raised from dues goes toward fire mitigation of the community.

Volunteers Needed

-Pine Brook Press – Layout and Business Manager

-PBH Directory – Layout

-Enhancement Projects


-PBH has been recognized as a “Fire Wise Community.”

-65 volunteer fire fighters currently manning BMFPD.

-Staff of 15 on Mitigation Crew. Two chippers are being used. Mitigation crew also serves as the Emergency Response Team.

Presentation: Emergency Preparedness

Dr. Allen Saville and Chief John Benson made a comprehensive presentation on Emergency Preparedness. Emergencies covered included:

-wild fires

-structure (home) fires



-utility outages

-gas leaks and carbon monoxide

The presentation will be posted on the PBH website.

Next PBH HOA General meeting: September 5, 2017