PBH HOA Membership Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2015

PBH Community Center


  • President - Allen Saville ✓
  • Vice President – Brian Wahlert ✓
  • Secretary – Meghan Miller ✓
  • Treasurer – Peter Gaal ✓
  • Member-at-Large – Dave Davies − ✓
  • Pine Brook Press – Catherine Von Hatten
  • Architectural Review (ARC) – Mike Von Hatten ✓
  • Beetle Busters - Brian Ridley −
  • Mitigation Liaison – Mike Hupka −
  • Newcomer Welcome – Jo Wiedemann ✓, Inese Smith ✓
  • Roads Committee – Peter King-Smith ✓
  • Safety & Security – Paul Shippey
  • Social Committee – Veronique Foster − ✓
  • A large number of community members − ✓

The meeting came to order at 7 o’clock, and newcomers were introduced.

Mitigation report: Chief reported BMFD mitigation transitions. Steve Linn is no longer on staff. Mike Hupka (not present) is serving in the interim role. The hiring process will play out in August. Mike and Chief are committed more communication with HOA, district, to make the transition as seamless as possible. Intent is to return calls each day. Working to enhance mitigation program.

Organic carbons have detected in the water, hydrocarbons that create a very low risk of cancer. FEMA his investing in a new system that will allow their removal, and there is a new system going in to let us recover pre-flood levels of water production. Jim Eyster asked when the cutover to the new line would occur. Bob described the process, and that there will be an announcement of the transition within the next month. The new line should provide better capacity. Since 2001, 50% of the breaks have been on Linden. There is also attention to South Cedar Brook. Repaving of Linden will be jointly funded with the county – and is now expected to be fully resurfaced!

Minutes were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s report: Dues collection has improved, working on identifying the tax-deductible portion for individual tax reporting. The pay pal option was well received, with 45 new responses.

The Slate of officers and members for the 2016 Pine Brook Hills HOA Board was presented:

Brian Wahlert - President

Rob Quinn – Vice President

Peter Gaal - Treasurer

Mike von Hatten - Secretary

Allen Saville – At large

Approved as presented, by acclamation

Jim Adams: A tussock moth blight has led to dead and dying Douglas fir trees by Wild Horse Circle. The caterpillar form eats two and three year old needles, attacks where the branch meets the stem. Residents were advised to be on the lookout for cocoons under their eaves or siding, but don’t touch. Treatments include spraying if you know timing for when the caterpillars will come out. Beetle Busters is taking this issue on in the interests of providing better public information. For mitigation, please call Mike Palamara. In addition, the Colorado State Forest Service is very helpful.

Allen Saville reporting for ARC/Mike Von Hatten: The memorial planned for the intersection of South Cedar Brook and Linden needs sponsorship – you can make a tax deductible donation to the fire department, to go towards this cause. It will commemorate community resilience as well as the kids whose lives were lost. The new neighborhood sign is also very close to installation. There was a suggestion from the floor to send a mailing requesting donations to the memorial.

Allen Saville reviewed some highlights from the PBH Covenants:


Maintain residential character and mountain beauty of PBH

Maintain property values


Covenants are legally binding on all properties, residents, and guests, and parallel county zoning requirements.

They apply to the HOA and to individual property owners

One important provision:

Arc approval

Appurtenant structure are not permitted

Short term rentals are not permitted

Residential use only

In harmony with the natural terrain and chacter of the neighborhood

Lots and improvements – not to be detrimental to other lots p- no dangerous, unhealthy, hazardous, or unsightly conditions….

Peter King-Smith – Roads Committee Chairman, introduced George Gerstle, who presented a deep look into the subdivision paving issues, statutory county tax uses, and opportunities for neighborhoods to partner with the County for road improvements.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Tuesday October 27, 2015

M. Meghan Miller, Secretary