Minutes of the PBH HOA General members meeting on February 25 at the PBH Community center



HOA Quarterly Meeting of the General Membership – 25 February;

7:00 PM PBH Community Center

February 25, 2014: 6 p.m. Social; 7 – 8:45 p.m. General Meeting


President  - Allen Saville

Vice President  – Brian Wahlert

Secretary – Meghan Miller

Treasurer – Jim Woodruff

Member-at-Large – Dave Davies

Pine Brook Press – Catherine Von Hatten

Architectural Review (ARC) – Mike Von Hatten

Brian Ridley – Beetle Busters

Newcomer Welcome – Jo Wiedemann

Mitigation Liaison – Mike Hupka


The social was well attended despite unlikely weather!  The attendance was largely attributed to a strong showing to recognize Pam Creswell for her many years of service to the PBH community.   The social event culminated in a recognition and celebration of her extraordinary service and community building.  Many residents recognized, reveled in, and celebrated Pam’s contributions to the PBH community.


There was also an excellent showing of newcomers, who were warmly welcomed.  The secretary failed to accurately record their names in the hubbub.


The meeting came to order around 7 p.m. with a more formal Special Recognition of Pam Creswell, including widespread recognition and adulation for her reach in Boulder, for having served in nearly

There was a review and a motion to accept the minutes of the December 18th 2013 General Members Meeting of the Pine Brook Hills.  The motion was seconded and approved. 

After review, there was a motion and approval of 2014 HOA Budget that was put forward by Allen Saville in Jim Woodruff’s absence.  The motion happily passed by acclamation.

The formal business was followed by an informational program called:  Pine Brook Hills Present and Future.  The program included review and status reports on the following topics:

A. Purpose of PBH-HOA

Allen Saville presented the purpose of the HOA:

To cultivate a strong, sustainable, vibrant, and attractive community and to enhance the quality of life and well-being of the residents of Pine Brook Hills.

Elements to achieve:

.    Strong sense of community

.    High level of participation, community service, and volunteerism

.    Continuing attention to safety and security

.    Attention to community infrastructure

.    Appreciation and cultivation of the natural beauty and attractiveness of our community;

.    Maintaining intelligent and civil forums for public education and communication about community topics and issues

.    Providing opportunities for PBH residents to meet, connect, and socialize

.    Identification and continuing monitoring of the needs of our PBH community

.    Building and maintaining healthy and communicative relationships with organizations that impact PBH.

.    Sense of community

.    Volunteerism, community service

.    Safety and security

.    Infrastructure

.    Cultivate natural beauty and attractiveness

.    Civil forums for public education and communication

.    Social opportunity

.    Responding to needs of PBH residents

.    Healthy relationships with external entities


B. Status Reports

          Status reports were provided on a wide variety of topics.  For current status, please visit  the Pine Brook website, Pine Brook Hills Press, or other community venues.


Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District – John Benson


Thanks for support – equipment fund, extraction

 CO incidents, poison – smoke detectors

Wood burning fire places – get an inspection!  This will help with containment.  Preventing structure fires is the key.

Driving courteously and safely.  Thank you!

Please tell your guests, contractors, that depressions and (sink) holes are continued concern

Revamping flood response planning, aspiring to better preparation despite being exemplary in 9/11/13    Stream debris, hill slope stability,

If you drive in this district and see sagging trees, power poles – call dispatch

Be mindful of these cuts – rocks rolling over the wall

A rain on snow event poses unexplored hazards

Greg Anderson helped map the slope failures

Bob and Gail Loveman (firefighter) helped fund the new truck.   Bigger fires – donation, by the Lovemans donated on a municipal lease.   This will get our firefighters better training in other wild fires.    Just returned from Texas!


Question about how to mitigate as a newcomer

Steve Lind, fire district offers information

Big section on mountain living

Training for evacuation for families.  Fund raisers, third arm does neighborhood evacuation drills.   Incident command responsibility – reverse 911, evacuation orders.


Question about training the family.   EDIH  Exit drills in home.  

Jim Meister – BOD for fire department  - thanks for

$40k community donation for equipment – website

$30k from the garage sale


Spurge Purge – Lauren Poulos, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

          A rousing recount of the one-time resources available to eliminate the scourge and purge the spurge.

Pine Brook Water District – Bob DeHaas

PBW District Manager

Still recovering from the flood, repairs

Ground is so wet that the reservoir is staying full despite lack of ability to transfer water

Natural inflows are finally slowing

Ability to pump being restored

Flood damaged emergency backup wells, looking at viability of recovering them

Clost to $1M in damages


Capital reserve – repaint tanks, replace pumps – 10-20 year life cycle

Cost of delivery kept eating that fund.  The new capital reserve fee will protect

12.5% of $1M will come out of reserves – about 50%, this is uncomfortable.  Working on some new funding sources.    FEMA and State funds.  Some companies are holding bills until public funds become available.


Question about new filters.

Yes, we replaced membranes.  

Filter plant turned off for 8 days to save filters.

Pulled some strings to keep things working, letting the mud settle.

Membranes were fouled.  Insurance paid for new membranes.  

Much of the facilities are not covered.

Facility integrity is very strong.   Fire resistance has been the main goal, but things worked well?


Goal for res:

Water supply – surface water supply was gone, ability to recover surface water was down for two months.  Not to exceed $260k.    Actual was $195K.  

Fire fighting - 2010

The res also mitigated the flows.   350 ft^3 came out of the reservoir.   1.5 feet of capacity at the head.


Peak flows would have been double or more.  City of Boulder impacts would have been significantly worse.


Muddy water -  Iron and Manganese – there is a chemical treatment that it can be taken out at the flitration.  Water mains have to be aggressively flushed to scour the ains.  Meets Boulder and Denver standards.  The water is considered hard (Ca).  


It is now less hard.   Preferences – Calcium.   Not aggressive – won’t leach copper and lead pipes.  City of Boulder actually has to mitigate.


Committee Reports & New Initiatives:

Mitigation (Steve Lynn)

BMFPD Liaison (Allen Saville)

ARC (Mike Von Hatten)

Reviewing new c, remodeling, site improvements.

PBH is over 50 years old.

Few opps for new construction

Eager for remodeling


1.     Address non-conforming and detrimental issues.  BCo standards and PBH covenants.

2.     Most respect the guidance.  New effort to address those who don’t.   Focus will be to develop the covenants.   More of a community planning tools as a basis for addressing non-compliance

3.     Enhancement program.  Opps to improve on some sitatuions.  For the benefit of the residents and community.   Entry on Linden @ SCB.   Other issues in the community.

4.     Will only be successful if the community is supportive.   Web site, press, forum. 

5.     Please visit our website.  

Paul Shippey is in South Afruca.   Safety & Security.   What does safety in the neighborhood.   Look at covenants – unsafe, unsightly, and one other thing


Safety & Security (Allen on behalf of Paul Shippey)

Roads (Cindy Lindsey)
 Quick Announcements


Peter Kinsmith & Bob Loveman from advnisiroy committee.


History is long, but there is a LID.

Adviosry committee to county – 7 with 2 (above) from PBH.

Effectiveness of LID funds.   Just forming bylaws, etc but there is a good representation


Look under “services” under roads.   Link to subdivision committee.   Or google Boulder subdivision paving and you’ll find it.


County is leery of spending LID $$ until lawsuit is settled.   In the meantime is only wiling to spend the county 20%, not the LID contributions.


Beetle Busters (Brian Ridley)

Successes were recognized! Beetles have declined. Please be vigilant.  Email Brian for help.


Social (Pam Creswell)
 - to be replaced

Pine Brook Press (Catherine Von Hatten)

Ideas welcome.  Love to have them. 


Welcome (Jo Wiedemann)
 - please contact her for new resident information!

PBH Website & PBH Directory

The progress of the skookum V.P. on the website and directory was reported by Saville.   The VP’s work commanded with gratitude.

PB Forum (Steve Mestdagh)

Quarterly Programs (Dave Davies)

Ideas for the quarterly program are welcomed!


Aging in Place (Dave Davies)

There was lively discussion of an Aging in Place program

Many PBH residents live alone, are cut off, and are shut-ins.  There was general encouragement to knock on the door of your neighbors if you don’t know them, and more specific planning around coordinating resources for aging and less mobile community members.


This report  was met with applause!



The Meeting Schedule for 2014: Board Meetings, General Membership Meetings was reviewed

Recruiting needs were identified: 
Social Chair
 PBH Directory layout “understudy”, Treasurer
, PBH Historian.   Volunteers were noted and reported to Saville.

.    C. New Business, Evaluation & Adjourn 8:33  

In the absence of new business, and after a rousing round of metrics presented by the chair – Allen Saville - he requested a show-of-hands evaluation of the meeting.  The meeting was very favorably received.

.    8:34  The Meeting adjourned