Minutes of the December 18th 2013 General Members Meeting Pine Brook Hills (PBH) Inc.

A general members meeting of the PBH HOA (Pine Brook Hills Inc.) was held at the PBH Community Center on Wednesday December 18th at 7pm.

The meeting was attended by approximately 135 residents as well as Board members Dave Davies (President) and Bill Alexander (member at Large).

President Davies announced that an election of the 2014 Board members would held at the commencement of the meeting and introduced the candidates for President (Dr. Allen Saville of 1579 Linden Dr Boulder 80304) and Vice President (Brian Wahlert of 25 Alpine Way Boulder 80304), both candidates being Pine Brook Hills residents as required by the by-laws. The positions of Secretary (Meghan Miller of 389 S Cedar Brook, Boulder 80304) and Treasurer (Jim Woodruff of 27 Hawk Lane, Boulder 80304) were continued for 2014 and were not required to be elected at this time, all consented to continue their positions.

Notice of the election had been posted on Nov 26th and on Dec 13th and a request for nominations made, none had been received by the start of the meeting. The President then asked the attendees if there were any nominations from the floor. There being none Davies then asked the attendees for approval that the election be made by acclamation, this was accepted. The names were put to the vote by acclamation. The approval was unanimous with no dissenting vote. Saville and Wahlert were duly elected. Davies then announced that per the by-laws he was stepping down as President and would per the by-laws accept the position of member at large, replacing Bill Alexander. The meeting was then turned over to Dr. Saville who thanked Davies for his work and asked for a round of applause for him.

Dr. Saville then introduced the guest speaker, Dr James Balog who presented on “The Art of Chasing Ice”

After several questions the meeting was closed at 8.45pm.

Submitted by Dave Davies
Outgoing President PBH Inc.