DECEMBER 6, 2005

 Board Members Present: Alex Baris, Tim Triggs, Pam Creswell, Eleanor Patten. Suzanne Adams and Mark Menaugh were also in attendance.

The quarterly meeting of the PBH Homeowners' Association Board was called to order by Pam Creswell, President, at 7pm. on December 6, 2005, in the Community Center.

Minutes: The minutes of the September 6th Board Meeting were moved, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer's Report: It was reported that 74% of known residents have paid dues, which was a slightly lower rate than in 2004. The treasurer needs an updated listing of addresses for mailings, etc. An improved system for ARC fee accounting needs to be looked at. Guidelines for the reserve account need to be formalized and made known to the general membership. This will be discussed by the new board at a future meeting.

Job Descriptions: The Board members present reviewed the Bylaws' job descriptions. Some changes were proposed. These will be clarified with the office holders involved. Some jobs such as Roads Chair will not be continued. It was proposed a calendar format for job tasks be created for easy reference. The secretary's job description was tabled. The Vice President, at the discretion of the President will share ARC responsibilities.

Reservoir Name: A recommendation to name the reservoir deHass in recognition of the years of service the deHass family was discussed. The board was enthusiastic and will present this at the next general meeting for approval.

Timber Lane Shaded Fuel Break: To date, of the 84 properties involved, all by eight marking permissions have been received. The State Forest Service has begun the marking process. The first priority (and first unit of work) is on the downhill side Lower Timber Lane in the area of the new reservoir. A discussion followed on how to elicit reactions after marking is complete, prior to cutting. After marking is completed and accepted, bids on the cutting/removal work will be requested.

Beetle Busters: Twenty six people have volunteered and it is hoped to get additional people from nearby areas.

Reservoir: It was most encouraging that there has only been a two-week lag in construction. The plan as of now is to fill in April.

Newcomer/Social Plans for '06: A Mardi Gras fete is planned for February. An exotic car show combined with a house tour in September is in the early planning stages. Other ideas being considered are, a newcomer packet to be distributed, 3 socials during the year for newcomers with all residents invited and a combined Boulder Heights, Pine Brook Hills children’s Christmas party (but not likely this year). As ideas are formalized, the board will be informed.

Insurance Policy: The policy is in effect but will be carefully reviewed by Pam, Joyce, and Alex. Both board members and the organization are covered.

Officer Turnover: The meeting was turned over to Tim Triggs with many thanks to Pam Creswell for her excellent years of service as president.

1. Still to be decided is the date, place, and program for the next general meeting. The progress of the reservoir will affect these items.

Respectively submitted,

Eleanor J. Patten