December 5,  2006

The quarterly meeting of the PBH Homeowners Association Board was called to order by Tim Triggs, president, at 7:05 pm on December 5, 2006, at the Community Center.             

 Board members present: Tim Triggs, Mark Menagh, Mia Mestdagh, Suzanne Adams, Pam Creswell, Dave Davis,  Alex Baris absent.

Approval of 9/7/06 Board meeting minutes (Mia)

Minutes: The minutes of September 7, 2006 Board Meeting were moved, seconded, and approved.

Car Show / Block Party report: Update on 9/7/06 meeting minutes: The actual collected amount was $6500.

Job description updates (Pam)

Pam Creswell will e-mail job descriptions to all HOA Board Members for review. Mia Mestdagh will format the job descriptions before the next Board Member meeting. They will be then up for final approval.

Timber Lane fuel break (Tim)

$40K will be available for the next phase, Unit B of the Timber Lane fuel break. A contractor will start working mid/end of December and will bill PBH HOA on a monthly basis. PBH HOA will then be reimbursed 50 % by the State.   

Newcomers Report (Pam)

Juliette Harrington will take on the Newcomer Welcome function while Pam Creswell is out of town. Juliette Harrington is also happy to do house visits and distribute welcome packages. 

Dam Brass Plaque (Mark) Unfortunately, there was a typo on the plaque. Mark will have it fixed. 

Uses of the reservoir (All)

Mark Menagh will ask Pete Lillydahl to present to the Board Members on status of Reservoir Recreational Use Committee. Recommendation: Some Board Members will join the Reservoir Committee. Debra Menagh might take on a liaison function between the Reservoir Committee and the PBH Board. Bob deHaas will contact the insurance company to discuss liability issues of recreational use of the reservoir. 

HOA sponsorship of the Beetle Busters - do we want to turn it over completely to the fire department? (Suzanne)

In 2006, the fire department contributed funds and provided training to the Beetle Busters. The PBH HOA appreciates the fire departments support and contributions. PBH HOA will continue its support of the Beetle Buster program. 

Refurbishing street direction signs in PBH (All)

Need reporting system on which signs are damaged, missing, or need refurbishing. Suzanne will add an article to the Pine Brook Press. Looking for volunteer to refurbish signs.

Motion: The HOA approves up to $300 for materials to refurbish the PBH existing street direction signs. Will need to add $$ into 2007 budget. PBH HOA will take recommendations for requests for additional street signs.  

Re-carpeting the meeting room (All)

Approximately 150 sq feet to re-carpet. Starting point: get bid on repair of carpet and potentially darkening, and new carpet options. Pam Creswell will get bid from contractors.  

Future House Tours (All)

Not an issue at this point. No future house tours are planned at this point.  

Alternative fund raising event: Steve Tebo offered his parking lot in Boulder for future car show (Concours) fund raising events. - Great idea! Well worth to further pursue it.

Plan for 2007 budget (Alex, Dave) 

2007 dues increase, and collection strategy (Dave)

See Dave Davis's 2007 Budget Strategy

Add to HOA Meeting notification sign: “2007 Dues are due”

Dave Davis will write article for Pine Brook Press and he will also write a letter to HOA members for dues letters. Recommendation send out dues letter with return envelop. 

Noxious weed control in PBH (Uriah Bueller, by invitation)

Uriah Bueller was unable to attend the Board Member meeting.

Some PBH neighbors got Boulder County citations for noxious week.

Suggested community evening presentations: What to plant or not to plant? Deer Proofing your Yard. Dave Davis will talk to Native Edge, Tim Triggs will talk to Uriah about noxious weeds.  

The meeting was adjourned at  9:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Margit “Mia” Mestdagh, Secretary