Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Tuesday, June 3, 2008 Board meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Home Owner’s Association was held at the Pine Brook Hills Community Center, Station One . The meeting was called to order by President Mark Menagh at 7:10  pm.            

 Board Members present were: Tim Triggs, Mark Menagh, Dave Davies and Marla Saville. Suzanne Adams and Deborah Menagh were also present. Bill Alexander and Pam Creswell were absent.

 Approval of 3/11/08 Board Minutes (Marla): Approval of minutes was moved, seconded and approved.

 Financial Reports (Dave): 248 households have paid dues so far, the average contribution being $103.00 ; 110 households have yet to pay, bringing total of dues paid to $27,202.00 so far. This total is about $4000 below the expected totals. Interest on short term CDs are currently very low. The PB press and Beetle Busters are both under budget. More legal expenses are expected to be incurred. Motion to accept financial report was made, seconded and approved.

 Fire Mitigation status  (Tim):  a new mitigation coordinator is still needed to replace Tim. Dave would gladly volunteer, but his treasurer position will not be over until 2009. Suzanne suggested asking Bert Johansen, and Mark agreed to call him.

 Beetle Busters  (Suzanne): out of 33 inspections (27 of which were in PBH) conducted so far, 11 properties have beetles. Many good inspectors have been trained from Carriage Hills and they are considering donating $750 to $1000 to the BB. $1500 of a $2500 BB budget is from our Fire Department. With 1 out of 3 properties being hit, beetle infestation continues to worsen. Diagnosis is getting more difficult since, for one thing, it’s dry and that can render trees less able to produce as many pitch tubes (a visible sign of beetles).

 Suzanne has named a new kind of “mini” inspection “TREEAGE”. Debra suggested going door to door in an attempt to educate homeowners regarding beetle problems. It was agreed that this might be pursued in the fall.

 Architectural Review Committee update (Tim): There was discussion about the letter, which Mike Connolly is drafting to the 82 Pine Needle property owners. It was agreed that our attorney will be consulted regarding final approval. A motion was made that the Board agrees to continue to spend the legal funds necessary to defend the covenants beyond the $11,400 spent to date in 2008 and to fund this next phase. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

 Dave is still waiting for our insurance underwriter’s answer regarding whether sub organization members (such as ARC members) are covered under our liability policy but, after initial research, suspects they are.

 Re-Carpeting the meeting room (Dave): Suzanne had information that Carpet Outpost made a bid that everyone seemed happy with. The fire department and the water board will be helping to fund this project. Samples were available for viewing, and everyone seemed satisfied that there were some good color choices.

 Maintenance of only one Calendar (All): It will still take some work to get meeting dates automatically posted on the PBH website. Param may be able to help do this and Mark will discuss with him.  Mark continues to post dates on the Yahoo group website, but not all residents are members.

 Finding volunteer for Mitigation Project Manager (All): See “Fire Mitigation status”

 Additional New Business (All): Deborah Menagh (PBH Wildlife Officer) says she’s been receiving questions and suggestions from residents regarding adding native wildlife, such as turtles, to the PBH reservoir. She would like someone with expertise in this area to review what wildlife would be appropriate and to take on this potential project. She will try to get some initial information from the Division of Wildlife.

 She also said that, she had just that morning received a call from a neighbor saying they saw a bear swimming in the PBH reservoir!

 July 2008 HOA General Members’ meeting, selection of program topic and agenda (All):  Mark wants to celebrate the various volunteers of the community with a barbeque. He also revealed that someone who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered to match any “move the dirt” donations raised at a fundraiser. (We still need to raise another $50,000). A discussion followed about ideas for a members meeting fundraiser with games and events, possibly to be held on Saturday, July 26th. It was agreed that Mark will consult with Pam and more planning will need to be discussed and organized.

 A motion to adjourn the Board meeting was made, seconded and approved at 8:45 pm.

 Respectively submitted,

 Marla Saville, Secretary