SEPTEMBER 14, 2011


On September 14th, the Pine Brook Hills Board of Directors met at the home of President Bill Alexander.  The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:00 pm. Members in attendance included Treasurer Terry O’Brien and Secretary Tom Mann.  A quorum of directors was present.  Also in attendance were Neil Patel, chair of the Architectural Review Committee and resident Allen Saville.

 Motion to Approve Board of Directors Minutes of June 7, 2011

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved by the directors present.

 General Membership Meeting of October 25th

Bill informed those present that October 25th will be the date of the next general membership meeting of the Association.  Except for presenting a slate of candidates for HOA officers for the next two year term beginning January of 2012, the agenda has yet to be determined.

 Updates on Miscellaneous Pending Issues

Bill provided an update on various matters related to the Association.

 Treasurer’s Report

Terry O’Brien distributed a handout outlining the financial condition of the HOA.  As of the 14th of September,  there are $600 in checks to  be deposited into the Association’s account.  The  balance in the checking account totals $23,705.68.  The total in the flex savings account, according to the bank’s records, is $35,575.73.  Therefore the total in cash and reserve as of the 14th of September is $59,281.41. 

 Roads Committee Report

The President provided an update on the status of the PBH roads maintenance issue.  No survey for distribution to homeowners has yet been prepared.

 It was reported that Pine Brook Hills contains approximately 12% of county roads but only 4% of the county’s lots.  The cost per homeowner annually to maintain the subdivision’s roads would be $301 if residents elected to create a local improvement district (LID).  This commitment would extend for 20 years.  The cost to bond this amount would essentially double the cost.  It was felt that homeowners would likely not approve this method of financing.

 The cost to each homeowner, should the residents elect to employ a public improvement district (PID), is unknown, but would be predicated upon the assessed valuation of each parcel within the subdivision.  Annual contributions by residents would continue without end for road maintenance. 

 Considerable discussion among those present followed concerning the above options. 

 Beetle Advisory Team (BAT) Report

The BAT has replaced the Beetlebusters and Suzanne Adams has been replaced by Jo Davies. 

 Monument Sign Committee

Chair Tom Mann thanked Allen Saville for his assistance with the design of the monument sign scheduled for construction on lower Linden Avenue.  Alan displayed various design schemes to those present, noting changes that may be required to construct this sign.

 Following considerable discussion, those in attendance concluded that assistance from two residents/general contractors may be appropriate before moving ahead.  Tom was asked to speak with Vice President Dave Davies who has relationships with GCs Ken Larkin and Kirk Hendricks.  These residents can hopefully provide construction guidance as well as assist with requisite approvals from Boulder County.

 Motion to Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 8:45 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,


Tom Mann