MARCH 2, 2010


On Tuesday, evening, March 2, 2010, the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors met at the Pine Brook Hills Community Center.  The meeting was called to order by the president.  Members in attendance included Pam Creswell (treasurer), Mark Menagh (member-at-large), and Bill Alexander (president).  Also in attendance were  Doug Parker, Neil Patel, David Johnston, Uriah Bueller, Bob deHaas and Suzanne Adams.

 Minutes of the January 27, 2010 General Membership Meeting:  Meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion to approve was moved, seconded and adopted unanimously by the members present.

 Social Committee Chair’s Report:   Pam Creswell reported that approximately 40 HOA members attended the Mardi Gras Social at her home in late February.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Pam Creswell provided an overview of the financial condition of the HOA for 2010 to date.  $11,000 in income has so far been received.  A motion to approve the report was submitted, seconded and approved by members present.

 Pine Brook Directory:   Suzanne Adams stated that the PBH directory would be distributed in early April.

 BeetleBusters:   Suzanne Adams indicated that 250 trees will be planted by the reservoir this spring, consequently there is a need for volunteers to participate.

 General Discussion:   The president opened the floor to general discussion involving the topic of attracting newer PBH residents to the Association.  It was suggested that July be considered for an event involving younger children.  Halloween also was mentioned as a possibility.  It was decided to not have a May social as planned.

 Discussion on Agenda for next Membership Meeting:   David Johnston introduced Doug Parker who is Boulder County Government’s Sustainability Examiner.  Doug volunteered to provide a presentation at the next HOA general meeting involving energy efficiency and rebate programs.  It was suggested that the May ARC meeting would be an excellent time for the presentation.

 Presentation by Megan Boughs on Plants Native to the Region:  Megan will be offering this presentation for the HOA Member meeting on April 28, 2010.

 It was noted that the garage sale at the Community Center is scheduled for May 21-23.

 Water Manager’s Report:   Bob deHaas  discussed the issue of the rental of the community center to HOA members.  General areas of concern voiced were the overuse of facilities without compensation, disruption for set up of scheduled events, and the verification of insurance by renters.  It was decided that the use of the facility should be discussed among the 3 boards (HOA, Fire and Water).

 Fire Mitigation:  Uriah Bueller presented a map of recommended mitigation areas as prepared by the fire board.  Discussion followed as to how to prioritize the areas.  It was decided that the BMFP map would be compared with the AnchorPoint map to determine the highest priorities.

 Bettlebusters:   Suzanne Adams noted that support from the membership has been incredible.  A map of Larimer County reflects widespread infestation.  $10. per tree spraying is offered by Taddiken and $11. per tree by Davies.  The fire department is committed to cutting trees even during the beetle flying season.

 Architectural Review Committee:  Chair Neil Patel discussed the issue of solar panels not attached to structures.  It was recommended that following adoption of the Revised Covenants, guidelines should be enacted concerning this issue.  Members also agreed that ARC records are private unless subpoenaed and the ARC needs help with administrative and clerical work.

 PBH Roads Report:   Bill Alexander reported that the County is considering levying a $200 per year per property fee for repaving of county roads and that PBH is benefiting from the road maintenance it currently receives.

 Covenants Committee:   Bill Alexander updated the directors, indicating that the letters to property owners were about ready to be mailed, meetings are planned for each unit, and we are currently on track.  Covenants Captains from each of PBH seven units already have become notaries to help get ratification signatures from PBH Lot owners.  The HOA can take as long as necessary to complete the action.

 Director Resignation:  Member-at-large Mark Menagh announced that he will be taking an extended trip to Australia and is resigning his seat on the board.  It was recommended that the position be filled by a past president.  Suzanne Adams expressed interest in filling the position.  A motion was made to accept Mark’s resignation and approve Suzanne as his replacement.  Following a second, the motion was passed unanimously.

 Adjournment:   The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Thomas L. Mann