PBH HOA Board Meeting Minutes

8/22/2017, 7pm, PBH Community Center


Board Members:

  • Brian Wahlert, President (BW)
  • Rob Quinn, VicePresident (RQ)
  • Bob Loveman, Treasurer (BL)
  • Mike Von Hatten, Secretary (MV)
  • Dr. Allen Saville, Member at Large (AS)

Committee Chairpersons:

  • Jim Adams, Forest Health (JA)
  • Peter King Smith, Roads (PKS)
  • Eric Erickson, ARC (EE)
  • Catherine Von Hatten, Pine Brook Press (CV)
  • Jo Wiedemann, Welcome (JW)
  • Veronique Foster (VF)
  • Mike Von Hatten, Enhancement (MV)

Welcome (BW)

  1. Recognized Guest: none
  2. Public Comments: none
  3. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting (4/25/17): approved
  4. Business:
    1. Review 2017 resident survey results
      • 25% of homes responded, 111 individuals from 100 homes
      • summary of survey will be presented at the HOA general meeting and in the Pine Brook Press
      • responders expressed a high level of satisfaction with living in PBH
    2. Mitigation update and planning
      • BMFPD mitigation crew continues to do great work on weed whacking and extending our system of community fuel breaks.
      • Weather last winter didn’t allow for any burning of slash piles, so many slash piles remain on the ground in areas where community fuel breaks were cut.
      • See attachment below for additional details
      • Thinning the forest and piling slash is better than not thinning at all.
      • Discussion will continue between BW, AS, and Mike Palamara as to whether we should change our approach for the future, particularly if the number of slash piles on the ground continues to grow.
    3. Enhancement committee update
      • projects in progress include the flood memorial at Linden and South Cedar Brook, refurbishing the street sign for the Community Center, refurbishing six street directional signs and window film in the BMFPD office
      • allocation of funds include $1,500 for the flood memorial, $200 for the community center street sign, $2,300 for street directional signs and $800 for blinds and window film
    4. ARC policy documentation
      • How, if at all, should the ARC anticipate use (noise, traffic, etc.) in ruling on applications?
      • What should the ARC’s policy be with respect to notifying neighbors about a new application in their vicinity?
      • EE requested input/comments from the Board regarding the role and responsibilities of ARC relative to PBH Covenants 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4
      • PKS stated that the Covenants were structured to reflect BoCo Land Use ordinances to facilitate enforcement
      • challenge is to achieve a balance between personal and property rights and the good of the community
      • no consensus reached on whether “perceived” vs. actual detriments should be considered in ARC reviews and the HOA’s role in the evaluation/determination
      • ARC will emphasize the importance of submitting proposed projects to the ARC, submitting early in the planning process and submitting all information requested and required by ARC
      • Board agreed that the ARC will continue to notify neighbors regarding new ARC applications on a case by case basis
    5. Short term rentals
      • Listings for short term rentals have been taken down from websites
    6. Transportation system for Pine Brook residents (aging in place residents, middle to high school students)
      • Holly Colangelo contacted BW regarding transportation system in/out of PBH
    7. 2018/2019 PBH Directory kick off soon (AS)
      • Work will begin soon on the next edition of the PBH Directory. Layout understudy still needed.
    8. Pine Brook Hills Community Fund created (BW)
      • PBH Community Fund is now in place. Fund will be presented/discussed at the next HOA general meeting. The PBH Community Fund board of directors meeting will be held immediately after this meeting. The current HOA board will serve as the initial board for the Community Fund.
    9. Window treatment for Community Center (MV)
      • see D3 above
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Treasurer (BL)
      • $30,550 in revenue budgeted for 2017, $29,000+ received to date
      • Notices to be mailed to residents who have not paid
      • $8,600 in expenses to date, $35,000 budgeted for 2017
      • $56,000 cash reserve
    2. Enhancement (MV)
      • see D3 above
    3. Social (VF, Sarah Wahlert)
      • see attachment below
      • VF to research new carpet for Community Center
    4. Legal (RQ)
      • RQ researched legal issues of enforcement of PBH Covenants as well as insurance issues related to PBH HOA; RQ presented his findings
      • insurance coverage for HOA board covers only issues related to “management of the premises”; RQ will investigate additional endorsement to current policy to show full coverage of HOA and HOA board activities
    5. ARC (EE)
      • see D4 above
    6. Roads (PKS)
      • PKS has met with BoCo Commissioners regarding roads
      • ballot issue on roads may be possible in 2018
      • PKS and BW have been successful getting our road maintenance needs (potholes, patching) prioritized by BoCo. Many potholes have already been filled this year. A list of areas in need of patching will be submitted to BoCo, and repairs may be done this summer/fall.
      • a small portion of lower Linden Drive will be paved soon
      • PKS spoke to Greg Anderson about WIFI…Greg is investigating options and feasibility
    7. Pine Brook Press (CV)
      • next edition is at press, however, the press has “broken” …some delay in printing/mailing
      • next edition should be mailed out next week
      • Emilie Griffith has joined Catherine Von Hatten and Param Singh to provide the layout of the next edition.
    8. Forest Health (JA)
      • Cheatgrass has been identified in an area near Alder Lane. JA and AS will assess the situation and take appropriate measures
      • Ips beetle infestation has become common in PBH; mitigation of infested trees is recommended to preserve “prized” trees. Ips beetles attack individual trees and don’t spread at the epidemic rate of either mountain pine beetle or Douglas-fir Tussock Moth.
    9. Quarterly Programs (AS)
      • “Living with Wildlife” will be the topic of the presentation/discussion at the next HOA general meeting
      • The next presentation topic will be space exploration
    10. BMFPD Liaison (AS)
      • BMFPD is in good condition organizationally, financially and well-staffed with 50 personnel
      • crews and equipment have been responding to wildfires in the West
      • BMFPD has responded to numerous medical calls, medical calls represent over 50% of responses
    11. Welcome (JW)
      • welcome packets have been delivered to 8 new residents
      • JW requested a letter from BL for the packet regarding the HOA and HOA dues
    12. History (Kevin Smith)
      • historic photos are being collected
  6. Recruiting Needs
    1. Vice President
    2. Directory layout understudy
    3. PB Press layout understudy – position filled
    4. Enhancement team
  7. Review of Action Items from Meeting (MV)
    • E3, E4, E8 and E11
  8. Evaluation of Meeting
  9. Reminders
    1. General membership meeting -September 5 (notice sign to be posted)
    2. Board meeting – October 17
  10. Adjourn Meeting – 9:30pm

Mitigation update

Weed whacking

  • BMFPD mitigation crew covered portions of or all of Linden, North Cedarbrook, South Cedarbrook, Pine Brook, Timber and Pine Tree
  • Total cost: $3300 vs. budget of $3500

Pile burning

  • Roughly 400 piles left over from last year’s cutting
  • No burning took place on those piles last winter
  • Total cost: $0 vs. budget of $6000


  • Cutting on Anne U White fuel break set to commence within days
  • $9000 in HOA funds budgeted for cutting
  • Mike has another $3150 in secured grant money
  • Possibility of an additional $900 per acre in grant money. Grant application was successful, but funds are delayed.
  • Recommendation: Reallocate the $6000 that was intended for burning to cutting instead. That would make a total of $18,150 available, which would fund cutting on at least 6.5 acres.

Social Committee update

PB Gala

  • Held in July at the Peterson's residence on Wild Horse
  • Event was well attended - roughly 75 people came including a lot of people that we don't typically see at HOA events
  • Total event cost was ~$500

Block Parties

  • The block party kit is complete and has been used by for two block parties.
  • Joyce Quinn, Nancy Mohr, and Kathy Eyster hosted a block party for the Pine Brook Road area.
  • Jennifer Streets hosted a block party for Beaver Way and South Cedar Brook. Around 30 residents were in attendance.
  • I have possible volunteers for hosts for two additional block parties this fall that I am currently following up with. These block parties would cover the Pine Tree Lane and High View areas.
  • Block party kit cost was ~$350

Ice Cream Social

  • Attendance was excellent - 75+ people showed up. Of these, there were 35 or so kids. I got a lot of comments after about how much fun people had. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going for future ice cream socials.
  • The timing was good because it was the weekend before BVSD started so many families were back in town.
  • The magician and bouncy house were popular.
  • I put together a several page cheat sheet to make planning next year's event easier.
  • Total event cost was ~$850 ($230 for bouncy house, $225 for magician, $200 for ice cream, plus other assorted costs for drinks, toppings, paper goods, sign, ice, etc.).

Upcoming Events (in the preliminary planning phase):

  • Early October -- another kids’ art event
  • Early December -- Cookies and Cards -- The idea is that this would be a kids' holiday event where we'd provide supplies for cookie decorating and have the kids make cards for the fire department that could be distributed at the annual holiday recognition dinner.


  • I've started following up with people who expressed interest through the survey in helping with social events.
  • Here are approximate numbers for where we are at with the HOA social budget so far this year (out of $3000 that was budgeted).
Item Cost
Gala $507
Ice Cream Social $841
Block Party Kit $340
Cleaning Community Center 4-5 times $300
Beverages and paper goods for HOA meetings $150
Kids Art Class $150
Kids Event - Cookies and cards $100