PBH HOA Board Meeting Minutes

4/25/2017, 7pm, PBH Community Center


Board Members:

  • Brian Wahlert, President (BW)
  • Rob Quinn, Vice President (RQ)
  • Bob Loveman, Treasurer (BL)
  • Mike Von Hatten, Secretary (MV)
  • Dr. Allen Saville, Member at Large  (AS)

Committee Chairpersons:

  • Jim Adams Forest Health (JA)
  • Jo Wiedemann (JW)
  • Peter King-Smith (PKS)
  1. Welcome (BW)
  2. Recognized Guest: None
  3. Public Comments: None
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting (January 12): approved
  5. Business
    1. Recent wildfires (Sunshine, Ridge) (BW)
    2. -PBH is surrounded by open space and large tracts of sparsely populated properties. Transient campers and hikers in open space and sparsely populated properties are of concern due to campfires and potential fire hazards to PBH. Recent Sunshine and Ridge fires are examples of this hazard. BW and AS to discuss possible measures to reduce/minimize the hazards and present options at the next board meeting.

    3. 2017 resident survey (pinebrookhills.org/Survey)
    4. -PBH HOA survey has been posted online; 54 responses to date. Survey is promoted in next Pine Brook Press. Signage at Linden entry to PBH to promote survey suggested…MV to install after HOA meeting signage.

    5. Pine Brook 501(c)(3)
    6. -Articles and By Laws are drafted. Cost of forming 501(c) (3) will be approx. $325.

      -501(c)(3) to be a Public Charity…name to be “Pine Brook Hills Community Fund”

      -Charitable contributions to be used for mitigation and special public benefit projects.

      - HOA dues vs. 501(c)(3)contributions and accounting issues were discussed. BW and BL to present options for payment of dues and contributions at next board meeting.

      -Board approved formation of 501(c)(3)…BW to proceed with filing.

    7. Backup Wi-Fi/cell service during emergencies (PKS)
    8. -PKS presented the possibility of emergency Wi-Fi service during power outage and emergency situations, especially at the Community Center and possible the PBH community in general depending on line of sight. Coordination with vendor, i.e. Comcast will be required.

      -PKS will investigate viability and cost/benefits of concept with Greg Anderson and BMFPD. Cost sharing with BMFPD would be an option.

    9. Resident complaints
      1. Short term rentals
      2. -Most short-term rentals have been dealt with by the HOA board…listings have been removed.

        -Remaining listing has not been removed and shows second kitchen prohibited by Boulder County zoning. Notice to be sent to owner by BW regarding short term rental and second kitchen. Further action by HOA board dependent on response.

      3. Covenant Compliance
      4. -The board discussed Covenant compliance and Boulder County ordinance compliance of a PBH property. Boulder County may address some issues…follow up with Boulder County required.

        -BW and RQ will investigate/evaluate legal issues and possible approaches to addressing Covenant compliance.

  6. Committee Reports
    1. Treasurer (BL)
    2. -152 residents have paid 2017 dues; 250 have not.

      -Reminder to pay dues in the Pine Brook Press

      -Mitigation budget of $15,000 in place. $6,000 for pile burning and $9,000 for cutting. Matching grants may be available to fund additional mitigation….Mike Palmara applying for grants.

    3. Enhancement (MV)
    4. -Recycling dumpster enclosure in place; $210 cost from Enhancement budget. PB Water and BMFPD to pay for ongoing monthly expense for collection.

      -Proposed projects: demolition of bus shed at North Cedar Brook and Pine Needle Way, signage at the Community Center building and the street sign on Linden to rename for J. Kirk Hendrick Community Center and planting of Iris at the Community Center.

      -BMFPD Flood Memorial will be submitted to Boulder County for approval…construction start planned for June.

    5. Social (BW on behalf of Sarah Wahlert)
    6. -Block Party kit materials are in place…two (2) parties being planned. AS has contacted Boulder County to determine the need for permits. Permit is required if roads will be used or more than fifty (50) people participate. Insurance is not required.

      -Ice Cream Social will be planned for residents of all ages

      -PBH Gala is planned for July 15, 2017. Parking will be an issue…shuttle service may be required.

      -Social Committee has suggested improving the appearance of the Community Center meeting room…paint, carpet, etc.

    7. Legal (RQ)
    8. -see E5 above

    9. ARC (BW on behalf of Eric Erickson)
    10. -7 ARC reviews submitted in 2017…6 approved with Fast Track.

      -Inquiry for new house. Submittal for accessory structure (greenhouse) in process.

      -Revised policy for accessory structures in progress…policy to be submitted to HOA board for approval.

    11. Roads (PKS)
    12. -PKS has met with Boulder County after the recent election. County wide approach appears to be the only solution. PKS suggests county wide solution on future ballots.

      -PKS suggested a semi-annual; end of winter and end of summer, summary of road issues (potholes) in PBH to be submitted to Boulder County for repair. Also identify specific stretches of roads in PBH in need if resurfacing.

      -BW to send email to residents to request that they identify road issues to be presented to Boulder County.

    13. Pine Brook Press (BW on behalf of Catherine Von Hatten)
    14. -Next issue of Pine Brook Press expected in mailboxes around May 9…issue available on PBH website.

      -Layout resource has been identified for both Pine Brook Press and PBH Directory. Resource can be tested with outlay of funds.

    15. Forest Health (JA)
    16. -Spurge being removed by WRV. HOA to donate $250 to WRV…Forest Health budget to be increased to cover donation. Further donations for tools and supplies for spurge removal under consideration.

      -Hana Smith has volunteered to assist JA with public relations for Forest Health.

    17. Quarterly Programs (AS)
    18. -Presentation for May 16 general HOA meeting will be “Emergency Preparedness”. Presenters will be Chief John Benson, Mike Palamara, and Dr. Allen Saville.

    19. BMFPD (AS)
    20. -BMFPD is in good shape ..some decline in participation

      -Good rookie classes in progress

      -Wildland fires of concern for this summer…fire safety and emergency preparedness of concern.

      -Pine Brook has applied to be recognized as a Firewise community (www.firewise.org). Acceptance into this program would recognize Pine Brook’s successful community-wide mitigation and resident education programs. Benefits of certification may include additional matching grant funds for mitigation and reduction in rates charged by some home insurers. If we are accepted, we will highlight this in a future Pine Brook Press.

    21. Welcome (JW)
    22. -Eight (8) new residents since January 2017

    23. History (BW on behalf of Kevin Smith)
    24. -Interviews with longtime Pine Brook residents underway

  7. Recruiting Needs
    1. Directory layout understudy-see F7 above
    2. PBP layout understudy-see F7 above
    3. Enhancement team
    4. PBH Historian(BW)
      -Kevin Smith has volunteered to serve as PBH Historian.
    5. PBH HOA Vice President-2018
  8. Review of Action Items from Meeting (MV)
  9. -see E1 (BW&AS), E2 (MV), E3 (BW), E4 (PKS), E5 (BW&RQ), F

  10. Evaluation of meeting
  11. Reminders
    1. General HOA membership meeting – May 16, 2017
    2. HOA Board meeting – August 22, 2017
  12. Adjourn Meeting- approx. 9:35pm