PBH HOA Board Meeting Minutes

1/12/2017, 7pm, PBH Community Center


Board Members:

  • Brian Wahlert, President (BW)
  • Rob Quinn, Vice President (RQ)
  • Bob Loveman, Treasurer (BL)
  • Mike Von Hatten, Secretary (MV)
  • Dr. Allen Saville, Member-at-Large (AS)

Committee Chairpersons:

  • Eric Erickson, Architectural Review Committee (EE)
  • Catherine Von Hatten, Pine Brook Press (CV)
  • Jim Adams, Forest Health (JA)
  1. Welcome (BW)
  2. Review of 2016 (BW)

    • Linden paved, culverts replace at Linden and North Cedar Brook
    • New edition of PBH directory
    • Four excellent issues of Pine Brook Press
    • Numerous ARC reviews with implementation of “Fast Track” reviews
    • Tussock moth mitigation plan prepared…pine beetles and tussock moth controlled
    • Significant progress with mitigation efforts
    • Paving of community center and BMFPD-station 1 and site improvements
  3. Recognized Guest: none
  4. Public Comments: none
  5. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting (10/4/2016): approved.
  6. Business
    1. 2017 Meeting Schedule
    2. Approved-see attached

    3. 2017 Budget-see attached
      • Mitigation funds will be used for fuel break in the Ann U. White trail area ($7,000) and burning of cut piles ($6,000).
      • Additional funds might be available through matching grants and donations.
      • AS proposed increasing mitigation budget from $13,000 to $15, 000…proposal approved.
      • Board will monitor mitigation efforts and funding during the year and make appropriate adjustments.
      • Board approved proposed budget for 2017.
    4. 2017 Resident Survey (BW)
      • A survey is proposed to gather residents’ input and feedback on various HOA and community issues.
      • BW will coordinate the survey; committee chairpersons will contribute survey questions relative to their committee.
      • Survey will be promoted by email, the PBH Forum, the Pine Brook Press and the PBH website.
      • Survey results will be published in the Pine Brook Press.
    5. Pine Brook 501(c)(3) – (BW)
      • By laws for 501(c)(3) have been updated
      • Board discussed various options for the collection and accounting of HOA dues and 501(c)(3) tax deductible donations while avoiding confusion and overly burdensome paperwork and accounting. Fund raising for specific efforts may be the most manageable approach.
      • “Better Pine Brook Foundation” will be the name of the 501(c)(3).
      • RQ suggested contacting Alex Baris to assist with 501(c)(3) technicalities such as tax returns.
      • Board approved proceeding with development of 501(c)(3)
    6. Short Term Rentals
      • short term rentals in PBH continue to show up on websites…BW has monitored websites and contacted the owners to have the listings taken down.
      • RQ and AS will resolve one outstanding rental situation.
    7. Resident concerns
      • Dangerous Driving – Various driving issues of concern…speeding especially on lower Linden and lane encroachment on curves. CV to publish article in Pine Brook Press.
      • Loose Dogs – Two complaints seem to be resolved. Residents should contact Animal Control if problems occur.
    8. January membership meeting agenda
      • PBH HOA budget to be presented for review and approval.
      • Chris Blue(SP) presentation on mountain gardening.
  7. Committee Reports
    1. 1.Treasurer (BL)
    2. See E2 above

    3. Enhancement (MV)
      • Flood memorial to proceed this Spring. Funding to be through donations made to BMFPD.
      • Refurbishing of PBH street directional sign is being studied by EE. Funding would be from the Enhancement budget. EE to proceed with detailed work plan and cost estimate.
      • MV,EE and AS to discuss Enhancement team building.
    4. Legal(RQ)
    5. ARC (EE)
      • Four new houses being reviewed.
    6. Roads (BW)
      • Ballot issue 1A has failed, BOCO Firm’s lawsuit has failed, BOCO Firm’s effort to replace County officials has failed. Road issue is in limbo.
      • Peter King Smith has met with Boulder County regarding current status of roads.
        • sustainability funds cannot be used for roads.
        • Collect residents’ opinions with proposed survey (see E3 above)
    7. Pine Brook Press (CV)
      • Latest issue completed, mail delivery soon.
      • Lead article will be the recent site enhancements at Community Center/BMFPD-Station 1.
      • Need for layout understudy is critical. Proactive search for community volunteer is needed.
      • A layout consultant should be identified and contacted in case of an emergency. 
    8. Forest Health (JA)
      • Tussock moth mitigation plan for PBH shared with Carriage Hills.
      • Thinning of forest is recommended…JA to prepare article for PBP.
      • Welcome committee will continue to distribute information on pine beetles and tussock moths.
      • Other communities would benefit from JA’s expertise…JA to contact surrounding communities.
    9. BMFPD Liaison (AS)
      • Good year for BMFPD
      • Overview of statistics for 2016 to be presented at the January 31 general membership meeting and in next issue of Pine Brook Press.
      • Chief Benson will end “auto aid” response for Sunshine Canyon Drive and add “auto aid” for Spring Valley.
      • Fire Safety Sale sponsored by BMFPD Auxiliary will be expanded to include community resilience issues.
      • AS to coordinate with Auxiliary. PBH HOA to support the effort.
    10. Welcome
    11. Quarterly Programs (AS)
      • PBH HOA budget to be presented for review and approval
      • Chris Blue(SP) presentation on mountain gardening
    12. Social
      • PBH HOA will promote block parties to build community cohesiveness and resilience. Article in Pine Brook Press to promote events.
      • BMFPD Auxiliary is planning community gathering(s)…PBH HOA will collaborate with Auxiliary.
      • Grants for block parties may be available from Boulder County. HOA should submit.
  8. Old Business
    1. Recruiting Needs
      1. Directory layout understudy
      2. PB Press layout understudy
      3. Enhancement team
      4. Add chairperson for Safety and Security Committee
    2. Check with Secretary as to outstanding assignments and tasks to be completed.
  9. Review of Action Items from Meeting. (MV)
  10. E3, E4, E5, E6a, F2, F6, F11

  11. Evaluation of Meeting
  12. Reminders
    1. General membership meeting – January 31
    2. Board meeting – April 25
    3. Discuss Covenant Compliance at next board meeting.
  13. Adjourn Meeting at 9:15pm

Respectfully submitted: Mike Von Hatten, Secretary