PBH HOA Board Meeting Minutes

8/16/16, 7pm, PBH Community Center


Board Members:

  • Brian Wahlert, President (BW)
  • Rob Quinn, Vice President (RQ)
  • Bob Loveman, Treasurer (BL)
  • Dr. Allen Saville, Member at Large (AS)
  • Mike Von Hatten, Secretary (MV)

Committee Chairpersons:

  • Eric Erickson, ARC (EE)
  • Catherine Von Hatten, Pine Brook Press (CV)
  • Jim Adams, Forest Health (JA)
  • Jo Wiedemann, Welcome (JW)
  1. Welcome: The meeting was convened with a quorum at 7:00PM
  2. Recognized Guest: None
  3. Public Comment: None
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meetings
    1. April 12, 2016 minutes approved
    2. June 12, 2016 minutes approved
  5. Review Agenda: Proceed as planned
  6. Special Announcements: None
  7. Business
    1. Boulder County marijuana grow house regulation
      • Boulder County Land Use recommended that marijuana grow operations in excess of six (6) plants per house were not compatible to residential use.
      • Boulder County Commission adopted the recommendation; growing will be limited to six (6) plants per house, explosive materials will be prohibited for growing and processing, processing will be restricted to products grown on site (six plants) and “care givers/providers” will be limited to the six (6) plants per house.
    2. Linden Repaving
      • Lower Linden has been repaved and widened in a joint effort between Boulder County Roads and PBH Water Department.
      • Upper Linden will be repaved by Boulder County Roads starting in the next few days.
      • Large, multiple culverts under North Cedar Brook and Linden Drive will be replaced. Work is underway and will significantly impact traffic in the area.
    3. Subdivision Roads Ballot Issue
      • Boulder County is proposing a county wide road improvement tax. The tax rate would be $6.25 per $100,000 of assessed property value. Tax per property would change as/if property values change. Term of the tax would be fifteen (15) years. A survey shows that the issue has more positive than negative response. The tax issue will be on the November, 2016 ballot.
      • A committee has been formed to promote the tax issue…Safer Roads Now…see “saferroadsnow.com”. Peter King Smith, Dr. Allen Saville and Brian Wahlert are members. It is the committee’s opinion that the county wide tax is the best, fairest and most likely option to improve the roads.
      • BOCO Firm opposes the tax issue
      • PBH HOA will endorse and support the proposed tax issue
      • AS to write an article for the next issue of Pine Brook Press
    4. Gardening and Landscape Committee Chair Resignation
      • John Cathey has sold his home and has resigned as the Committee chair.
      • MV suggested that the berm at the sign be modified to a steeper slope to improve the visual image of the sign/site prior to any landscaping. Also, retire the “deer” sign on lower Linden Drive and replace with a new removable sign support at the entry sign.
      • Board discussed consolidating gardening and landscaping under the Enhancement Initiative. MV will head the Enhancement efforts for the current projects. Need to build a team of active participants.
    5. Community Work Day (MV)
      • MV presented a proposal for numerous projects to complete and enhance the recent paving project at the Community Center and Station 1/BMFPD (see attached). The projects would be completed with volunteers as a “Community Work Event” to promote community involvement and pride in our community. Estimated cost of the projects is $5,000.
      • The proposal was unanimously approved; HOA contribution not to exceed $5,000
    6. Covenant Enforcement (AS)
      • AS presented a detailed proposal for a “Covenant Enforcement Process” at the previous board meeting. Revisions were suggested and have been made to the proposal.
      • EE questioned the potential liability to the HOA and its members related to covenant enforcement or the lack thereof. Legal scenarios were discussed with the conclusion that legal actions were unpredictable. RQ stated that the HOA and board members were covered by insurance in case of legal action.
      • Variances and waivers will be limited and defined and documented in detail.
      • The board unanimously adopted the “PBH HOA Covenant Enforcement Process” and approved its publication on the Pine Brook Hills website
      • AS to write an article for the next issue of the Pine Brook Press
    7. Aging in Place (AS)
      • Dave Davies is the acting chair of Aging in Place
    8. PBH 501(c)(3) organization (BW)
      • Joyce Colson has prepared the by-laws for the 501(c)(3)
      • No other significant progress
    9. August membership meeting agenda
      • No specific speaker/presenter
      • Possibly add Mental Health Partners
      • Board and committee chairs to present current issues
  8. Enhancement Projects (MV)
    1. Station 1 /Water Plant Parking
      • Paving of Community Center parking and Station 1/BMFPD completed. Bob DeHaas (PBH Water Dept.) acquired funds for paving of Community Center parking. BMFPD paid for paving at Station 1 with significant donation from a PBH resident. Parking was nearly doubled by excavating the west side of the lot and placement of concrete barriers. Funding for additional work by the PBH HOA ($5,000). An emergency drive was created on the adjacent (Jackaway) property.
    2. Perseverance Garden
      • Project site has been used for infrastructure construction. Large culvert under Linden Drive was extending into site; completely changed the character of site. New design required as well as new application to and approval from Boulder County Roads. Work in progress.
  9. Committee Reports:
    1. Treasurer (BL)
      • BL presented the current Treasurer’s report (see attached)
      • Payment of HOA dues is currently at 60%. Good response from recent mailer.
      • BL has filed 990-N with IRS
    2. Legal (RQ)
      • RQ has completed the Use Agreement for the BMFPD/Station 1, PBH Water Dept. and the PBH HOA. Issues addressed include liability of the three parties, indemnification, exclusive use areas, scheduling of use, specific areas and times for meetings, allocation of expenses, waiving right to subrogation and others.
      • RQ and AS have finalized the easement agreement between Adam Jackaway, PBH HOA, BMFPD and PBH Water Dept. for the use of the proposed access drive on the Jackaway property. BMFPD and PBH Water Dept. will have access to the drive in emergencies and on other occasions with approval. All other uses will be by prior approval from Jackaway. Easement includes drainage from new paved areas.
      • Use of the Bueller property for parking or other uses should be approved prior to use.
    3. ARC (EE)
      • The ARC has received 44 applications for review including six (6) for new homes.
      • PBH residents should anticipate significant construction.
      • Boulder County has revised their procedure for Site Plan Review and notification to surrounding neighbors. The ARC has now developed a system of notifying neighbors within a 1500 ft. radius of a proposed project. Notification alerts neighbors/residents of upcoming ARC Review so they may participate in the review process.
      • The ARC is proposing several changes:
      • clarification of accessory structures (technically prohibited by PBH Covenants); which structures will be considered for a waiver, limitations on structures and uses.
      • revisions to the Construction Requirements including reduction of the permitted hours of operation for construction.
    4. Roads
      • See G2 and G3 above
    5. Pine Brook Press (CV)
      • Summer issue mailed to residents
    6. Forest Health (JA)
      • Consultants have completed Tussock moth study in the northwest area of community. Tussock moth infestation has crashed due to virus infecting moths.
      • Spraying done in areas with cocoons and eggs
      • Threat of Tussock Moth eliminated for now
      • Ips beetles found on Wild Horse Circle. Infested tree removed immediately.
    7. Mitigation (AS)
      • Mitigation in the High View area under way
      • Mitigation in Ann U. White area will proceed next with the Tussock moth die off in the area
    8. BMFPD(AS)
      • New tender vehicle has been delivered. Several technical problems are being corrected.
    9. Welcome (JW)
      • 14 new PBH residents since last meeting
      • JW to forward new resident information to BL-Treasurer for collection of HOA dues
    10. Quarterly Programs
      • No featured speaker/presenter scheduled for August meeting
      • Possibly add Mental Health Partners
      • Reports and updates from various boards encouraged
      • Third quarter meeting will be primarily HOA business
    11. Social (BW)
      • Approx. 45 residents attended the Spring Gala.
      • Summer Ice Cream Social scheduled for September 18 at the Community Center.
    12. Safety and Security - None
  10. Old Business:
    1. Recruiting Needs
      1. Historian
      2. Directory layout understudy
      3. Pine Brook Press layout understudy
      4. Gardening & Landscape committee chair – (see G4 above)
    2. The Secretary reviewed outstanding assignments and tasks to be completed
  11. Review of Action Items from Meeting:
    1. AS to write article on “Covenant Enforcement” for Pine Brook Press
    2. AS to write article on “Safer Roads Now” for Pine Brook Press
  12. Evaluation of Meeting:
    • Productive, dealt with numerous issues
  13. Reminders:
    1. HOA general membership meeting – August 30
    2. Summer Ice Cream Social – September 18
    3. Next HOA board meeting – October 4
  14. Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:15PM

Respectfully submitted: Mike Von Hatten, Secretary