PBH HOA Board Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2016: 10:00 AM

PBH Community Center

PBH HOA Board Meeting was held to discuss the PBH HOA’s participation in the proposed site improvements to the Community Center, BMFPD-Station 1 and PBH Water Department.


  • Brian Wahlert, President
  • Rob Quinn, Vice President
  • Dr. Allen Saville, Member at Large
  • Mike Von Hatten, Secretary

The improvements consist of three components:

  1. BMFPD-Station 1 Paving:
    1. Removal of existing asphalt paving and concrete aprons at truck doors
    2. Regrading and replacement of concrete aprons and asphalt paving.
      • regrading will eliminate the ice buildup at the entry to Station 1/Community Center
      • regrading will include the removal of the ineffective drainage pipe at the east edge of the paving and the excavation of the existing berm to create an open drainage way to the existing inlet east of the berm.
  2. PBH Water Department paving of the parking lot and drive up to the plant:
    1. Minor grading and asphalt paving of the “existing” parking area and the drive up to the water plant.
    2. Additional work required to provide required width of paving for double loaded parking includes excavation, construction of a retaining wall (4 ft. high max.) and additional paving.
    3. Additional parking can be provided along the entry drive by obtaining an easement from Mr. Pete Lillydahl (Lot 158A). Mr. Lillydahl has verbally agreed to this concept.
  3. Connection to adjacent properties; Mr. Adam Jackaway (Lot 3C) and Mr. Uriah Bueller (Lot 1C) to create a circulation loop and additional parking to serve BMFPD and the Community Center on an as needed/occasional basis. Jackaway and Bueller have been receptive to the concept.
    1. Excavation of the existing berm to create a drive connecting the properties.
    2. Fill on the low side of the berm to create an even slope on the drive.
    3. Granular paving of the drive and parking areas.


  1. BMFPD-Station 1 Paving. Cost to be covered by BMFPD and individual donors.
  2. PBH Water Department Paving. Cost of paving existing parking lot to be covered by PBH Water Department. Additional funds needed to cover excavation, retaining wall and additional paving.
  3. Connection to Adjacent Properties for Loop. Additional funds needed to cover the cost of berm excavation. Additional funds needed to cover the cost of granular paving of drive and parking areas. Granular paving may have to be deferred to a later date depending on the availability of funding.

PBH HOA Board Decision:

The PBH HOA Board members unanimously agreed to support the proposed improvements and assist in covering the cost of items 2 and 3 noted above with the following conditions:

  1. Funding will be limited to $5,000.
  2. Easement agreements with adjacent property owners must be in place prior to any work funded by the PBH HOA.

Respectfully submitted;

Michael Von Hatten, Secretary