PBH HOA Board Meeting Minutes

4/12/2016; 7PM; PBH Community Center


Board Members:

  • Brian Wahlert, President (BW)
  • Rob Quinn, Vice President (RQ)
  • Mike Von Hatten, Secretary (MV)
  • Dr. Allen Saville, Member at Large (AS)

Committee Chairpersons:

  • Eric Erickson, ARC (EE)
  • Catherine Von Hatten, Pine Brook Press (CV)
  • Peter King Smith, Roads (PKS)
  • Jo Wiedemann, Welcome (JW)
  • Jim Adams, Forest Health (JA)


  • Joyce Colson (JC)
  1. Welcome: The meeting was convened with a quorum at 7:00PM.

  2. Recognized Guest: BW welcomed the guest noted above.

  3. Public Comments : None

  4. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting: Minutes from the PBH HOA Board meeting held 1/5/2016 were approved as submitted.

  5. Review Agenda: Proceeded as planned.

  6. Special Announcements: None

  7. Business:

    1. Boulder County marijuana grow house regulations (JC)

      1. Issue was deferred by BoCo Planning Board at the May 18, 2016 hearing.

      2. Major issues include:

      3. Number of plants permitted: 6 vs. 12 per residence.

      4. Medical marijuana providers: same restriction per residence vs. proposed state law which would allow a max. of 99 plants without a license or more than 99 plants with a license.

      5. JC has communicated safety concerns of the community and an analysis of existing regional regulations to Mr. Bryan Harding of BoCo.

      6. Support from other communities would be beneficial.

      7. The efforts of Jim Eyster, Duke Snyder and Joyce Colson were noted.

      8. Support of this effort by the PBH HOA was approved by those present.

    2. PBH 501(c)(3) organization (BW)

      1. By laws for 501(c)(3) have been prepared.

      2. Articles to be filed with state.

      3. IRS forms to be prepared by Alex Baris.

      4. HOA and 501(c)(3) will be separate organizations.

      5. Purpose must be specific, for “public good,” to be tax exempt.

      6. Discussion of recommendations for HOA dues and 501(c)(3) contributions by residents.

      7. Election of HOA board members and 501(c)(3) board members at the 4th quarter general meeting.

    3. Replacement of PBH HOA Treasurer due to term limits (BW)

      1. Peter Gaal is term limited in April as Treasurer of the PBH HOA.

      2. Bob Loveman was nominated for the position and approved by the board

      3. The term will be for the remainder of 2016 with new elections by the HOA membership at the 4th quarter meeting of 2016.

      4. Loveman is technically not a resident of PBH but residency is not a requirement.

    4. 2016 meeting schedule (BW)

      1. Date of 4th quarter PBH HOA board meeting changed from October 11 to October 4.

      2. Date of 4th quarter PBH HOA general meeting changed from November 8 to November 1.

    5. Subdivision roads funding effort (PKS)

      1. BoCo has received and approved the bids for the paving of Linden Drive and Linden Loop; start date not established.

      2. Meeting with BoCo Commissioners to discuss proposed tax levy.

      3. Proposed levy would be small; $25-50/year/property.

      4. BoCo survey shows an approx. 60% support by public.

      5. BoCo concerned about the success of proposal in general election; will try to get issue on the ballet for this year’s general election.

      6. Proposal indicates BoCo is promoting the maintenance of unincorporated roads with public funds county-wide.

      7. PBH HOA Board to support approval of levy.

    6. Douglas fir Tussock moth action plan (JA): See H6F below

    7. Community Center repaving (MV)

      1. Bob DeHaas (Pine Brook Water) has the funds to pave the parking lot for the Community Center and the drive up to the filtration plant.

      2. Funds will be required for the repairs and repaving in the area surrounding the fire station. Initial cost estimates are substantial. MV to follow up to discuss possible options. PBH HOA will provide limited financial support.

    8. Covenant Enforcement (AS)

      1. AS presented a comprehensive proposal for a covenant enforcement process and the role of the HOA (attached).

      2. HOA may form a covenant enforcement group.

      3. Group would address issues of “unsightly, unsafe and unhealthy” conditions, violations of PBH Covenants and violations of BoCo zoning and building regulations.

      4. Members to review and comment on study.

      5. Further discussion required.

    9. Use agreement with BMFPD and PB Water regarding Community Center (AS): Use agreement has been executed and is in place.

    10. BoCo Strong- Resilience Leadership program (AS)

      1. AS has participated in BoCo program for resilience leadership and presented materials he has developed relative to PBH (attached).

      2. PBH would appear to be better prepared than other communities due to its strong organizations and sense of community and our ability to respond to emergencies.

      3. The role of the HOA is an open question at this time…input requested.

  8. Status Reports:

    1. Enhancement Projects (MV)

      1. Work on the Perseverance Plaza project is being planned for this Spring/Summer.

      2. Donations for project are needed.

    2. Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District : No report

    3. Pine Brook Water: No report

    4. Pine Brook Hills Directory: Directory completed and delivered

    5. Treasurer’s Report

      1. Copy of report (attached)

      2. Collection of dues are currently at approx. 50%

    6. Committee Reports

      1. Mitigation(AS)

        • Full crews working on several project

        • District wide improvements being made

      2. BMFPD Liaison (AS)

        New tender being inspected: delivery to station 1 soon.

      3. ARC (EE)

        • Narrative on PBH website is being updated

        • Fast Track submittal form available online as well as Committee Review submittal form

        • Projects under review available online starting 1/16

        • ARC budget for 2016 is $500; funds will be used for new “SAFE” signage

        • Hendricks lot 305 at 1906 Linden Drive is exempt from PBH HOA Covenants

      4. Safety and Security: No report

      5. Roads (PKS): see G5 above

      6. Forest Health (JA)

        • Tussock moths have caused major damage ½ mile west of PBH.

        • Bruce Benninghoff hired to prepare a recommendation/action plan for PBH.

        • Property adjacent to firebreak is infested; cocoons found on Pine Brook Road

        • Residents should report infestation by Tussock moth to facilitate “group” spraying.

        • Spraying is effective on eggs and caterpillars.

        • Signs of a virus in the Tussock moth population…may be the end of a cycle.

      7. Gardening and Landscape: No report

      8. Social

        • No report

        • Spring Gala – June 4

      9. Quarterly Programs (AS): Boulder County Land Use Department– Dale Case – May 10

      10. Pine Brook Press (CV)

        • Spring issue complete and delivered soon.

        • John Cathy landscape article – lead article.

        • Peter Gaal – Treasurer’s report article included.

      11. Welcome (JW)

        • 10 new residents since January.

        • JW attempts to deliver packets to all new residents in person.

  9. Old Business (BW)

    1. Recruiting needs

      1. Historian

      2. Directory layout understudy

      3. PB Press layout understudy

    2. Check with Secretary as to outstanding assignments and tasks to be completed (MV)

      1. Possible additional insurance cost of 501(c)(3)?

      2. Small additional insurance cost.

  10. Review of Action Items from Meeting (MV)

  11. Evaluation of Meeting (BW): General comments—long but very productive

  12. Reminders (BW)

    1. HOA general membership meeting – May 10

    2. PBH Spring Gala – June 4

    3. Next HOA board meeting – August 16

  13. Adjourn meeting: approximately 9:30PM

Respectfully submitted, April 27, 2016

Michael Von Hatten, Secretary