PBH HOA Board Meeting Minutes

1/5/2016; 7PM; PBH Community Center


The following Board Members, Committee Chairpersons, and Guests were in present.

Board Members:
  • Brian Wahlert, President (BW)
  • Rob Quinn, Vice President (RQ)
  • Mike Von Hatten, Secretary (MV)
  • Dr. Allen Saville, Member at Large (AS)
Committee Chairpersons:
  • Catherine Von Hatten, Pine Brook Press (CV)
  • Peter King-Smith, Roads (PKS)
  • Jo Wiedemann, Welcome (JW)
  • Jim Adams, Forest Health (JA)
  • John Cathey (JC)
  • Mike Palmara, BMFPD Mitigation Coordinator (MP)
  • Tim Triggs (TT)
  1. Welcome
  2. The meeting was convened with a quorum at 7:00PM.

  3. Recognize Guests
  4. BW welcomed the guests listed above.

  5. Public Comments
  6. Mike Palmara, BMFPD Mitigation Coordinator, spoke to the group about fire mitigation past and future.

    • MP has prepared fuel break study of BMFPD…he updated the group on the PBH components
    • Mitigation of Ann U White trail area is on hold due to the presence of the Tussuck Moth
    • Mitigation of area below High View in progress – approx…20 acres
    • Planning possible mitigation of small area south of Alder
    • Funding - $7,000 remaining from 2015 HOA budget, $10,000 proposed in 2016 HOA budget, $11,000 matching funds from BMFPD
    • Slash piles to be burned in winter of 2017 and 2018
    • Applied for matching grants; amount of grant funds to be confirmed in spring of 2016
  7. Review and Approval of Previous PBH HOA Board Meeting Minutes
  8. Minutes from PBH HOA Board meeting held 9/22/15 were approved as submitted.

  9. Review Agenda
  10. Proceeded as planned.

  11. Special Announcements
  12. Boulder County has allocated $1.3M in 2016 for road maintenance…entire sum to be used for Linden Drive and Linden Loop.

    The PBH HOA Board meeting scheduled for Nov. 15 has been rescheduled for Nov. 8

  13. Business
    1. 2016 meeting schedule approved as submitted with the change noted above.
    2. Proposal to create PBH Garden Committee was approved. Discussion included:
      • Provide gardening advice and education
      • Write articles in PBP
      • Facilitate exchange of planting materials
      • Facilitate the design and installation of community landscaping including the new PBH entry sign
      • John Cathey to chair Committee
      • PBH HOA will review, approve and provide funding for projects
    3. Resolution to create PBH 501(c)(3) organization. Discussion as follows:
      • BW presented a proposal to form a 501(c)(3) for PBH (see attached)
        • Form 501(c)(3)…use EZ filing form (BW)
        • Resolution…Colson and Quinn
        • Accounting…Alex Baris
      • PBH HOA board members will serve as board members of 501(c)(3)
      • Investigate liability insurance to cover 501(c)(3)…possible increase in premium. Peter Gaal to investigate.
      • Investigate possible/allowable “Exempt Purposes” that would benefit PBH. Mitigation should qualify.
      • RQ recommended presentation to HOA members before proceeding
      • Discuss formation of 501(c)(3) with BMFPD to avoid misunderstanding of charitable fund raising (AS)
      • Will require several months to form 501(c)(3)…in place by 2017
      • BW has suggested the name “Better Pine Brook Hills”. Other name suggestions encouraged.
      Approval to proceed with investigation of 501(c)(3)…approval of formation after presentation and approval by HOA members
    4. Architectural Review Committee: discussion of purpose, chairman, election process
      1. Purpose
        • BW has prepared a Purpose Statement (see attached)
        • AS suggested modifying the third statement in “ARC reviews and supports” to read …ARC members help residents” maximize the beauty and overall value and” minimize negative impacts on…
      2. Chairman
        • Eric Erickson, a current ARC member, was nominated for the position of ARC “Acting Chairman”
      3. Election process
        • BW has prepared a statement for the election process (see attached)
      Purpose, Chairman and Election process were approved.
    5. Enhancement Initiative will be under the supervision of the PBH HOA Board. The Board will review, evaluate, approve and fund projects on a case by case basis.
    6. Covenant Enforcement
      • AS to prepare a proposal for how the HOA should handle covenant enforcement
      • Proposal will include monitoring and addressing covenant compliance issues in PBH not related to construction (ARC)
      • Proposal will also cover ARC issues that become problematic and/or confrontational
  14. 2016 Budget Working Session: BW and AS prepared a proposed budget for 2016 for review (see attached)
    1. Fire mitigation is largest expense at $10,000
    2. ARC Design Review fees will be eliminated…delete income from budget
    3. Completion of the PBH entry sign will require approx. $1,500 for lighting and landscaping…revise budget accordingly
    4. Add an additional mailing for collection of HOA dues…add $300 for administrative mailings
    5. Possible increase in insurance due to 501(c)(3)…to be covered in 501(c)(3) budget when that organization is established
    6. Budget to be presented to members
    Budget approved as proposed and modified as noted above.
  15. Status Reports
    1. Enhancement Projects
      1. Entry Sign: sign is installed, lighting and landscaping to be completed
      2. Commemorative Garden-South Cedar Brook and Linden: license agreement with BoCo awaiting execution
    2. Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District—no report
    3. Pine Brook Water District—no report
    4. PBH Directory
      • Additional information being added to 2016 directory
      • Bob Olliver providing layout
      • Delivery expected during 1st Quarter of 2016
    5. Treasurer’s Report
      • See budget discussion above
      • Recommendation to notify residents of HOA dues by mail and email
      • Track who has and has not paid dues
    6. Committee Reports
      1. Mitigation: see above
      2. BMFPD Liaison (AS)
        • PBH Community Center is shared by BMFPD, PBWD and PBH HOA
        • Board approved signing a Use Agreement on behalf of the PBH HOA
        • use agreement separates the use of the center for each party with each party carrying $1 mil. liability insurance each.
        • BMFPD and PBWD will pay expenses of community center…they receive benefits of PBP and PBH directory
        • Two agreements need to be executed for the Enhancement project proposed at Linden and SCBD
          • License Agreement between BoCo and BMFPD
          • Maintenance Agreement between PBH HOA and BMFPD stating that the PBH HOA will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the project, removal of the project if needed and liability for the project.
        • AS participating in BoCo Resilience Training
        Board approved execution of agreements by AS.
      3. ARC (MV)
        • Fast track review and approvals in place to better serve the community
        • Digital document submittals and record storage being implemented
      4. Safety and Security—no report
      5. Roads (PKS)
        • Bob Loveman is investigating matching funding for road maintenance with contributions from PBH residents. BW to contact Bob Loveman…inform residents of effort.
        • Discussion of possibility for residents to have road work done in conjunction with planned road work
      6. Forest Health (JA)
        • Forest Health is a rebranding of the former Beetle Busters to broaden the scope of the committee.
        • Emphasis is now on Tussock moth
        • JA prepared a report for board (see attached) and will provide one-page information sheet for Newcomer Packets
      7. Social—no report
      8. Quarterly Programs (AS)
        • HOA Business and Status Reports at January meeting
        • BoCo Land Use Dept. to present at Spring HOA meeting
        • Working on remaining topics
      9. PBP (CV)—no report
      10. Welcome (JW)—no report
  16. Old Business
    1. Recruiting needs: historian, PB Press Layout Understudy, PBP Ads Director
  17. Review of Action Items from Meeting (MV)
    1. RQ to revise wording of 501(c)(3) resolution
    2. MV to ask PG to investigate liability insurance relative to the formation of 501(c)(3)
    3. BW to contact Bob Loveman regarding roads
    4. AS to prepare a mission statement for Covenants Enforcement Committee
  18. Evaluation of Meeting
  19. Reminders
    1. HOA general membership meeting – January 26, 2016
    2. Next HOA Board meeting – April 12, 2016
  20. Adjourn Meeting: Meeting adjourned at 9:45PM
Respectfully Submitted, January 17, 2016
Mike Von Hatten, Secretary