Minutes of the PBH HOA board meeting, held on June 23, 2015, at the PBH Community Center


  • President - Allen Saville ✓
  • Vice President – Brian Wahlert ✓
  • Secretary – Meghan Miller ✓
  • Treasurer – Peter Gaal ✓
  • Member-at-Large – Dave Davies − not present
  • Pine Brook Press – Catherine Von Hatten ✓
  • Architectural Review (ARC) – Mike Von Hatten ✓
  • Beetle Busters - Brian Ridley − ✓
  • Mitigation Liaison – Mike Hupka − not present
  • Newcomer Welcome – Jo Wiedemann ✓, Inese Smith ✓
  • Roads Committee – Peter King-Smith ✓
  • Safety & Security – Paul Shippey − not present
  • Social Committee – Veronique Foster − not present
  • to help Jo with newcomers ✓


The meeting was convened with a quorum at 7:02 p.m.

Board and committee chairs listed above were in attendance

  1. Recognize Guests
  2. No guests were initially present. Inese Smith joined the meeting later and is helping Jo with the newcomers.

  3. Public Comments
  4. Tender is under construction.

    Green up season – weed whack should start soon.

  5. Review Agenda
  6. Agenda proceeded as announced

  7. Special Announcements
  8. Emergency Topics – 4th of July patrols are planned for Friday, Saturday & Sunday (July 3 – 5). Call the Chief’s mobile or text if you hear or see anything.

  9. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting (Secretary: Meghan Miller)
  10. Minutes were approved as submitted.

  11. Status Reports
    1. Boulder Mount Fire Protection District – (none)
    2. Tender under construction.

    3. Pine Brook Water District – (none)
    4. As noted.

    5. Treasurer’s report (Peter Gaal)
    6. Dues collection status, Tax filings, Insurance issues

      Status: Dues collection is $13,000. This is 50% of revenues, but much lower than 50% participation. Targeted mailing planned after email reminder. Expenses have been small, most revenues from PB Press. Insurance: Both fire and water districts want coverage for liability against certain incidents that could happen at the community center. PBH HOA provided evidence of liability insurance, but issues of coordination, legal review, etc. need reviewed. Allen and Peter G. to follow up. \

      Peter Gaal thanked Brain Wahlert for implementation of Paypal.

    7. Vice President’s Report (Brian Wahlert)
    8. No report beyond specific issues named later in the agenda.

    9. Committee Reports
      1. Mitigation (Mike Hupka)
      2. Mike was not present. Allen Saville reported progress on the Anne U. White mitigation project. We will spend $33k on this, this year.

        Steve Lind is on administrative leave. In the interim, Mike Palamara is interim mitigation coordinator. There was wide support for Mike’s appointment and proactive work.

        Brian inquired about budget for grass cutting – Is $2,700 enough in light of the torrential rains and chest high grass?

        Allen moved that we add as much as $1,000 for additional coverage based on BMPFD prioritization. Meghan seconded. Passed.

      3. BMFPD Liaison (Allen Saville)
      4. These topics were mostly taken up during other items on the agenda.

      5. ARC (Mike Von Hatten)
      6. Eric Erickson, Tom Engleweiss new members to the ARC. Eric and Gabriel are stepping down.

        Brian commended Mike von Hatten for his leadership.

        A few issues were noted:

        • Timber Lane Grow House – built against ordinances. Follow up planned.
        • Acorn property – collapsed septic
        • Original architectural drawings will be given away – July 18 and 25

        A schedule for the new sign and memorial construction was distributed, and noted to be on an aggressive schedule. Hoped to be substantially complete by the second flood anniversary. Community contributions welcome. Allen noted renewed interest in community enhancement projects. Article in the PBP planned.

      7. Safety & Security (Paul Shippey)
      8. Nothing major.

      9. Roads (Peter King-Smith)
      10. There is a hiatus in county activity until lawsuits settle. Use of county matching funds may be scheduled for one or both lower and upper Linden next year. Web site request form is working well. Some small projects have move forward. Further near term action is not anticipated. The county matching program ratio of 1:1 is insufficient to enable willing homeowners to participate in the program at the current costs of road repair.

        Culverts near Linden and N Cedar Brook are thought to be on the schedule for longer-term solutions, but activity has not been noted.

        Brian Wahlert reported two requests for information for maintenance, and longer-term repairs. The survey establishes unanimity on responsibility, but some new thinking and consensus about how to move forward is needed. The survey will give us the opportunity to move quickly when funding opens up. 50 out of 420 household are included in the respondents. The survey is planned to remain open until after the July community meeting.

        Brian and Allen will review when the results when they become available. Peter may be able to get a meeting with the county commissioners if the results are useful.

        Brian and Peter were commended for this collaboration.

      11. Beetle Busters (Brian Ridley)
      12. No report. There was some further discussion about dying trees by the road, both uphill and downhill. Theories include frost, water stripping nutrients, substances used on the road, and a fourth possible cause. Brian W. asked about actions going forward. In the absence of a diagnosis after review by four experts, this is not yet clear.

      13. Social (Veronique Foster; Spring social event)
      14. Not present. Allen reported that Ice cream social is scheduled for August 23.

      15. Quarterly Programs (Dave Davies)
      16. Suggested topic: Ecoscape Landscaping Guidance. Jo notes that we used to distribute a pamphlet. This could also be useful in recruiting sweat equity for the memorial.

        Allen will have Dave call Mike v. H. to organize.

      17. Pine Brook Press (Catherine Von Hatten)
      18. The PB Press issue is near production – and is expected to be delivered during the first week or two of July. Brian and an anonymous contributor wrote on how to mitigate your property. Aria Siedel is the new understudy for Param / layout. She brings significant skills and interest to the project.

      19. Welcome (Jo Wiedemann)
      20. Eleven new residents were reported. Jo has delivered the welcome kits. She has been trying to find newcomers at home, and eventually leaves a request for email and phone contact. Inese has agreed to help her with newcomer outreach. Allen also records the emails. Jo requested a new supply of directories from Allen. A trend in younger new residents was noted.

      21. Website (Brian Wahlert) – none
      22. Online dues collection has been implemented. Nineteen households paid $1,770 in dues paid by paypal. Convenience. Peter K. S. inquired if there is a way to check whether you have made your payment. There was discussion about posting names of those who have paid on the web site. The topic was tabled for further reflection. Some residents are extremely generous.

      23. PB Forum (Brian Wahlert)
      24. All good. The traffic has been getting restored. Brian will point out the daily summary option on the form.

      25. Aging in Place (Dave Davies)
      26. No report.

      27. Other – [ none ]
  12. Treasurer to provide status report 2015
  13. About $65k in reserves.

  14. Other Old Business
  15. None noted.

  16. New Business
    1. Summer Social upcoming!
    2. Grow house issue – forward motion on two known cases, in one case there was a fire (fires and grow houses are correlated). Discussions about the financial hurdles to legal cultivation ensued.
    3. Allen raised the issue of covenants compliance. One mechanism for compliance with the covenants is to place a lien on the title of the house. While not a short-term motivator, it comes into play when the house is sold or needs to be refinanced. Allen will to seek legal counsel about whether and how to do this. The ARC could recommend egregious cases to the board.
    4. Succession planning for the PBH Directory: It was suggested that Bob might be open to another term on publishing the directory.
    5. Paul Mundinger is leading the effort to nominate new board members. Davies is term limited. Peter KS suggested his neighbors Carrie and Stuart. The ARC is now fully staffed, and Mike v.H. is very grateful for the new talent. The PBH Historian search is unresolved. Allen raised the issue of identifying “Ninja gardeners” – volunteers who might be willing to help with landscaping when needed at the Community Center.

    Meghan moved that Allen seek legal advice on three issues that had been raised (insurance, grow houses, liens). Peter v.H. seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

  17. Review of Action Items from Meeting (Secretary: Meghan Miller)
  18. Action items were reviewed and clarified for the minutes.

  19. Evaluation of Meeting
  20. Reminders
    1. Next meeting – HOA general membership meeting – 28 July Ice Cream Social
    2. Other upcoming events
  21. Adjourn Meeting
  22. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted Tuesday June 23, 2015
M. Meghan Miller, Secretary