Minutes of the PBH HOA board meeting, held on March 24, 2015, at the PBH Community Center


  • President - Allen Saville ✓
  • Vice President – Brian Wahlert − not present
  • Secretary – Meghan Miller ✓
  • Treasurer – Peter Gaal ✓
  • Member-at-Large – Dave Davies ✓
  • Pine Brook Press – Catherine Von Hatten ✓
  • Architectural Review (ARC) – Mike Von Hatten ✓
  • Beetle Busters - Brian Ridley − not present
  • Newcomer Welcome – Jo Wiedemann ✓
  • Mitigation Liaison – Mike Hupka − not present
  • Roads Committee – Peter King-Smith ✓
  • Social Committee – Veronique Foster ✓


Board and committee chairs listed above were in attendance

  1. Recognize Guests
  2. None

  3. Public Comments
  4. None

  5. Review Agenda
  6. Agenda proceeded as announced

  7. Special Announcements
  8. Emergency Topics – Red Flag Warning today (already! This is early season): These warnings are based on humidity, fuels, and a wind formula. Mike asked about the local energy company looking for trees that pose a hazard to wires or leaning power poles. Poles may be rotting or otherwise compromised. Allen advised to contact Chief Benson if the power company doesn’t respond.

  9. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting (Secretary: Meghan Miller)
  10. Minutes were approved as submitted.

  11. Status Reports
    1. Boulder Mount Fire Protection District – (none)
    2. As noted.

    3. Pine Brook Water District – (none)
    4. As noted.

    5. Treasurer’s report (Peter Gaal) [Dues collection status, Tax filings, Insurance issues]
    6. The Treasurer presented a balance sheet. We are behind for revenues (e.g., dues). Only 20% of the expected amount has been paid, but this is due more to the generous payments than to participation. Discussion about the most effective way to reach residents ensued.

      The Treasurer set up an accounting system that aligns with the chart of accounts, that flows into the Treasurer’s report that was presented.

      Gaal needs a delegate for an upcoming absence for accounts receivables.

      Veronique accepted the check for the May social event.

      Filing of federal and state non-profit status tax documents was completed in January.

    7. Vice President’s Report (Brian Wahlert)
    8. The Vice President was not present and thus made no report.

    9. Committee Reports
      1. Mitigation (Mike Hupka)
      2. Mike was not present. Allen presented that we have signed a contract to further mitigation on the Anne U. White Trail. We have a good barrier that circles PBH, but that barrier needs to be maintained.

        Now that we have finished the recommended mitigation and have finished internal controls, Mike Palomara has mapped our mitigation plan, to project for planning fire response based on various scenarios (wind, T°, source, etc.). Potentially co-sponsor a community event among HOA, BMFD, and Mitigation. Catherine suggested May 2, 3 in conjunction with the fire safety sale. This idea was very well received, and May 2 was arrived upon as the propitious date.

      3. BMFPD Liaison (Allen Saville)
      4. The fire department is in great shape. Budget is going well and being used to support a viable truck fund. Two new vehicles purchased recently, together with a donated ATV. A tender (water supply truck for fires) is now needed for parts of the district that don’t have hydrants with a surface reservoir. This resource is used to support an attack engine and create a local, instantaneous reservoir in mountain situations. It is likely to spent $300,000 on such a tender. Catherine inquired about protection for firefighters and funding thereof. Allen explained that we are acquiring PPE (personal protective equipment for medical emergencies), wild land equipment (for wild fires) and bunker gear (for structure fires) to protect firefighters. He concluded that the fire department is doing well.

      5. ARC (Mike Von Hatten)
      6. Mike added two things to the agenda for ARC: regroup the ARC, to take on some new tasks and new people. He identified the need to put some sting in our enforcement of covenants. There are people who are abusive of the community. There was a discussion about non-compliance and the ability to attach a non-compliance notice to a property title, which could delay or prevent a sale. A number of pending issues were noted: One on Timberline – a greenhouse with no permit.

        Others offered that when the HOA becomes aware of noncompliance, to put the owner on notice. Allen: Mike and the ARC have done a lot of excellent work this year, but Mike ends up doing the heavy lifting. We need a more proactive committee and a renewed membership. ARC needs new talent, people willing to stand up to do their part to enforce the covenants. In certain instances, the covenants are more stringent than county code.

        The need to replace the funky (cute but outdated, editorial comment) entry sign can now be replaced on county property without an easement. The rough budget for a new sign is about $6k to replace the aging sign. The new sign will include updated branding, messaging, and meet the need to announce community activities and eclipse the need for the dear deer.

        The proposed memorial park is on a county right of way, and could be done without an easement. The ARC is seeking further input on this.

        Allen moves to allocate $6k for the new sign to be supplemented by donations and eclipse the need for the deer sign. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

        The ARC review fees were revised to reflect costs. The record storage for ARC and related decisions will now be limited to 7 years.

        Building permit to rebuild a house that is of suspicious use. Permit for remodel, burned down (20%). Garage with AC. 765 Pine Brook Road. * Allen to come back to this.

        A conditional approval for Boulder View Lane rebuild is in place. Dave Davies asked to have the ARC send the Stanko letter.

        *Stated preference to not have grow houses in PBH. Various municipalities have taken steps. The City of Boulder has limited home cultivation. Anything more than six plants in a single residence, is considered commercial. Allen asks to advocate such an ordinance to the county. The board supports Allen to pursue this with the county.

      7. Safety & Security (Paul Shippey) – none
      8. Roads (Peter King-Smith)
      9. The county is not prepared to make a decision, but has construction plans in place should funds be available. Peter has suggested possible matching funds, but the commissioners have pulled back on that. Matching funds proposal may be forthcoming, and we might want to meet that opportunity. We are 12% of the roads and have an organizational structure that would allow us to meet opportunity should an attractive match become available. Jo expressed concerns about differential application of the costs.

        Peter suggested reprioritized list of repairs to be reported by residents to county for maintenance. Peter to follow up with county. A plan was agreed upon to coordinate reports of needed road maintenance.

        Mike noted all of the signs and material that were left behind after the floods. Request to the county to remove them is needed. Peter G. noted the gap in the guard rail on Linden above NCB. Request to the county is needed.

        Catherine suggested a piece for the PB Press on this topic

      10. Beetle Busters (Brian Ridley)
      11. Social (Veronique Foster; Spring social event)
      12. Veronique inquired about the venue for May 2 w.r.t. access and parking. Shuttle will be required for the party. Publicity in the Press (on the back cover). Signage needed at the entrance to fire station and at the venue.

      13. Quarterly Programs (Dave Davies)
      14. April 28 – the quarterly meeting for all at the Fire Station/Community Center. BOCO Firm (Vince) to speak on the roads issue, could be a controversial meeting. Should we also present counterpoint? There is likely to be reluctance for the County to show up. Davies will extend an invitation for county representation. Vince Hersch is the vice chairman of BOCO Firm. Likely to ask for donations to support BOCO Firm. Allen will publicize this event. Dave Davies to post a simple sign.

        Future meeting program from Mars expert.

      15. Pine Brook Press (Catherine Von Hatten)
      16. The PB Press is in the mail or very shortly will be so! It includes Vincent’s article, and announces party and community meeting program. Allen pushes for some wider recognition for this classy publication.

      17. Welcome (Jo Wiedemann)
      18. Two new residents reported.

      19. Website (Brian Wahlert) – none
      20. Saville reported that Wahlert acquired a nearby lot to better plat the boundaries. After submission and negotiation with the county, the owners were able to secure a better platting for the neighborhood and the county. Brian, while absent, was commended for adding value to the community.

      21. PB Forum (Brian Wahlert) – [ none ]
      22. Aging in Place (Dave Davies)
      23. Will post the large list of identified resources to the web and post a link to the web site.

      24. Other – [ none ]
  12. Treasurer to provide status report 2015
  13. Other Old Business
  14. Check with Secretary as to out-standing assignments and tasks to be completed: a Logo for PBH–HOA, Mike Von Hatten. 20+ quick studies, a group to narrow the list, for feedback from community.

  15. New Business
    1. Spring Social – – Veronique Foster 2 May at 6:30 PM; 125 Meadow Look Way
    2. Grow House issues – discussed. County rules apply (more than 6 plants is considered commercial and falls under commercial rules).
    3. Recruiting needs:
      1. PBH Directory layout “understudy”
      2. PBP Business manager
      3. Other?
  16. Review of Action Items from Meeting (Secretary: Meghan Miller)
  17. Party coordinated with Fire Safety Day.

    Road maintenance reporting system.

    Chief Guard rail on Linden cut.

    Nominating committee – Paul Mundinger to be nominating committee chair

  18. Evaluation of Meeting
  19. Reminders
    1. Next meeting – HOA general membership meeting – 28 April
    2. Other up-coming events – Spring Party – 2 May
  20. Adjourn Meeting

Respectfully submitted Wednesday March 25, 2015
M. Meghan Miller, Secretary