Minutes of the PBH HOA board meeting, held on January 13, 2015, at the PBH Community Center

  1. Welcome

    Info item: i-phone owners should down load “Heart” for emergency responders to have instant information.

    Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

  2. Recognize Guests
  3. Public Comments
  4. Special Announcements
  5. Emergency Topics
  6. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting (Secretary: Meghan Miller)

    The September minutes (taken by Wahlert) were approved by email. Brian will check that the commented copy was posted.

  7. Status Reports
    1. Boulder Mount Fire Protection District – (none anticipated)
    2. Pine Brook Water District – (none anticipated)

      water line health continues to me an issue

    3. Treasurer’s report (Peter Gaal) [Budget, Tax filings, Insurance issues]

      Budget will be presented, 990 to be filed, insurance appears to be in line with the market. Need to coordinate insurance coverage with the Fire District and Water Department to evaluate for efficiencies, and comprehensive coverage. Looking to cover volunteer activities that benefit the HOA.

      Financial operations: There are challenges with reconciliation of the charges vs. categories. Peter Gaal will to develop a simple form for anticipating obligations, coding receipts to budget line items. Invoicing and ordering need to be a closed loop, and single point of responsibility to ease in assigning to the ledger.

      Allen and Peter to develop a message to other department heads. Better to have the Treasurer make the payments.

      Dues collection: Dues have been announced in the press, letter needs to be sent for follow up. Previous tracking methods have made it difficult to evaluate how much of the revenue has come from dues. The total amount of dues reflects 85% participation if each household paid $75. Approximately $30,000 each year.

      Brian asked whether electronic tracking and an option for online payment would be helpful. About 3% overhead. Linking the dues to their uses is an important aspect of the communications. There was some discussion about raising dues and costs increase.

    4. Vice President’s Report (Brian Wahlert)
    5. Committee Reports
      1. Mitigation (Mike Hupka)

        Fuel breaks – Fountain Tree, Wildwood, finish Alpine Way, Timber Lane about $5k from 2014 left to do. Plus $2k for Alpine way. Weed whacking – about $2k for along the road. Linden, Linden loop, provides both mitigation and egress. Extended to key arteries.

        Fire mitigation: $1744 in 2013, $3170 in 2014.

        Mike von Hatten: Has been watching right of way, where residents don’t know what to do. Maybe encourage residents to do the whacking, and spend mitigation funds on limbing and caring for the right of way corridor.

        Allen: This issue has been discussed. There is a multi-year plan for right-of-way mitigation. Steve does this routinely as part of the mitigation program, sometimes requests funds from the HOA.

        Mike H. notes that the 2015 plan will complete the mitigation plan. Overall mitigation plan for PBH will be complete. A consultant review may be warranted, but the basic plan is complete. Anne U. White trail fire break – mitigated, new standards may invite further enhancements. Combined the carry forward work and Anne U. White together cost about $30k. This may ultimately be a two year project.

        Allen: Mike H. is correct that the initial mitigation plan will be complete, but maintenance is anticipated.

        Mike H: It would be worthwhile to bring in a consultant to review the ongoing costs of maintenance.

      2. BMFPD Liaison (Allen Saville)

        Allen: Will give statistics to the HOA General Meeting. Calls are down from 2013, but great service was provided.

      3. ARC (Mike Von Hatten)

        Boulder View project will have an impact on residents this summer.

        Topic of grow houses: If covenants are amended, they would be enforceable. Dues could also be amended. ARC has taken on the role of covenant complaints. Mike recommends that a group be identified to take on compliance. The ARC has been put in the middle of non-ARC-related topics. Mike recommends a body be identified to handle compliance. This led to a discussion of revision of the covenants. Allen to review method for updating.

        Rentals – issues with short-term rentals have also come up. Entry sign, and memorial are also progressing.

      4. Safety & Security (Paul Shippey)

        No report.

      5. Roads (Peter King-Smith)

        No report. Peter is considering stepping down, although he has continuing interest in these topics. The committee has disbanded since the LID vote. Allen to talk to Peter about continuing or path forward.

        Brian’s communication was very well received, and Catherine asked Brian to turn it into an article for Pine Brook Press. Brian makes the point that we need a strategy as an HOA. It should consider short and long term actions, including prioritizing projects.

      6. Beetle Busters (Brian Ridley)

        Brian Ridley not present. He wrote an update for the Press. There is a tussock moth issue in Carriage Hills that may pose a potential future threat to Doug Firs.

      7. Social (Veronique Foster)

        Mardis Gras party at the home of Art and Sue Rances – up Meadowlook. Carpooling strongly encouraged.

      8. Quarterly Programs (Dave Davies)

        Allen and Dave have been in discussion: Roads were suggested. Mars exploration.

      9. Pine Brook Press (Catherine Von Hatten)

        First issue of 2015 is underdeveloped. Wildlife article may lead. Catherine has sought out resources for an educational article.

        Catherine suggested information about the emergency “heart” app that Allen noted be included in the Pine Brook Press. Dave is working on an Aging in Place article. Dues notice should be very clear. Still need an advertising person and backup for Param. The quality of the PBPress was commended.

      10. Welcome (Jo Wiedemann)

        Jo reports 35 to 50 newcomers each year. $200 has been budgeted for newcomers. Mike notes some new addresses. The water department provides an up-to-date list. There is some discussion about disclosing addresses and permission.

      11. Website (Brian Wahlert)

        No major changes.

      12. PB Forum (Brian Wahlert)

        There has been less traffic on the forum. Brian changed the behavior of the forum to reply only to sender as a default. He also changed moderation so that non-posters in the last 12 months – posts are moderated.

      13. Aging in Place (Dave Davies)

        No report. Dave has developed an article for the press.

  8. Other

    Peter Gaal suggests that we have more parties, for instance to celebrate the fire fighters. Allen will follow up with Veronique.

  9. Treasurer to present budget for 2015

    Peter Gaal has done an analysis of expenses and revenues, identifying hard annual expenses vs. “discretionary” expenses. In order to run a balanced budget, there is a $7,300 buffer. Any expenses beyond that go against the reserves.

    The fire mitigation work will need to go against reserves. A more formal and regulated process for one-time expenditures would be helpful.

    Brian Wahlert has volunteered to donate his time and supplies for a dues mailing that would otherwise cost $600.

    There was a long discussion about the appropriate balance between reserves, near term plans, and dues. Future priorities include mitigation, enhancement, etc. There was general agreement that we should have a goal for reserves and manage towards that goal.

  10. Other Old Business

    Check with Secretary as to outstanding assignments and tasks to be completed a Logo for PBH–HOA

  11. New Business
    1. Winter Social – Mardi Gras Party (if not covered above) – Veronique Foster 7 February at 6:30 PM; 125 Meadowlook Way
    2. 1010 Pine Brook Road, B&B (issue from ARC) – Mike Von Hatten
    3. Status of Valentine / Lehr property – Allen Saville
    4. Recruiting needs:
      1. PBH Directory layout “understudy”
      2. PB Press Business manager
      3. Roads Committee Chair
      4. Other?
  12. Review of Action Items from Meeting (Secretary: Meghan Miller)

    Roads committee chair - Allen

  13. Evaluation of Meeting
  14. Reminders
    1. Next meeting – HOA general membership meeting – 27 January
    2. Other up-coming events – Mardi Gras Party – 7 February
  15. Adjourn Meeting