Minutes of the PBH HOA board meeting on September 26 at the PBH Community center

The meeting was attended by Allen Saville (HOA president), Brian Wahlert (vice president), Peter Gaal (treasurer), Mike von Hatten (chair, ARC), and Brian Ridley (chair, BeetleBusters). A quorum was established, with three of five board members in attendance.

B. Recognize Guests–(none)

C. Public Comments

D. Review Agenda

E. Special Announcements

Allen described the road closures and showed a BMFPD map. Brian volunteered to publish the map on the website and highlight it in a post to the Yahoo forum. Allen will get the OK from Chief Benson and notify Brian.

F. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting

The minutes from the June board meeting were unanimously approved.

G. Status Reports

  1. BMFPD: Allen reported that several vehicles are out of service. Emergency response should not be affected.
  2. Pine Brook Water: Boulder County wants to replace the culvert at North Cedar Brook, and wants Pine Brook Water to move their water lines to accommodate. Cost would be $40K, and who bears that cost is to be determined. However North Cedar Brook is likely to face traffic issues while the work is underway.
  3. Treasurer
    1. Convert savings account to investment account
      1. The HOA’s cash balance of $70K currently earns 0.02% interest in a money market account.
      2. Proposal from Peter: Invest $65K in a Chase managed investment account, leaving $5K in the bank account. Chase’s managed accounts return 8-12% a year with high liquidity and low risk.
      3. Existing package of banking services would be unaffected or could be replaced at little cost.
      4. Objection from Brian: We unfortunately live in a low-return world right now, and there’s no such thing as an investment that returns 8-12% with low risk. These Chase managed accounts may therefore be unsuitable for our HOA funds. We should invest the funds in the community, not risky assets.
      5. A motion was passed unanimously to 1) empower Peter to further investigate investment options for HOA funds and 2) require a face-to-face board meeting to approve any investment changes.
    2. Insurance
      1. The HOA holds liability insurance (to protect the HOA’s assets) and errors & omissions (E&O) insurance (to protect members of the HOA board and committees from liability when acting on behalf of the HOA).
      2. Peter says that the liability insurance is deficient. Liability resulting from alcohol consumption is excluded, for example.
      3. Peter says that both liability and E&O insurance are too expensive.
      4. Allen suggests that Peter talk with Bob de Haas and Chief Benson to learn what coverage they have for Pine Brook Water and BMFPD, respectively.
      5. A motion was passed unanimously to 1) empower Peter to further investigate insurance options for the HOA and 2) allow email approval of a change in insurance carriers and plans.
    3. Dues collection
      1. Record keeping for 2014 dues is incomplete, due to transition of the treasurer responsibility.
      2. In 2015, Peter proposes to stay much more on top of dues and send repeated reminders to people who haven’t paid.
  4. Committee reports
    1. Website (Brian Wahlert)
      1. Brian now owns scheduling for the community center meeting room. Send email to communitycenter@pinebrookhills.org to schedule a meeting.
    2. PB Forum (Brian Wahlert)
      1. Brian is now the moderator for the Pine Brook Yahoo forum, taking over for Steve Mestdagh after he provided 12 years of service to the community in this role.
    3. Mitigation (Allen Saville, speaking for Mike Hupka)
      1. The HOA is looking to spend about $20K this year, to be matched by other sources. The main work will be to clean up previously cleared wood along the Anne U. White trail.
      2. Peter suggested spending money on a public education campaign. The HOA could hire firefighters to go door to door in Pine Brook and make property-specific mitigation recommendations to homeowners.
    4. BeetleBusters (Brian Ridley)
      1. There’s been little activity this year, as the mountain pine beetle threat continues to diminish. The twig beetle is a new threat, but not very severe yet. BeetleBusters has only spent $100 or so of its budget this year.
    5. ARC (Mike von Hatten)
      1. ARC fees: The ARC proposes to reduce and simplify the fee structure. Little revenue is realized by the ARC anyway, and fees may discourage homeowners from getting an ARC review for projects. The board agrees with reducing and simplifying fees.
      2. Entry sign
        1. Current sign is 10 feet wide, with 2 feet on private property. Current owner is selling his property, but willing to grant an easement. ARC will pursue the easement.
        2. Sign will be a sort of sculpture with lettering.
      3. Memorial at SCB and Linden
        1. Mike shared sketches of what the memorial could look like. Feedback was very positive.
        2. Considering purchasing a sculpture as the focal point of the memorial.
        3. A motion passed to allow up to $600 of HOA funds on the project. The HOA funds can be used for any purpose, in case private parties want to earmark grants for specific aspects of the project.
        4. Stephen Jay Smith, the owner of the property, is very supportive, and willing to donate money and grant an easement.
    6. Pine Brook Press (Mike von Hatten on behalf of Catherine von Hatten)
      1. Articles due Monday for fall issue, to be printed and distributed in late October
      2. Looking to fill two positions: ads manager, layout understudy for Param
    7. Social (Allen Saville reporting)
      1. Next social event will be a Mardi Gras party on Meadowlook in February
    8. Other (Allen Saville)
      1. May need to identify a secretary replacement, as Meghan Miller’s work schedule has made it difficult to be consistently involved
      2. Allen has a candidate in mind and will work on recruiting

H. Other Old Business

I. New Business

J. Review of Action Items from Meeting

K. Evaluation of Meeting

L. Reminders

M. Suspend HOA Board Meeting (to go into Executive Session)

N. Executive Session

O. HOA Board Meeting Reconvened

A motion was passed to authorize Allen to spend $1000 on legal fees to tie up the legal matter discussed during the executive session.

P. Adjourn HOA Board Meeting