Minutes of the PBH HOA board meeting on June 24 at the PBH Community center

President  - Allen Saville (x)

Vice President  – Brian Wahlert  (x)

Secretary – Meghan Miller (x)

Treasurer – Peter Gaal (x)

Member-at-Large – Dave Davies

Pine Brook Press – Catherine Von Hatten (x)

Architectural Review (ARC) – Mike Von Hatten  (x)

Brian Ridley – Beetle Busters

Newcomer Welcome – Jo Wiedemann

Mitigation Liaison – Mike Hupka

Roads Committee – Peter  King-Smith


A.  Welcome

Peter Gaal – new Treasurer

Peter King-Smith – new Roads Committee Chair

B.  Recognize Guests–(none)

C.  Public Comments

D.  Review Agenda

E.  Special Announcements

1. Emergency Topics – none

F. Review and Approval of Minutes from Previous Board Meeting (Secretary: Meghan Miller)

1. Approved

G.  Status Reports 

1.   Boulder Mount Fire Protection District – (none)

2.          Pine Brook Water District – (none)

3.   Treasurer’s report (Peter Gaal)

Quicken does work on windows 8.   $7601 is the current balance.  Peter King-Smith offered to help extract Quicken records.  Peter Gaal declined – prefers the balance sheet.  Allen duly notes that we are in sound financial health.

4.   Vice President’s Report (Brian Wahlert) – [include administration of Calendar for Community 
Center meeting room]

Directory published!  VP to take over calendar administration (for booking the Community Center meeting room, BMFPD, HOA, Water district).

5. Committee Reports 

a   Mitigation (Mike Hupka)

Saville reported on behalf of Hupka.  A grant $45,000 granted for mitigation was received!  Mike Hupka to meet with Steve Lynn about mitigation grant.

b   BMFPD Liaison (Allen Saville)

Auditor pleased about process and results of financial health. 

First lightening fire of the season occurred near Jamestown, extinguished quickly.  Wagon Wheel is drivable, but some places are very narrow for heavy equipment.

Department pre-planning committee for flooding in the Ann U White drainage, Wagon Wheel Gap, and the rest of the BMFPD area has made some progress.

c   ARC (Mike Von Hatten)

Community standards are posted on the web for comment.   There has been no feedback.  Silence may mean assent?   Will be taken to Boulder County for the record.   The committee has been conducting rather standard business, with remodeling, decking, and siding projects.   There are also three major slope stability projects; two are awaiting review.   The new public notice and public hearing signs should help with communications.  Mike will take to the County two ongoing issues.  Allen commended the committee for its work.

Enhancement projects:  Linden entry – a concept is forthcoming, studies for July, logo, landscaping, etc.  Peter Gaal suggests budget item, Mike will come back with a proposal.  Mike and Allen want this to be a community project.

South Cedar Brook & Linden continues to be a major concern – with flood damage, drainage, aesthetic issues, underground utilities initiative, and the bus stop.

d   Safety & Security (Paul Shippey)

Shippey was not present at the meeting.  Allen reports:  Paul went to the sheriff’s office to seek statistics on crime, grow house situation, etc.  He learned a lot.  Paul, Mike and Allen are scheduling a meeting with a relevant resident.  Security camera issue was discussed again:  crime statistics are very low and dropping.  Sherriff recommends personal security cameras.  There are some other gambits that could be enacted – including fake cameras.  Allen will follow up with Paul.

e   Roads (Peter King-Smith)

A Brief History of the LID Situation: The paving issue is paramount. The county has encouraged PBH to consider doing it ourselves (we are biggest by road length in the county), but the costs were prohibitive.  1995 Commissioners have some culpability.  The roads pose hazards for public safety, snowplows, and fire trucks.  Because the PID was not passed, the LID was implemented, and is now being taken up by the subdivision paving local improvement district Advisory Committee (SPLIDAC).  Bob Loveman and Peter represent PBH.  The legality of the LID is now being litigated.  

Current Status of the LID Situation: Gerstle and Thomas were very involved; provided a plan.  SPLIDAC oversees the plan.  The commissioners are hesitant to spend, given liability if the LID is determined to be illegal.   The county has put forward their 20% match to support initial efforts, with a focus on county feeder roads, given the source of the funding.  The budget is about $5M - $7M, and a bid has been tendered.   The LID estimates were set before the 2013 Boulder flood, which has resulted in a very unfavorable bid environment.  PB & Lower Linden are prioritized for this year.   Upper Linden (above fire station) may be left out given the cost escalation.   Bob and Peter noted to the county that the flood damage to upper Linden was worse.  FEMA work has not yet been reimbursed, and FEMA money can be retracted by FEMA so there is some caution there as well.

This is a very difficult situation with a lot of animosity.  In July or August there should be a preliminary plan.  See the SPLIDAC website for more information.   

Allen gave Peter a commendation on his report.  Brian will link SPLIDAC web page from the PBH web site.


f    Beetle Busters (Brian Ridley)

More dead trees along road rights of way have been noted.  The cause is not yet known, so diagnostics are needed.

g   Social (Veronique Foster)
 - absent

Need information for summer social, likely August.  Allen will contact Veronique.

h   Quarterly Programs (Dave Davies)

For July 29,  Davies will talk about charter trips.

I    Pine Brook Press (Catherine Von Hatten)

PBP is gearing up for the next issue.  The team may be losing advertising the rep, so a replacement is needed.  Otherwise perking along.  Allen thinks the PB Press deserves an award.

j    Welcome (Jo Wiedemann)

Allen reports that Jo has been active.

k   Website (Brian Wahlert)

Brian reports that things are going well.  He also seeks ideas for further improvement.

l    PB Forum (Steve Mestdagh)

Issue taken up later in Executive Session.  Steve not present.

m  Aging in Place (Dave Davies)

Dave has been working on this.  Peter K-S notes that there was some really good work done previously that could be made available to Dave.  Peter will follow up with Dave on previous work. 

n   Other


H.  Other Old Business

Logo for PBH–HOA under development.

Check with Secretary as to out-standing assignments and tasks to be completed


Closer relationship among HOAs of Carriage Hills, Boulder Heights, Wagon Wheel Gap, Rembrandt could be beneficial

Neighborhood enhancement projects – Mike Von Hatten (taken above).

I.   New Business

1. Summer Social (if not covered above) – Veronique Foster

2. Annual weed-whacking expenditure

Local mitigation crew will do the work.  Residents are encouraged to keep up with mitigation.  The county right of way is the responsibility of the residents (despite county ownership).   It’s rather like shoveling the sidewalk when you live in town.

3. Status of Valentine / Lehr property – Allen Saville

[Handled in executive session.]

4. Wildcat access to hiking trail – Brain Wahlert

Hiking trail near the Star House has always been accessible, despite private ownership, in the spirit of openness.  But the loop trail does cross other properties.  Two years ago, new residents (Boldts) who own 10 yards of the trail, posted no trespassing signs and have asked people to get off the trail.   Peter Gaal notes diverse use sets a precedent.   This is also an important evacuation and FD route for PBH, and the Boldts are most willing to support this use.  The owners were not open to brokering an agreement regarding hiking.    

The other seven property owners on this trail have had some liability concerns, and put together a permitting system (email). There has been discussion of other alternatives for maintaining an access at or near the current Wildcat entrance.  Unfortunately, there are a variety of issues with a variety of alternatives, and no emerging solution.   The Wildcat access point remains closed.   There is currently access from Bristlecone in and out; or from east of Star House (Wild Horse Circle).   A three-mile loop is now possible, and there is a way across Two Mile Gulch. 

Peter K-S  sees some other long-term solutions.

5. Gail Loveman’s google group

Gail Loveman has suggested a new google group to be used in a more informative way than the current list serve, and historical communications on this topic were reviewed.  There were issues identified around using the PBH name, diluting the impact, the existing endorsed neighborhood forum.   Should there be moderation of the current list?  Might our worthy VP be willing?  One possibility is to change the behavior of the reply features.  Brian will talk to Steve.  Action was taken to not link additional list serves from the HOA site.  Catherine notes another list that is available:  “next door Pine Brook”

6. Neighborhood information system.

During the floods it was very difficult to get accurate information, so the BMFPD has considered this problem.  The community center is likely to have generator power.  If there is interest, Allen suggests a study group – as the FD would be interested in better solutions.  Peter Gaal is on deck for the study group.   

7. Recruiting needs:

a   Historian,   David Hummer was suggested.  Allen to follow up.

b   PBH Directory layout “understudy” Still needed – Catherine will post in PB Press.

c   PB Press advserising coordinator? James Baker replacement.  Param suggested that we cover this issue for now and hope for the best.

J.   Review of Action Items from this Meeting (Secretary: Meghan Miller)

K.  Evaluation of Meeting

L.  Reminders

1. Next HOA Board meeting is 23 September

2. Other up-coming events: next general membership meeting is 29 July

M. Executive Session

8:36 p.m.  Board officers and members went into executive session.



Executive Session called to order.

A possible legal matter was reviewed and discussed

Executive session was ended just before 9:00 PM.


The HOA board came out of executive session and resumed the regular board meeting


A motion was made, seconded and approved - that Allen is authorized to seek advice from legal counsel regarding the potential legal matter.


N.  Adjourn Meeting

9:00 p.m.  The Board Meeting was adjourned.