Minutes of the PBH HOA board meeting on March 25 at the PBH Community center



Meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners Association Board and Committees

March 25, 2014 7 – 9 p.m.


President  - Allen Saville

Vice President  – Brian Wahlert  (Absent)

Secretary – Meghan Miller

Treasurer – Jim Woodruff

Member-at-Large – Dave Davies

Pine Brook Press – Catherine Von Hatten

Architectural Review (ARC) – Mike Von Hatten

Beetle Busters – Brian Ridley

Newcomer Welcome – Jo Wiedemann

Mitigation Liaison – Mike Hupka



A.      Welcome

The meeting came to order just after 7 p.m. Motion to approve minutes seconded and passed.


B.               Recognize Guests & Announcements

No guests attended.  Allen announced that the BMFD is concerned about instances of land subsidence recurring in the aftermath of the flood.  For instance, 312 Pine Needle recently experienced 8’ of subsidence. 1337 to 1283 Linden also has a continued subsidence concern. Various other incidence of subsidence were reviewed.  Be aware and inform BMFD.  Allen called on lower Linden residents to increase awareness.


C.       Treasurer’s Report

A balance sheet was presented  (see attachment).   Dues payment is ahead of last year.  Postcards are the next method to follow up on securing dues payment, and should rely on the new directory information.  We are in good shape for dues relative to previous years, but in the absence of known grants this year, the need for broader participation continues.  We anticipate that this year will draw down the reserve given needs and planned projects.  


D.      VP Report

Brian W. is not here but his activities were reported and his contributions recognized.   There has been further progress on web stie.


E.               Forest Health & Mitigation – Mike Hupka

Mike was not present but the work has progressed in coordinating with homeowners.  Andrew White mitigation planning & communications progressed.


F.               Fire Department Liaison (Allen)

A new red engine (formerly a demo) was acquired, to be used for brush fire dispatch.  When it is shared on interstate incidents, there will be some cost recovery, from the federal government.  Its major purpose is to be used as a teaching vehicle for training on state or federal fires.  Private parties (donors) have leased it to the department, knowing that the only revenues expected will be for sharing.  The added brush truck capacity is a major step forward.  When the lease paid it will be fully owned by BMFD.  Of the four existing type six trucks, this is one of two that are specialized. 


G.      Architectural Review

At the most recent meeting, strategies to take on new issues were discussed, including detailed discussion of approaches to more proactive management of the community standards.   The biggest focus is to clarify and enforce (and adopt/strengthen?) evolving community standards.


The report was followed by discussion about how to inform and seek buy in for more specific understanding and enforcement of existing standards, and clarify their implications.  What exactly is “unsafe, unsightly and unhealthy”?  How can we clarify the ordinances so that they become operational and actionable.   While the county enforces community standards, a community meeting focused on communications might be helpful.  One goal is to develop a PR / communication program that could rely on the Pine Brook Press, web site comment, community meeting, and working with county are potential mechanisms to advance this, with a focus on the benefits to mountain community living and property values.


There was some discussion of potential enhancements to PBH.   The ARC could gather input by consulting residents about circulation, the need for a second FD exit, and other germane issues.   To date, there is good will on the part of the neighbors.   The Auxiliary is a potential sponsor.


The intersection of S Cedar Brook & Linden is already an issue.  Work is taking place but beautification will be important when the new infrastructure is complete.  Allen talked about a community event where residents can participate as a tremendous win.  The monument sign cannot be modified without starting over, however, given newer codes.  The PBH sign is similarly grandfathered – so we might have to find a way to dress up the deer.   The Smiths might be willing to post something on their private land. 


Allen’s personal thanks to Mike for chairing the ARC.  


New starts:  On lower Timberlane there is a house with an issue about new construction, access, right-of-way, because the easement sun-set with new ownership.  An addition on N Cedar Brook is under development.  There was spirited discussion of the current standard for driveways: 10’ of driveway per 1 foot of drop; many (most?) properties have been grandfathered in with very large variances.


F.        Safety & Security

Paul is sick, sent apologies.   Allen reports that Paul is researching two security cameras at key points of neighborhood entry.  Neighbor approval may be wanted.  Does Paul need some help given the scope and vagaries of what is of unhealthy and unsafe?   Do we need better specificity?  Paul wrote a new section for the directory on safety tips.  Subsidence is also under this purview.   Mike will send draft community standards to Paul.

G.Roads committee

             PBH is well represented on the Boulder County LID committee with two members. 

             FEMA has three mountain projects that affect the neighborhood.

            The county has an interest in specific issues.   Ask for roads committee to do an inventory.  Peter Lee is active and may be a resource.  

H.           Beetle Busters Report

             Continue last year’s activity (I didn’t capture the event, Marie?)?   Integration of Beetle Busters into the PBH website a big step forward.  

I.         Social - Veronique Foster

             New social chair Veronique not present.   Co-chair is Sally Powell Ashby.     Bios for both new appointments are on the website.   Veronique hosted Pam and Marshall’s going away party.

             Spurge purge planned for May 3, with planning for a second smaller event on 4/22 if interest persists.  The request form is on the web.  Sixty volunteers expected for the larger May event.  A social/recognition day-end event is being planned for May 3rd and will be requested for April 22.

            Other events are in the offing

J.         Community Programs - Davies

             Realtor event for the HOA general meeting in planning. Karen Bernardi has been invited, to give the perspective of a PBH-external realtor on the assets and opportunities for this neighborhood.  There was some discussion of the value of a PBH realtor’s point of view vs. an outside perspective, but the planning for this event is far enough along that it is no longer at issue.   Ideas for future programs:  History of PBH.

             There was discussion of appointing an historian for PBH.   Mr. Marshall played that role in the past.   De Haase, Springer, - a panel on the history of PBH would be a good topic for a community event.   Jo W is willing to provide names of good candidates.

            Davies reported in on the aging in place initiative:   Bill and Dave have developed an article for the press to advance this issue, and have developed a list of community resources.   The list is long, and includes a mix of county and private resources.  

            Dave read a draft mission statement, and asked for feedback by Monday March 31.  He is hoping for a 10 – 15 member committee to advance this initiative.   Allen affirmed the need for this from a firefighter perspective, given the recurring visits to people in need, and the benefits of managing their needs more proactively as a community when that is appropriate for the individuals involved.   The long-term goal is to provide a point of contact, to enable access to existing services, and to act as a mutually caring community.

K.        Pine Brook Press – C. Von Hatten

             An issue of the Press is under development, with a deadline 3/31.  The Myrtle Spurge Purge will be featured.   Allen commended Catherine for her work.  

L.        Newcomers Committee – Jo Weideman

             Jo reported three new households, two that are willing to be included in the directory. Charles and Laura Sneider have already signed up.   David and Catherine Bessemer as well.  There is no information on Jeff and Marion Steward, and another party whose names I missed.  Additional names were floated:  Mark Boseic and Deborah Park.

M.          Old Business

             None noted.

N.           New Business

             Peter Gaal was nominated as Treasurer of the Board by Dave Davies, and seconded by Allen. The nomination was unanimously approved.

             PBPress editor is needed.    Someone who can use Adobe Illustrator.   James Baker was suggested.  

             Historian is needed.

O.           President’s report including new business/matters arising

             The community meeting went well, and received positive feedback.

             Should we and how should we promote PBH as a community?  Brian, Mike and Allen periodically discuss this and would like to expand the conversation.

             Would a PBH Logo be helpful for branding? Bob Olliver, Megan Berg?

             Preliminary discussions are progressing for better coordination with Carriage Hills and Wagon Wheel Gap.  The FD now has senior information officers.  As a fire district coordinate lists of people.  So the FD can play a role in this coordination.   

             When the next emergency happens, the information function should be the POC instead of the PBH HOA president.   A multi-solution communications plan will be developed.


Action items:

Nominations needed for Historian and PBPress

Spurge purge dates & Participation – sign up

Allen to contact Veronique, Peter Gaal

Jo to send Davies names

Call Peter Smith for roads issues

Cath:  Lauren – spurge article, contact Sally, Peter in the press, recruiting needs

Mike to press forward on community standards

Scheduling for purge vs. Fire Safety Sale needs to be coordinated; resolve calendar issues

Cath to get Jo W. the FD information on reflective numbers for new residents packet, etc.  BoulderMountainFire.org

Motion to adjourn was seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.