Minutes of the PBH HOA board meeting on January 17 at the PBH Community center



Meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners Association Board and Committees

January 17, 2014 7 – 9 p.m.


President  - Allen Saville

Vice President  – Brian Wahlert

Secretary – Meghan Miller

Treasurer – Jim Woodruff

Member-at-Large – Dave Davies

Pine Brook Press – Catherine Von Hatten

Architectural Review (ARC) – Mike Von Hatten

Brian Ridley – Beetle Busters

Newcomer Welcome – Jo Wiedemann

Mitigation Liaison – Mike Hupka


The meeting came to order at 7 p.m.   A motion to approve the minutes of the May 13, 2013 Board meeting was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.


Fire House issues:

          None were submitted by Bob Loveman on behalf of the Third Arm

          This will be a topic for the February 25th General Meeting


Treasurer’s Report:

More than 250 residents paid dues in 2013

Comparable amount for this year

The Budgets will be taken up later in the meeting

See budget summary to include

Davies indicates that a mail letter may be more effective in securing participation


There are 430 official lots in PBH, 385 are occupied – Davies

The Chair thanked the Treasurer for his report


Forest Health & Mitigation – Mike Hupka

There was a general discussion of the state of beetle infestation.   While the situation is changing less rapidly than before, a list of properties that would benefit from mitigation was noted with several pressing issues on Fountain Tree Lane and Wildwood.   An exposed property on Wild Horse was also noted.  This discussion was taken up later in the Beetle Busters report.


Some work on common land has been identified for inclusion in the 2014 HOA budget plan.  This includes 17 acres of firebreak that was last cleared 10-15 years ago (The Ann U. White Trail fire break).  The trees are 8 – 10 feet tall, with ample brush.  This work affects about 20 families, and is estimated to be a two-year job at a minimum.   The fire and mitigation crew would need to do the work as it includes burning of slash; there are some areas where slash left behind is posing a hazard.  This appears to be the biggest project coming up.


There was discussion of funding sources, since the grant money is very difficult to obtain.  If homeowners don’t mitigate, it falls to the HOA.  There is a projected $40k cost for all proposals for  mitigation in 2014.   This anticipates phasing of some projects into future years.   The benefits of a 10-year plan were also discussed.   After the firebreak at Ann U. White Trail is addressed, the mitigation of many identified areas will have been addressed.   This work would complete work on these firebreaks for 15 years (until they need maintenance and renewal).  


Steve Lynn and Mike Hupka will stress the importance of doing this at the upcoming general meeting on February 25.


Forest Health and Mitigation are different; beetle kill is an individual owner responsibility.   The seasonal limitation on cutting trees for mitigation was lifted out of deference to fire hazard.  


HOA Liaison to Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District – Allen Saville 

As liaison to BMFPD, Allen Saville believes that coordination is working well.  The increase in mill levy has helped the fiscal situation, and the apparatus fund has been appropriately replenished. 


Architectural Review Committee (ARC) – Mike Von Hatten 

The ARC will continue to work towards preserving the physical environment for the neighborhood, including meeting its charge to review external changes to buildings.  The ARC is here to help, not to hinder.  The committee is a very talented group who can offer advice and service, noting the need to redouble efforts to explain and educate residents.  While the ARC historically has little authority and no effective authority, the committee has worked creatively to meet its charge.  One participant noted that the committee could be more proactive – pursuing detriments/non compliance.  Solving some of these issues might go a long way to heighten the awareness.   There was also discussion of taking on small projects that enhance the character of the community (community projects) – for example enhancing the “portal” to Pine Brook Hills near the current sign, especially after the re-engineering for water run-off is complete (intersection of South Cedar Brook Road and Linden Drive).


It was noted in discussion that there is injunction authority for enforcement of the covenants.  This means that the covenants could be upheld in county court should an issue of non-compliance escalate to that level.


Safety & Security – Paul Shippey (BMFD)

There was an initial question about the purview of S&S followed by discussion of the possible benefits of installing security cameras at neighborhood entrances and exits.  This was taken as a study topic.


Roads Committee –  none

The Roads Committee Report will be included in the next edition of the PB Press. 


There was informal discussion about the failure of the recent county roads ballot initiative.   It was noted that the HOA is not an appropriate body to represent the plaintiffs against the county; it is appropriate to inform its membership.


Beetle Busters report – Brian Ridley

Beetle incidence is abating, and a switch from MPB to ips (top of tree) attacks was noted.  The Beetle Busters are still active with inspections and requests.  The web site is working well


Social Report – none

The social chair (Pam Creswell) was indisposed and could not attend.  Given her plans to move away a replacement is needed.  Historically, the social chair has two events:  the Christmas party and ice cream social.   The replacement could be one or two individuals who could plan the events.  Several names were floated:  Catherine Von Hatten, Judy Smith, or Alan and Donna Brewery.






Programs & Meetings Report

Davies – Programs Officer for HOA

2/25 Meeting – need a regular meeting with Chief (BMFPD), Water Dept., Steve Lynn (Mitigation), ARC, HOA (& wait on speaker).  Ideas for programs for 2014 and 2015 include:



•  Report on the state of PBH as a real estate market – Jo has some thoughts on this

•  A history of Pine Brook Hills – Jo wrote the history in a cookbook; Maxwell began it, lot division

•  Silva Petham – history of Boulder County for the Camera, perhaps she could be engaged

•  Christine Guzzy on the flora & fauna – what thrives here and not

•  Individual mitigation – fire department has presented, Anchor Point Study; Area meetings for mitigation – 7 meetings; Allen still has the presentations

•  Boulder Co Forestry – Ludlow presented


PB Press Report – Catherine Von Hatten

The PB Press is Quarterly, and is now in all color (vs. just the cover) – a production cost that is offset through increased advertising revenues.  Catherine is developing documentation for the processes and procedures for publication, to help with production, in anticipation of identifying a new editor to carry this flag.   Allen applauds the organization and process that Catherine has brought to the process.


Newcomers Welcome Report – Jo Wiedemann

Jo outlined the role and activities of Newcomer Welcome (which are distinct from the packet that goes to new residents from the Auxiliary).  She reported five new families in Pine Brook Hills, who received the president’s letter and an issue of PB Press with a request for a short biography for publication.   The packet also includes information from the water department, about the website, beetles, and forestry. 


There was a brief discussion about how we identify newcomers. 


Vice President’s Report – Brian Wahlert

The Vice President learned how to program so that he could redesign PBH website.   The new website is more modern, more functional, easier to edit, and hosted at a less expensive service.  


Matters Arising


Steve Mestdeagh (who runs the list serve forum) was not in attendance.  There was brief discussion about appropriate use, noting that the forum is unmoderated.


Aging in place (Dave Davies):

Dave noted that there PBH has an aging population, and there could be great value for identifying resources for an “Aging in Place” initiative.  Awareness was increased by recent emergencies - and attempts to reach unresponsive residents.  About 5% of the population is house bound, often with little company.   The special needs list in the fire department may be out of date, and is HIPPA protected, available to fire fighters (Pippa May maintains the list).   This is a topic for future consideration.








Some resources (web, directory, etc.) on rights & responsibilities relative to wildlife could be useful.


Meeting Dates:

Dates for Board & HOA meetings were reviewed & approved

The HOA has precedence for use of the community center on Tuesdays, which drives the scheduling of meetings to Tuesday.   Approved meeting dates are:


HOA General Membership Meetings       HOA Board Meetings

â  February (25 Feb 2014)                   â  January 17th

â  April (29 Apr 2014)                        â  March 25th

â  July (29 Jul 2014)                           â  June 24th

â  October (28 Oct 2014)                    â  September 23rd



·         Jim presented a preliminary budget for discussion

·         It was noted that the 2013 actuals are incorrect due to a problem with the software

·         Ads – James is working this issue, more requests for ads than there is room for in the PB Press

·         ARC – no expenses last year, request needed for this year – minimal?  Legal contingency, looking after the entry to the neighborhood

·         Beetle Busters - $3k requested

·         Fire mitigation  - $20K requested, $14K  known need for the Ann U. White Trail project

·         HOA Meetings & Social

·         Insurance – includes governance personal liability

·         PB Press & postage

·         Directory    - revise to $4k

·         Supplies & Postage

·         Web Hosting - $125 for three years, covered until 2016

·         Allen asked to consider the safety and security initiative.   $2500 for three cameras, Internet, etc.

·         Welcome expenses need to be added.

The budget was reviewed and refined.  Board members will approve 2014 budget when Jim sends out final version (as modified).   Look for message from Jim Woodruff – Treasurer.  Board approved budget will be posted on PBH website in advance of the HOA general membership meeting.



Changes to the bylaws were posted.



Bob Olliver –  agreed to do layout for the directory.   Needs an apprentice.  He uses Adobe In-Design and has updated the look and feel every two years.


Status report on the directory.  Goal is mid-April.  2/24 is the hard deadline for inclusion.   Webform.   111  respondents in 24 hours.  Other content on the same deadline.  


Board Membership:

Jim would like to rotate off – Treasurer.   Main responsibilities are around writing checks, and collecting dues.

Two-year terms for VP and P  (read by-laws).   Others are indefinite. 





Board Issues for 204:

•  Allen sent out a priority list, and asked for feedback.

•  Focus on mitigation:  how can we help, inform, and raise awareness.  Timely reminders in the seasonal PBPress.

•  Safety & Security:  New initiative.  During an incident, communication strategies need to be improved.  The Fire Department will focus on that.    

•  Aging in Place & Special Needs.

•  Strengthen the ARC – Beautification, improved signage (the deer).

•  Promotion of the PBH Community.   Links to the local paper?  Benefits of residency:   owning your own water system, the strength of the fire district, cultivate community, open space, animals.    Need to define the goals for promoting PBH.

•  Advocacy to Boulder County.   Advocate on behalf of the community.  How can we strengthen that process?  E links to G, need to coordinate with near-by communities, e.g. Wagon Wheel Gap, Carriage Hills, etc.   One vehicle is the BMFPD board.  Building relationships with other mountain communities – this can be challenging (VP).  The roads could be a good opportunity to build relationships.   Only 25,000 people out of 350,000 are in the county.


Actions needed:

Need social chair, treasurer and understudy for directory.


The meeting was adjourned.