April 26, 2006


The Wednesday, April 26, 2006, general meeting of the Pine Brook Home Owners Association was held at the PBH Community Center. The meeting was called to order by President Tim Triggs at 7:20 pm, with approximately 45 persons in attendance.



A walk in the (burned) woods, April 29, 2-3 pm. RSVP Suzanne Balog 303-494-1737


July HOA meeting, Th. July 27, 5:30 pm potluck at Chautauqua picnic shelter,

followed by the Colorado Music Fest music program at 7:30pm. For concert tickets, purchase soon (after May 1) for best seating. Call 303-440-7666 or go to and use the code word “PineBrook” (one word) for a 25% discount.



Reservoir – District Manager Bob De Haas: Target date to start collecting water is middle of May. Goal is to bring the reservoir on line in June. The plan is to start building the treatment plant in mid May.


Beetle Busters – Chairperson Joe Davies & Gail Loveman introduced the Beetle Busters program. Currently, PBH has 12 Beetle Buster members. We're looking for more volunteers. The next Beetle Buster training is scheduled for May 22. So far, four inspections have been done this year. PBH so far is in good shape. 


Pine Brook Press – Editor Suzanne Adams: Not every PBH household did receive a newsletter copy due to problems with postal system.  


Timber Lane Fuel Break – Project Manager Tim Triggs: By end of May, we will have our currently available mitigation funds and grants depleted. These funds were used to fire mitigate steep properties on lower Timber Lane. This will complete about 50% of the current Timber Lane fire mitigation Project.


Announcement by Kathy Eyster: Looking for new volunteers for the fire department auxiliary. 

Old business:


Minutes from January 25 meeting – Secretary approved, second, motion passed.


Proposal for naming the dam: Proposed name: De Haas Dam. - approved, second, motion passed.

It's unclear if the official dam name can actually be “De Haas Dam”. 


New Business:


Budget approval: Proposing negative budget. Extra expenses will be covered by prior year's reserves. Approved, seconded, motion passed.


Discussion regarding HOA dues: for 2006 only 61% of PBH homeowners paid dues.


·                Instead of increasing dues campaign, have more people contribute.

·                Start supporter level program. e.g. President club for $xxx contribution.

·                Increase dues to $100.

·                Have a “dues” drive.

·                Add article to Pine Brook Press about dues and how they are being used.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.



The “Scary Fire Season Ahead” presentation by BMFPD John Benson and Suzanne Adams followed the HOA business meeting.

Respectfully submitted,


Margit Mestdagh, Secretary