April 25, 2007


The Wednesday, April 25, 2007 general meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Home Owner’s Association was held at the Pine Brook community center. The meeting was called to order by President Tim Triggs at 8:10 pm after the Wild Birds Program.

Approximately 45 residents were in attendance.


Program:   Wild birds in Pine Brook Hills. Jared Gricoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding presented.


 Event Announcements:

 Beetle Busters Training Session, Saturday April 28, 9:00 am at the firehouse including free lunch (call 303-449-0997)

Aging in Place Meeting, Sunday April 29, 3:00 – 5:00 pm at the Community Room

Kids May Day Party, Tuesday May 1, 4:00 – 5:30 pm at 1431 Timber Lane (Besemer’s home)

Installation of the HOA Bronze plaque on the dam, recognizing the contributions of  the de Haas family over the years.  Sunday May 6, 2:00pm.

Annual BMFPD Auxiliary Garage Sale at the firehouse. 

Donations accepted Saturdays and Sundays May 5,6,12, & 13, 10:00am – 2:00pm

THE BIG SALE, Friday May18, and Saturday May 19, 9:00 –4:00; Sunday May 20, noon to 4:00

July HOA meeting, Thursday July 26, 5:30 pm potluck at Chautauqua picnic shelter, followed by Music program at 7:30. For concert tickets, purchase soon (after May 15) for best seating. Call 303-440-7666 or go to and use the code word “PineBrook” (one word) for a 25% discount.



Fire District – Chief John Benson

Looking at recent long-term weather forecasts, we have potentially a similar fire risk like in 2002. Please create a defensible space around your home, cut weeds, trim branches, clean out gutters. 

 Reservoir – District Manager Bob de Haas

We have about 10 acre feet of water left to fill the reservoir. The water filtration system is working well. No other issues are going on at this point. The State requires that at least 6 months after the reservoir is filled pass before it can be backfilled.

 3rd Arm – Chair Gail Loveman:

This Saturday, April 28th,  is traffic directing training for 3rd Arm volunteers. New emergency evaluation route signs have been bought. Temporary disposal emergency evacuation signs might be used too. Animal disposition questionnaire has been distributed. The 3rd Arm is still looking for volunteers.

BMFPD Mitigation Crew –

Manager Steve Lynn is offering fire mitigation evaluations of your property. This is a free service of the fire department. BMFPD also offers tree cutting for fire mitigation purposes. However they do not remove the cut wood because of it will attract pine bark beetles. They also chip branches. Annual  fire mitigation checks are recommended. 

 Treasury – Treasurer Tim Triggs filling in for Dave Davies.

About 60% of homeowners paid dues up to this date.

 Timber Lane Fuel Break – Project Manager Tim Triggs

95% of current Timber Lane fuel break is completed. Funded by HOA dues with a matching State grant. Plan is to tie in Timber Lane fuel break with the Sunshine Canyon fuel break as an additional scope of work.

 PBH Safety and Security / Neighborhood Watch – Chair Martin Lasher:

PBH's group is now recognized by the Boulder County Sheriff's Department. Purchase of signs by PBH HOA has to be decided. Need to consolidate different communication channels/ lists at PBH.

 Pine Brook Press – Editor Suzanne Adams: Send us pictures, articles


Old Business:


Minutes from January 31 meeting – Tim Triggs for Secretary moved, second, approved.

 Refurbishing of PBH street direction signs Multiple PBH residents volunteered to refurbish signs

Re-vegetation of the Dam: Pete Lillidahl is taking suggestions on how to re-vegetate area around the reservoir.

 Recreational Use of the Reservoir area: Stocking of reservoir with fish. Roger Svendsen presented current status. PBH reservoir is excellent for fish. Great for trout. Greenback Cut-throught trout introduction might be an option too. Motion made to keep reservoir private, second, approved.

 Motion made to introduce Greenback Cut-throught Trout while we figure out the recreational use of the reservoir. Second. Approved. Water Board will have to approve the contract with the Div. Of Wildlife. 

Amend motion to continue research to present contract with Div. Of Wildlife to Water Board. Second. Passed.  

New Business:


Mountain lion problems at PBH: Tom Foster: Mountain lion issues are not getting enough attention. It's just a matter of time until a person is getting attacked. Mountain lion/ human contacts are going up. Tom Fosters recommended solution: Exterminate lions statewide.

 Melissa Cipriani: negative impact on property value. Div. Of Wildlife will not interfere if a human is not being attached. Something needs to be done before a human is being attached.

 Other suggestion: Hiring professional hunter feasibility should be explored.

 Ben Fox: Requesting PBH Board to take actions. Says Board should request the Governor take actions to exterminate lions on a State level. Says PBH Board should invite local State representative to express dissatisfaction. This is a very serious problem the PBH Board needs to address. Div. Of Wildlife should be invited too.


 Meeting adjourned at 11:45pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Margit Mestdagh, Secretary