The quarterly meeting of the PBH Homeowners Association Board was called to order by Tim Triggs, president, at 7:10 pm on September 4, 2007, at the Community Center.             

 Board members present: Tim Triggs, Mia Mestdagh, Dave Davies, Mark Menagh and Pam Creswell. Suzanne Adams joined at 9pm.

Approval of 6/5/07 Board meeting minutes (Mia)

Minutes: The minutes of the June 5th, 2007 Board Meeting were moved, seconded, and approved


2007 dues collection and 2007 budget update (Dave)

Revenue up to date is $49,922,includes reimbursement of firebreak expenses of $19,850. Dues collected up to date are $27,265.  Expenses up to date: $45,830. Average dues paid: $90. $20,000 is invested in a month-by-month CD.


Job description, Finalization of all (Mia)

Reviewed, revised job descriptions. Mia will send out descriptions with meeting minutes for final approval.


Timber Lane fuel break and additional grant (Tim)

Current fuel break project is completed.

 2008 mitigation projects (Mark)

New mitigation projects have to be identified.

New federal matching grants have been won by the Fire District. PBH projects can tap into these grants with our matching funds.

 Newcomers Report (Pam)

Findings: Very few newcomers are reachable in person. Many don't live in PBH at least part of the year. It's important to at least provide them with a newcomer package including fire mitigation projects, volunteer opportunities, evacuation procedures, etc.

Invite newcomers to call us might be a more workable solution.


Beetle Busters, including budget considerations (Pam)

Beetle busters would like to receive $750 for next year since more people would like to receive beetle buster training. PBH Board supports the spending. We should schedule at least two beetle buster training sessions per year. Having an additional beetle buster tool kit would be very helpful. (Cost: $500).

 Architectural Review Committee update (Tim)

PBH HOA sent a strong letter to Valentine on North Cedar Brook, emphasizing that their project still falls under the PBH covenants.


Recreational uses of the reservoir, noting water board survey and water board actions (All)

No updates at this point. The inspection and back-fill of the reservoir is running behind. The water board will begin review of recreational use by end of 2007. Recommendation: Revive recreational use committee of the reservoir. Have one water board member come to the recreational use committee meeting. Motion: We recognize the existing  Res Rec committee as an official HOA committee who's purpose is to study recreation potential in PBH and make suggestions and recommendation to the HOA board. Moved. Seconded and approved.


Search for 2008 Vice President (All)

No definite leads yet. Ideally, we should have a recommendation by September 15th before the Pine Book Press is going to print.

One possibility might be that Debra Menagh takes on the Treasurer positions and Dave Davies will take on the Vice President position.

Mark wants to use the various PBH e-mail lists to find new Vice President.


Cleaning out HOA Closet (Tim)

Recommendation: contact Water Board and Fire Department to inform them that we're planning on cleaning the HOA Closet. Mark and Tim will clean out closet.


Re-carpeting the meeting room (Dave)

Industrial strength carpet, costs starting at $1.75/sq.ft - $3.50, installed. The meeting room has approximately 2000 sq.ft. The costs will have to be shared between PBH HOA, the Water Board, and the Fire Department.

Mark will contact the Water Board and the Fire Department. PBH will have to cover approximately $1600.  Motion to contact the Water Board and the Fire Department to share the costs. Moved. Seconded. Approved.


October 31 HOA meeting, selection of program topic. (All)

Include Beetle Buster presentation at October HOA meeting with demonstration of new bark stripping tool.

Fuel break update, before and after..., accomplishments, new directions, etc.


Additional new business, if any (All)

Motion made to thank a couple, that chooses to remain anonymous, for their additional dues contribution, made by Davies and seconded by Triggs, passed unanimously.

Social activities for 2008? Suggestion to add to PBH Press: similar to Dine-Around, have a Wine-Around.

TGIF on Friday evenings? Pam will follow up with Judy Smith.


 The meeting was adjourned at 9:55pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Margit “Mia” Mestdagh, Secretary