Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The Tuesday, September 2, 2008 Board meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Home Owner’s Association was held at the  Pine Brook Hills Community Center, Station One. The meeting was called to order by President Mark Menagh at 7:07 pm.  


Board members present were: Mark Menagh, Dave Davies, Bill Alexander, Marla Saville and Tim Triggs.



Approval of 6/3/08 Board meeting minutes (Marla): Approval of minutes was moved, seconded and approved.


Treasurer’s Report (Dave): Total assets as of 8/31/08 are $29,607.


Fire Mitigation Report (Tim): A volunteer to replace Tim as the Mitigation project coordinator is still badly needed. After speaking with the district and Forest Service people, Tim says no money will be spent until next year on fire mitigation projects. He continues to investigate available grants, and will contact the State about the status of current and future mitigation grants.


If no grants are currently available for the HOA to match, an option may be to offer private homeowners 25% of their mitigation project costs. It was noted that Steve Lynn has helped individual homeowners to find grants to match their “defensible space” mitigation efforts.


Architectural Review Committee Report (Tim): The last meeting was in June, and there is no new business to report.


Due to the absence of Chairpersons Pam and Suzanne. no reports were available from the Newcomers or Beetle Busters at this time.


Some Board members shared first hand observations regarding recent beetle hits, and agreed about the continued importance of this issue and it’s effects on our community.


There were some newcomers in attendance at the HOA Picnic (see below)!


Covenants (Bill): Bill continues researching the history and the structure of the PBH covenants. He hopes his research efforts will  help to reaffirm the covenants, and make them more understandable.


New Carpet (Dave): The HOA is ready to contribute $1000 towards the purchase of new carpeting for the Community Center. We should have news soon regarding this project.


The HOA August Picnic (All): Over 100 people attended. Mark said many people felt it was the best picnic the HOA has ever had, and that it was much more family oriented this year. Kids and their parents enjoyed all the games and the food was fantastic. Many wonderful items were donated for the auction. It went so well, that approximately $10,000 was raised to help move the dam dirt!  And, as promised, this was most generously matched by an anonymous donor, bringing the grand total donation to around $20,000!


The Board would like to extend our thanks on behalf of the entire community, to Pam Creswell and Marshal Swanton for the generous use of their home and for all their hard work to help make the picnic such a wonderful success!


“PB Forum” yahoo group (All): Many users have requested that there be an option to  “REPLY” to a selected recipient(s) only. Currently, one may only “REPLY TO ALL”.  (Though the “REPLY” option is visible, even if it is chosen by a user, it will still be sent to “ALL”).  Though the PB Forum appears on the PB HOA website, it is actually not an “official” HOA site, but rather is “owned” and “managed” by an individual.


After discussion, the Board voted to request that both options be made available to users of the PB Forum.


Valentine/Lehr garage project (All): The Board reviewed the “Specific Performance Agreement” and made comments for revision.


Program for HOA Members meeting 10/29/08 (All) Board members agreed to research various groups such as The Sierra Club and REI to lead a discussion about “Hiking Trails of Boulder County” for our next program.



A motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Marla Saville, Secretary