October 25, 2006

The Wednesday, October 25, 2006, general meeting of the Pine Brook Home Owner’s Association was held at the Pine Brook community center. The meeting was called to order by President Tim Triggs at 7:10 pm.

Approximately 25 residents were in attendance.


 Mountain Expressions 2006,

Saturday November 4, 10am – 5pm

Sunday November 5, noon – 4pm

 Aging in Place in Pine Brook Hills (a new organization) kickoff meeting, October 29 at 3:00-5:00pm in the Pine Brook community center

 January HOA meeting, January 31, 6:00 pm potluck, 7:00 business meeting, program to be

determined, location to be at Pine Brook community center. 


 Reservoir – District Manager

Bob de Haas: The reservoir is filling up slowly, gainly daily. No significant leakage has been detected. All PBH water currently used is coming from the reservoir.

 Fire District – Chief John Benson

Suzanne Adams filling in for John. Thanks to everyone for all the fund raising events. Fire season used to be only seasonal however now it's year-around. Please remove needles and pine cones close to your home since they can be a great fire hazard. Also, pay special attention to pine bark beetles.

3rd Arm – Co-Chair – Gail Loveland was not able to attend. Suzanne Adams filling in. 3rd Arm will be helping out with traffic control during emergencies. The 3rd arm will also be putting up evacuation signs during emergencies.  

Treasury – Treasurer – Alex Baris

As of end of September we're expecting to be $13,323 over budget for 2006. Currently about $33K are available in “reserves”.

 Timber Lane Fuel Break – Project Manager

Tim Triggs – The State of CO Forest Service is making more matching funds available of an additional $20K. Marking for trees along Timber Lane has started.  

Pine Brook Press – Editor

Suzanne Adams – Please submit articles to Pine Brook Press.  

Old Business:

 Minutes from July 27 meeting – Secretary

Mia Mestdagh – moved, second, approved. 

Dollar amount of future HOA dues – Starting Jan. 2007 the PBH Board of Directors recommends to increase dues to $75. Communication about what the funds are being used for has to be reinforced. In addition,  campaigning to collect dues from everyone has to increase. Maybe a “dues” marketing group has to be formed. 

Status of bronze dam plaque

HOA has contributed to install a bronze dam plaque for the de Haas family. 

New Business: 

Election of HOA Board members for 2007 (first term for Treasurer, second term for others)

New Treasurer will be Dave Davies. 

Awareness of Community Center ownership and background

Suzanne Adams – The plan is to provide some information about the history of the PBH firehouse.  

Renewing or refurbishing street signs around PBH. - This big item has to be re-visited at future PBH meetings. 


      Recreational use of the land around the dam, which is owned by the Water Board

·          Formation of a committee to develop a usage plan

Re-vegetation options of the dam/reservoir are highly regulated by the County. Wild flower seeds might be a great alternative to expensive pine trees. Native vegetation is preferred. Landscaping will probably start by end of 2007.

·          Collected input from HOA members regarding topics that the committee will study

The business meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Margit “Mia” Mestdagh, Secretary