October 31, 2007


The Wednesday, October 31, 2007 general meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Home Owner’s Association was held at the Pine Brook community center. The Program began at 7:05 pm after the potluck.


PROGRAM:   Beetle Buster update; fire mitigation update


Suzanne Adams summarized the ongoing threat from IPS, Mountain Pine, Douglas Fir, and Turpentine beetles along with beetle buster inspection reports. To date, approximately 75 of 400 properties have been inspected. The tree spraying program organized by the beetle busters was well-received.


Steve Lynn presented the BMFPD mitigation effort and reminded residents that fire mitigation  defensible-space evaluations of properties are offered as a free service of the fire department. BMFPD also offers tree cutting and chipping services to the community for reasonable rates.


Tim Triggs summarized the status of the community fuel breaks. To date $168K has been spent on mitigation about half of which has been subsidized with government grants. Over half of the HOA dues go to these mitigation projects.


Tim Triggs has coordinated the mitigation effort for several years and is looking to step down from the position. A person willing to coordinate grants and mitigation contracts is needed to take over from Tim.


Fire Scouts are being switched to solar.



The business meeting was brought to order by Tim Triggs at 8:05. Approximately 30 residents were in attendance.


Event Announcements:


Mountain Expressions – Sat Nov 3, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sun Nov 4, 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.


January HOA meeting, Wednesday, January 30, 6:00 pm, potluck. 7:00 pm program (TBA) to be followed by the business meeting. 




Water District – District Manager Bob de Haas:

PBH is already 3.5 inches low on precipitation. This could be another drought year.


The good news is that PBH residents have and continue to conserve water. The bad news is that water conservation translates to lower water bills. The water district is looking at short and long term measures for dealing with revenue shortfalls.


Backfilling and landscaping the dam could be done in May at the earliest.  Funds are also an issue here.


Fire and 3rd Arm – Steve Lynn:

The 3rd Arm is developing well.


Old Business:


Minutes from July 26 meeting – were approved unanimously.


Treasury update – Dave Davies presented the financial report, a copy of which is attached. It was noted that 351 residents had paid the HOA dues, with the average contribution being $90.


Election of new officers:

Mark Menagh was elected President.

Bill Alexander was elected Vice President.

Tim Triggs was elected as Member at Large.

Marla Seville was elected as Secretary.


All candidates were unopposed and elected by acclamation. Term of office begins 1/1/08.


Revegetation of the dam:

Bob de Haas is working with the state on vegetation guidelines.


Recreational Use of the Reservoir area:

There is no consensus on the use of the reservoir and surrounding area as yet.  The Water Board will begin discussions on options in January.


New Business:


Valentine – There was a brief discussion of the issues surrounding the Valentine request for approval of a second detached structure on their lot, in violation of covenants.  Param Singh moved that the Board investigate the issues further. The motion was seconded from the floor and passed.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Jo Davies for Margit Mestdagh, Secretary