Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting

June 26, 2012

On May 26th, the Pine Brooks Hills Board of Directors met at the home of President Dave Davies. The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:00 pm. Members in attendance included Member-at-Large Bill Alexander and Secretary Tom Mann. Also attending were Param Singh and Social Committee Chair Patricia Belanger

Motion to Approve the Minutes of the Prior Board of Directors’ Meeting

A motion to approve the prior minutes was offered, seconded and passed unanimously.

Ice Cream Social

Those present discussed the details of the upcoming ice cream social and business meeting on the 5th of August. 75-100 attendees are anticipated. Ice cream will be purchased from Glacier Ice Cream in Boulder. There will be no charge but a donation jar will be available. Patricia will obtain about 50 balloons for the children and Luna bars will be distributed A raffle or drawing will be considered as well. Param and Patricia will discuss sending out postcards to residents advertising the event.

Dave will speak with Glacier to see if a discount on ice cream is possible. Dave will also ask Neil Patel to provide the music.

Miscellaneous Issues

  • The invoicing of two PBH Press advertisers was discussed.

  • It was suggested that the Association pay to have the weeds on the shoulders of Linden Avenue between lower Linden and approximately the firehouse weed-whacked to allow for better visibility. Multiple proposals for the work will be obtained.

Pine Brook Hills Website and Chat Room

Resident Gail Loveman has expressed concern about the content of the chat room and has asked the board for permission to start a new chat room with a designated set of rules for its use. Dave will ask Gail for the rules she would apply if the board agrees. Concern was also raised over the use of the chat room as an emergency notification vehicle. Dave will publish a note from the Association that information contained in the chat room, with respect to emergency information, is unofficial and interested parties should connect with the Boulder County Emergency website.

PBH Replacement Signage

Tom reviewed the current status of the signs after his discussion with the county. Since it appears that the right-of-way is the city’s, not the county’s, Tom will communicate with the appropriate city department to verify the current sign location and seek approval of the new signage. Dave will respond to the current property owners’ inquiry.


PBH Brand Awareness

As our new social director, Patricia introduced the subject of the branding of the Association. She offered several suggestions as to how we can achieve "positive press". Tom expressed concern over the branding being superficial without the Association’s achieving positive results. Patricia suggested a contest for a PBH logo and tag line. Patricia agreed to write up an article for the Press asking for residents’ input and perhaps instituting a "help your neighbors" project. Dave will also mention this issue in his remarks in the Press.

Subdivision Roads Report

Progress on the countywide LID appears to be moving ahead. While Cindy Lindsay (Chair, Roads Committee), was absent, Dave informed those present that the board would not forward a letter of support to the county commissioners, inasmuch as doing so would require a vote by the general membership. Dave will so inform Cindy.

ARC Issues

Bill summarized the status of several ARC-related issues. No new business was introduced.

Signage Proposal

It has been suggested that the Association fund the fabrication and installation of no smoking signs throughout the subdivision. A proposal will be obtained. It was noted that the installation of signs may require the permission of individual homeowners.

Beetlebusters’ Report

Chair Jo Davies, on behalf of her committee, has asked that there be no timing restrictions on the use of HOA funds by the BMFPD Fire mitigation Crew for the time being, at least until the fire danger subsides. However it was emphasized that proper disposal methods be used by the mitigation crew.

Motion to Adjourn

At 9:10 pm, a motion to adjourn was tendered, seconded and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mann