JANUARY 31, 2012

The Tuesday, January 31, 2012 general membership meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association was held at the Community Center, Station One. The business meeting and presentation was preceded by a potluck dinner beginning at 5:30 pm.

At approximately 7:00 pm, Ryan Ludlow, Boulder County Outreach Forester, spoke on the topic of creating and maintaining fire defensible space around the properties in our subdivision. His presentation also included a discussion as to who and why homes burn in wildfires.

Fire Chief John Benson provided additional comments to the presentation, referencing recent fires within the subdivision in recent years and their causes.

A question and answer period followed Ryan’s and John’s remarks.

At approximately 8:15 pm, President Dave Davies called the business meeting to order. Board members present included Secretary Tom Mann. Absent were Treasurer Terry O’Brien and Member-at-Large Bill Alexander.

Motion to Approve the Minutes of the General Membership Meeting of October 25, 2011.

Motion was offered, seconded and approved to accept the minutes from the previous meeting.

Report of the PBH Water Department

Water Manager Bob deHaas provided a report to those present on the status of the water department. Bob updated attendees on water availability as of this date in the reservoir and indicated that there will be an increase in the residents’ water bills beginning in January. He also commented on the need for volunteers willing to serve on the water board. A short question and answer period followed.

Report of the Roads Committee

Co-chair Cindy Lindsay updated those present as to the current status of efforts to counter Boulder County’s stance that maintenance and repair of roads in this and other subdivisions be handed down to the individual subdivisions. Cindy explained that there are two initiatives in process:

  1. political action on the part of subdivisions within the county

  2. survey of roads within Pine Brook Hills

Cindy stated that her committee was working with other subdivisions to develop a unified plan to deal with the county politically. She also indicated that resident and attorney

Alan Bourey is working with the Attorney General’s office in an effort to refine the definition of Òmaintenance and rehabilitationÓ, the phrase used in the original county master plan.

Committee member Peter Smith-King spoke about the need to perform an independent assessment and analysis of the condition of each road in the subdivision.

The committee will continue to keep subdivision residents apprised of developments.

Report of the Beetlebusters Committee

Peter Smith-King reported that during 2011 and 2010, 102 and 103 inspections respectively were performed by the Beetlebusters. The committee and its volunteers continue to be active and an important element in the HOA’s efforts to identify and treat beetle-infested trees within Pine Brook Hills.

Requests for inspections can be made utilizing the HOA website. The committee also needs additional volunteers. Peter answered a number of questions raised by those in attendance.

Report of the Architectural Control Committee

Committee chair Neil Patel identified the residents currently serving on the committee and the types of requests typically handled.

Report from the Treasurer

In the absence of Treasurer Terry O’Brien, Dave Davies summarized the financial condition of the HOA as of year end, 2011.

Actual revenues collected was $26,228, expenditures totaled $18,799, and a positive variance realized of $7,429. The largest variance in the 2011 budget was a positive $8,150 unspent in the fire mitigation category. This surplus will be carried over into the 2012 budget.

The 2012 operating budget reflects revenue of $30,840, expenditures of $37,400 and a deficit at end-of-year of $6,560.

Total cash and reserve balances at 12/31/11 was $57,022.31.

A motion to accept the 2012 proposed budget was offered by Peter Smith-King, seconded by Cindy Lindsay and passed unanimously by those in attendance.

Miscellaneous Matters/New Business

Dave Davies discussed the upcoming Pine Brook Hills directory and that data would be collected electronically but the directory not distributed electronically.

Motion to Adjourn

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, seconded and passed by those present at approximately 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Tom Mann, Secretary