JANUARY 30, 2013

The Wednesday, January 30th general membership meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association was held at the Community Center, Station One. The business meeting was preceded by 6:00 pm potluck dinner and presentation by Charly Heavenrich discussing his numerous trips to the Grand Canyon as a guide.

At approximately 8:00 pm the business meeting was called to order by HOA president Dave Davies. Reading and approval of the prior membership meeting minutes was waived.

HOA officers in attendance besides the president were Bill Alexander (Member-at-Large), Jim Woodruff (Treasurer) and Tom Mann (Secretary).

Fire Chief’s Report (John Benson)

Chief John Benson provided a brief update on the status of the volunteer fire department in 2012. The chief emphasized also that 2013 promises to be a very dry year and residents should take extra care in minimizing fire dangers. ÒGoÓ bags should be readied and kept handy. In 2013 there were 99 fire-related calls. A short question and answer period followed.

Boulder Mountain Fire Prevention District Report (Allen Saville)

Allen Saville, liaison between the HOA and Pine Brook Hills Fire Protection District, updated those in attendance on the department’s performance in 2012. He presented slides that reflected, among other things, 168 fire and medical calls in 2011 and 198 calls in 2012. There has been a steady increase of calls in recent years. In 2012, 43% of total calls to the fire department were medical related. In 2011 the number totaled 49%. HOA members attending were offered the opportunity to ask questions following the presentation.

Water Department Report (Bob deHaas)

Water manager Bob deHaas asked for volunteers to serve on the water board during 2013. After providing an update on happenings in the water department he stressed that the low snowpack this winter will cause a very dry spring and summer. Property owners should be particularly careful of fire dangers as we move into the spring. A question and answer period followed.

Discussion Concerning Officers for the period 2013-2014)

President Dave Davies provided the following slate of candidates for the HOA board of directors for the current term:

President Dave Davies

Vice President Open

Treasurer Jim Woodruff

Secretary Tom Mann

Member-at-Large Bill Alexander

A motion was made and seconded to accept the above as officers for the term 2013-2014. Motion was passed unanimously.

Also serving the association is Pam Creswell (social chair). Dave stated that volunteers are needed for the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

Beetlebusters Report

Chair Jo Davies noted that 2012 was a relatively quiet year with limited calls by residents and only 33 beetle infected trees found during inspections.

Architectural Review Committee Report

Dave indicated that there is currently no chair of this committee. Furthermore volunteers are needed to fill the existing openings. Typically there are ten meetings annually and the time commitment is minimal. In 2012 the committee approved all projects presented with some conditions. During the year the membership also approved the important Contractor Guidelines for the GCs working in the subdivision.

Roads Committee Report (Cindy Lindsay)

Cindy updated those present on the current situation concerning road maintenance. She stated that the County Commissioners will likely place on the ballot in November a measure to approve a PID. This will likely not be approved and a LID may be considered in its place. She will continue to monitor and report to the membership.

HOA Garage Sale

Chair Art Markey reported that there will indeed be a garage sale this year and thanked those that volunteered to assist. The profit in 2012 was over $31,000.

Review of 2013 Operating Budget

The president with the treasurer reviewed the proposed budget for 2013 and explained various line items. Reference is made to the budget attached to the minutes of the January 15, 2013 Board of Directors’ meeting. The membership will be asked to vote on the inclusion of an amount not to exceed $10,000 for speed mitigation to be taken from the organization’s reserve fund.

A motion to approve the budget as presented was made, seconded and passed unanimously by those attending (with the $10,000 reserve fund expenditure conditioned upon results of the separate voting of the speed mitigation).

Proposal to Include A Sum Not To Exceed $10,000 For Speeding Mitigation

Dave Davies opened the discussion by explaining that a number of residents have complained about vehicles traveling at excessive speed on lower Linden Avenue and have requested the HOA’s assistance in examining options to deal with this issue. One of the more cost effective methods is to purchase and install, with the County’s assistance, an electronic sign that would reflect the speed of all vehicles traveling down Linden. Considerable discussion followed Dave’s presentation. A vote was called. Written ballots were distributed and those present were asked to leave their completed ballots at the end of the meeting. Proxy votes will also be counted. Only residents whose dues for 2012 and/or 2013 were paid would be eligible to vote.

Motion to Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was offered, seconded and unanimously passed at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mann