The Wednesday, January 27, 2010 general membership meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association was held at the Community Center, Station One. The meeting was called to order by Bill Alexander, President, at 7:00 pm following a potluck and a presentation by PBH resident Brad Schildt about hut-to-hut skiing in Colorado.  Board members present, in addition to Mr. Alexander, were Pam Creswell (Treasurer), Tom Mann (Secretary) and Mark Menagh (Member-at-Large).  There were  approximately 40 members of the Association present as well. 

 Presentation Addressing the Paving of Subdivision Roads: George Gerstle, Boulder County Transportation Director, gave a presentation on why Boulder County does not collect enough taxes earmarked to roads to perform major repaving of subdivision roads in the county – including Pine Brook Hills.  He mentioned that the Boulder County cities including Longmont, Boulder, Lafayette, and Erie fund their own road repaving and that those cities contain  the vast majority of residents in the county.  George explained that this is one reason  Boulder County property taxes are lower than those in Boulder County cities – because full funding of major subdivision road repairs isn’t included in Boulder County’s taxes.   The Boulder County subdivisions outside these cities have a much smaller population and have been receiving paved road services including snow removal and patching far beyond the percentage of collected taxes that Boulder County allocates for roads.    

 A subdivision paving workgroup has been established to recommend solutions to the county commissioners.  Their solutions include  establishing,  for paved road subdivisions, local improvement districts with a duration of five years.  In the case of PBH, each lot owner would be assessed an annual fee of $200. in additional taxes for minimal repairs.  The cost to repair completely all paved roads would probably approximate $400. per year per lot over the five year term.   These monies would not fund road repairs required for the future. 

  This taxation can be instituted by Boulder County Commissioners without a vote of county taxpayers.  To fund ongoing future repairs,  another recommendation would need to be placed on the ballot.  If approved by the voters, this would add additional taxes to all PBH residents. 

 A Pine Brook Hills Roads Committee was established to investigate this further and report back to the HOA with their suggestions.  The committee is chaired by Cindy Lindsay and her husband Steve Sheafor.  Please contact them if you wish to be part of the committee.   

 Minutes from the November 3, 2009 HOA General Membership Meeting:     A motion to accept the minutes as presented was made, seconded and  approved.

 Introduction of the New Board of Directors:   President Bill Alexander thanked the outgoing board of directors for their work during the past two years and introduced the incoming board, including the vice president (Dave Davies), treasurer (Pam Creswell), secretary (Tom Mann) and member-at-large (Mark Menagh).

 Incoming Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer Pam Creswell distributed copies of the 2009 Expenditures and 2010 Proposed Budget to those present.   In summary, total receipts for 2009 were $33,447 with actual expenses through December showing $21,666.  Proposed revenue for 2010 is $33,150 with expenditures anticipated to be $42,130.  The shortfall expected in 2010 will be covered by the surplus of approximately $11,781 in 2009.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the 2010 Proposed Budget as presented.  It was approved by the general membership by a unanimous vote.

 Water District Report:  Water District Manager Bob deHaas presented a report which included a discussion of the increase in the water rates for the district for 2010 and an explanation on multiple water main breaks during the winter months, 2009 through 2010.  Bob also mentioned that elections to the Water board are scheduled for  2010 and to contact him if a resident wants to consider running for the board.

 Introduction of New Neighbors:   4 new residents introduced themselves to everyone at the meeting.

 Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District Report:   On behalf of Fire District chair John Benson who was absent for the meeting, board member Jim Eyster updated membership on happenings within the fire district.  Jim indicated that the district recently acquired a new fire truck to supplement its existing equipment.  Kathy Eyster talked about the various funding efforts of the Fire Auxiliary including the upcoming garage sale in the spring/early summer this year. Jim also mentioned there are elections to the fire board that includes a district in PBH and to contact fire chief John Benson if a resident wants to consider running for the board.

 Beetlebuster Report:   Chair Suzanne Adams extended an invitation to those present to join the beetlebusters, indicating that much has been accomplished with much work left to do to prevent an outbreak of beetles in 2010.  Beetles appear to be transitioning from lodgepole pines to ponderosas, as found in the Pine Brook area.  Suzanne indicated there will  be more beetlebusting training in the spring.  She is always looking for new volunteers and invited interested persons to contact her.

 Pine Brook Hills Director Committee Report:   Suzanne Adams, reporting on behalf of chair Bert Johansen, reported that the updated directory would be published and distributed in several weeks.

 Social Committee Report:  Chair Pam Creswell reminded those in attendance of the Mardi Gras social scheduled for February 20th at her home in lower Pine Brook.   Those attending should bring an appetizer to share.

 By-Laws and Covenants Advisory Committee Report:     Committee chair Bill Alexander summarized the existing by-laws and detailed the revisions which are being recommended to association members.  The changes include (1)  redefining the definition of active members, (2)  active members ability to vote by proxy, (3)  the method by which board members can be removed from office, (4) how active members can petition to change the by-laws, and (5)  a vote of the active membership will be required to accept or modify the annual budget.  Bill added that the association attorney has reviewed and modified the changes.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the changes to the by-laws as presented.  It was approved by the general membership by a unanimous vote.

 Covenants Ratification Survey:   Bill Alexander provided an update on the existing, and often conflicting, covenants currently in place.  He then detailed the committee-recommended changes to the covenants and outlined the process for achieving ratification.  He explained that no action was required now, however based upon two independent surveys of the membership, an overwhelming majority of the respondents  favored ratification. 

 In brief, changes to the covenants include (1)  unifying all 7 conflicting versions into a single uniform set, (2)  ensuring lot owners are not unreasonably restricted, and (3)  adding effective enforcement powers.

  Bill  then explained the subsequent steps for ratification, which will take 2-3 months.

 Adjournment:   a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 9:15 pm. 

 Respectfully submitted,

  Tom Mann, Secretary