January 30 , 2008

The Wednesday, January 30, 2008 general meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Home Owner’s Association was held at the Pine Brook Hills Community Center, Station One. Following the potluck dinner the meeting was called to order by President Mark Menagh at 7:07 pm. Approximately 20 residents were in attendance.

 New president reviewed mission statement of the HOA.

The Pine Brook Hills Home Owner’s Association is an all volunteer, non-profit organization, dedicated to advancing programs that make our Pine Brook Hills community attractive, safe, harmonious, and healthy for all residents.

 Event Announcements:

SOCIALS – 7pm – 10pm First Friday of Each month

$10 per person to cover drinks and other expenses. All Pine Brook Hills residents are invited and encouraged to attend. RSVPs are encouraged but not required. The first TGIF Friday, February , 1 has been cancelled. Watch your mail for details about the upcoming TGIF locations.

 Pet rescue meeting Friday, February 8th 6:30pm at PB Community Center

To discuss neighborhood emergency plan for evacuation of pets. There will be pizza . RSVP to

 Need for volunteers:

 Architectural Review Committee. Meets every month on the second Tuesday

Ken Larkin has retired from ARC after 10 Years there are 4 members and there should be 5.

Water Board Meets every month on the second Thursday.

HOA Fire mitigation coordinator

Tim Triggs has done a great job but we need someone to follow up on getting the grants and coordination of the work. Ask me for more info or Tim Triggs.  A job description is pasted on the yahoo groups.

General Meeting Set-up

We meet once per quarter and the room needs setting up prior to potluck.

 Thanks were expressed to volunteers.


 Water Board and Fire Mitigation- Mark Menagh:

There has been a water rate increase that has been explained by a letter and in the Pine Brook Press.

There is a need to raise $75,000 to move the dirt around the dam. A $20,000 (10/10) Fire Mitigation grant contract has been signed for a 3 month project.


Beetle Busters- . Suzanne Adams: attended a meeting of the State Forestry Association and reports there has been rapid spread of beetles in Colorado. It took about 10 years for the beetles to destroy 1 million acres of trees (1996-2006) but in only one year (2007), trees on another half million acres were beetle-killed. There is concern that the media coverage of the beetle destruction is inadequate. It will only be a few years before we will be affected and it is important for homeowners, not just Beetle Busters and other experts, to know how to recognize the signs of infestation. Training for this will be offered on April 26th and again on September 27th. The need for mitigation (thinning) and spraying was stressed. There was a discussion regarding various aspects of cultivating healthy forests. Only 10% of homeowners in PB are actively engaged in fighting beetles. Suggestions for enlisting greater participation included putting up pictures of Grand County devastation and financial incentives for homeowners such as House Bill 1110 (see below).

Reservoir Recreation committee- Suzanne Adams: there is an opportunity for input and a sign up sheet was passed around so that those interested will be informed of future meetings, etc.

 BMFPD- John Benson: House Bill 1110 was passed out of committee today which provides (State Income) tax credit up to $2500 for homeowners’ expenditures for fire mitigation. He thanked those who shovel snow around fire hydrants and also asked that parking along “snow bank-narrowed” roads be done in a manner which does not obstruct passage of fire engines and emergency vehicles.


Old Business:

 Secretary -Minutes from October 31 2007 meeting were moved, seconded, approved.

 Treasurer -Treasury update- Dave Davies: budget distributed, discussed and approved.

 New Business:

Introduction of the new PBH HOA board members:

•   Mark Menagh-President

•   Bill Alexander-Vice President

•   Dave Davies-Treasurer

•   Marla Saville- Secretary

•   Tim Triggs-Member at Large

Booton property (not a part of PBH):  Mr. & Mrs. Booton were at meeting to address issue that had received attention in the PBH forum.  They explained the situation.  [Technicality of not being a full 35 acre lot, therefore not a legal building site.  This because they had sold 5 acres to county/city/PBH for water reservoir.]  A County hearing scheduled merely to rectify error to establish their property as a legal building site.

Param Singh made a motion to indicate PBH HOA had no objection to the establishing of the Booton property as a legal building site.  Motion seconded and passed.

Legal status of HOA asked to be clarified. We are basically a social organization (501(c) (6).  General discussion followed.

Dam cleanup: Why couldn’t a bond cover the costs, etc.  it could, but the cost of issuing the bond would actually exceed the amount of money needed for the clean up.

Covenant enforcement: Lex Shepard wanted to discuss the Valentine property issue. He asked for clarification of motion passed on 10/31/07 at HOA general meeting. Mark Menagh explained that the HOA Board acts according to the association’s instructions and that the motion passed at the 10/07 meeting said to investigate this covenant enforcement issue (this involved obtaining legal counsel).

Further Discussion included: Covenants are tied to the subdivision of PBH land, and individual homeowners are legally empowered to pursue enforcement of those covenants. To preserve the enforceability of our PBH covenants now and in the future, the board believes that it is important to actively participate in the current enforcement issue.

Lex also reported that he suspects that the Valentines have resumed building the structure and made a motion that the HOA board continue to assist affected homeowners (with legal counsel) and to pursue the enforcement of the covenants.

Discussions followed. The motion was tabled.

A separate motion was made by Param to have the HOA continue to investigate and if necessary, consider asking the residents of PB to have a fundraiser to help with financing legal help in enforcing the covenants. Motion was seconded. Discussion followed.  Motion passed.

On behalf of Kelly Pricco, a representative reminded the meeting about the upcoming caucus.

Bob DeHass reported that $5000 has been received by the district for dirt removal over the past few days.

 Program:  postponed until next general meeting.

 The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:20 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Marla Saville- Secretary