Boulder County, Colorado

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JULY 26, 2011

 The Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 general membership meeting of the Pine Brook Hills Homeowners’ Association was held at the Community Center, Station One.

  The 7:00 pm meeting was preceded by a celebration of Suzanne and Bart Adams as they prepare to sell their Pine Brook home and relocate out of state.  Suzanne has been a longstanding volunteer and contributor to the Association for many years.  Those present offered recollections and reminiscences of  Suzanne in her many activities.  Bill
Alexander presented Suzanne with a gift from her Pine Brook Hills neighbors and a celebratory cake which was enjoyed by all in attendance.

 At approximately 7:15pm, Bill asked that new residents attending the HOA meeting for the first time introduce themselves.  Two attendees did so.

 The business meeting was called to order by President Bill Alexander at approximately 7:20 pm.  In attendance were Vice President Dave Davies,  Treasurer Terry O’Brien, Secretary Tom Mann and Member-at-Large Suzanne Adams.

 Adoption of Minutes of Previous Membership Meeting

A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to adopt the minutes of the previous general membership meeting of April 19th.

 Treasurer’s Report

Terry O’Brien distributed a handout detailing the financial status of the Association as of June 30, 2011.  Actual revenue collected was $24,384 compared with actual expenditures of $10,715.  At the end of June a positive variance of $13,669 was reported.  A checking account balance of $27,536 coupled with a savings balance of $35,567 yielded a total in cash and reserves of $63,103.

 Fire Chief’s Report

Chief John Benson reported that the department was kept very busy to date with fire mitigation and flood control issues.  He also indicated that bikers should exercise extreme care in negotiating the subdivision’s roads. Not only is the condition of some of the roadways suspect but bikers often use excessive speed in traveling down Linden and other roads.

 Water Manager’s Report

Water Department manager Bob deHaas discussed the current condition of water in the subdivision, emphasizing the quality of water supported by numerous water tests conducted by the Water Department.

 Roads Committee Report

Co-chair Cindy Lindsay, supported by a slide show and graphics, reviewed the history of the subdivision’s road maintenance program.  She emphasized that the Boulder County Commissioners have recently affirmed their intent to fund maintenance on county arterial and main roadways primarily.  County subdivisions such as Pine Brook Hills will receive few funds to repair and maintain their roadway system.

 She stated that 81% of the county’s active voters not only don’t live in subdivisions, but also pay for their own local roads through their own town taxes – not through their county property taxes.  Of the county-maintained roads, 30% of the total length is in subdivisions with only 10% of the county’s active voters. 

 Subdivisions pay approximately $12.00 per year per household for road maintenance.  The condition of roads in this and other subdivisions continues to deteriorate.


The options presented were:

(1)       Do nothing. Roads will continue to deteriorate.

(2)       Attack the problem politically, compelling the county commissioners, legally or otherwise, to fund the repair of subdivision streets.  Difficult since the 10% of subdivision voters will likely be outvoted by the 81% of voters that already have to pay extra through their towns to maintain their local roads. That 81% likely wouldn’t like part of their taxes paying for subdivision roads.

(3)       Fix the problem by establishing within the subdivision a local improvement district (LID) or public improvement district (PID).

 To repair all PBH roads the cost is estimated to require an annual payment from each of the 421 residents of $350. for 20 years.  The LID would be the vehicle for this strategy.

 It was noted that as opposed to the LID, the PID would base the annual household contribution upon each property’s mill levy.  The PID would have no end date but would continue indefinitely.  The tax paid, however, would  be a tax write-off for each subdivision homeowner.

 Cindy stated that the Committee’s recommendation was to select the third option as the most viable.  A period of extended discussion followed the presentation. Mike Thomas, the Boulder County Road Representative, fielded many of the questions from the numerous residents in attendance.  Following this extended discussion a straw poll was taken of those present during which the vast majority indicated their preference for option 3.  Cindy concluded by indicating that her committee with the assistance of others would be preparing a questionnaire to be sent to each PBH homeowner asking for their preference in funding maintenance and repair of the roads in our subdivision on a  long term basis.

 Proposed Mitigation Plan, PBH

Bill Alexander suggested that the subdivision will be well served by adopting a long term mitigation plan and recommended that the Anchor Point Study be considered.  This study prioritizes the areas in the subdivision with the greatest fire risk.  Bill recommended that the monies budgeted each year for mitigation be directed to those high risk areas.  $15,000 was budgeted for mitigation for calendar year 2011. Following Bill’s recommendation, the suggestion was made that rather than HOA budget funds being directed to these high risk areas, the funds be used as matching grants to encourage participation on the part of homeowners in those areas.  This recommendation was met with considerable support.  Further consideration will be necessary before this measure will be considered for adoption.

 Motion to Adjourn

At 9:10 pm, a motion to adjourn was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.

 Respectfully submitted,


 Tom Mann